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Chapter 788: Ill Listen To You

The more Jiang Yao thought about it, the more anxious she got.

If it were not because it was already two oclock in the morning and she could not leave the school compound, she really wanted to take care of Lu Xingzhi that night.

When she realized that Lu Xingzhi did not take her words to heart, Jiang Yao got angry.

“Lu Xingzhi, if you dont go see the doctor, I shall ignore you tomorrow! Im at school, and I cant go out at night, so dont make me worry, okay Be good, listen to me, and go see the doctor.”

Lu Xingzhi was speechless.

He had shot himself in the foot; he scratched his buzz cut in frustration.

He thought he could take it if his wife were anxious for him.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill listen to you.

Dont cry.” Lu Xingzhi decided to surrender.

“Ill change my clothes and go see the doctor now.”

“Then hurry up, and dont hang up.

I want to hear the doctors voice!” Jiang Yao sniffed.

She was anxious, and she wanted him to hear her cry.

It was the only trick she had to deal with Lu Xingzhi; Lu Yuqing was the one who taught it to her.

However, it was very useful, indeed.

The person who had only given her a perfunctory reply was more obedient after that.

Lu Xingzhi placed his phone on the bed and sighed helplessly.

Well, even he could hear his perfunctory words.

What else could he have done if not obey her words

The man was entirely at his wits end because Jiang Yao had already started to sob on the phone.

If he did not listen to him, what would happen if she were to continue to cry They stayed so far from each other, so they could not even see or hug one another.

How could he coax her What if she started to cry even more violently

He knew it.

He hated it when women cried, and he hated it even more when it was his wife.

He was afraid of her tears.

It was early the next morning.

After Lu Xingzhi got dressed, he took his phone and left the dormitory.

He coaxed Jiang Yao in a low voice as he walked toward the command centres temporary medical center.

There were quite a lot of people in the medical office at that hour.

Many of them had been injured in the forest.

There were young nurses in the medical office, so if those male soldiers were wounded, they would rush over here.

“Commander Lu is here too” Jin Mingdong glanced at Lu Xingzhis arm at the door.

He saw that Lu Xingzhi had his phone in his hand, and it seemed like he was talking to it in a low voice.

He heard the man say that he was already at the doctors office.

Jin Mingdong was used to Lu Xingzhis unkind words, so he did not know how to react when he heard the mans soft voice.

Therefore, Jin Mingdong guessed that Lu Xingzhi was most likely on the phone with his wife.

It was apparent that the woman on the other side of the conversation knew that Lu Xingzhi had been injured.

She must have urged Lu Xingzhi to see a doctor.

However, she must have predicted that Lu Xingzhi would give hasty replies to the doctor if she were to hang up the phone.

That was probably why she wanted to monitor the man via the call.

After Jin Mingdong understood the situation, he shouted at the top of his voice.

“Everyone, move aside! Let the seriously injured Commander Lu go in first.

Quick, Commander Lus bones are exposed.

Get the doctor to help him now! Quickly! Stop the bleeding! There are too few nurses here.

Get more help to stop the bleeding! Commander Lu, hold on!”

The doctors and nurses were shocked when they heard Jin Mingdongs shout.

They thought that Lu Xingzhi needed emergency treatment, so they dropped what they were doing and ran toward him.

As soon as they reached the door, they saw Lu Xingzhis cold face.

His eyes were as hard as knives when he glared at Jin Mingdong.

It was obvious that Lu Xingzhis arm had been bandaged, and he looked fine.

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