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Chapter 800: Chen Feitang congratulates you

Chen Feibais mother opened her mouth.

“What are you afraid of My son is lying on the bed like a piece of trash.

What can he do to your precious daughter”

Her words made everyones faces freeze.

“Dad, Mom, its fine.

He wants to see me; then Ill go in and see him.

I should have apologized to him in person anyway.” Chen Feitang bit her lips and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

She broke free from her parents grip and pushed the door open to enter the room.

That was the first time Chen Feitang had seen Chen Feibai after the accident.

It was also the first time she had seen Chen Feibai up close.

When she realized that his handsome face was bandaged completely, her heart suddenly trembled.

She was the one who had caused Chen Feibais injuries.

Chen Feitang closed the door as she walked into the room.

She stopped by Chen Feibais bedside; she was about to apologize when Chen Feibais voice beat her to it.

“Chen Feitang, congratulations.

You tried so hard to get into the special forces, but you were the first to be eliminated in the third round! And the man you loved was the person to do that.

You must feel uncomfortable about that, right But you know what Im pleased to hear that.

I think this is my happiest moment ever since that incident.”

Chen Feibais eyes were filled with hatred.

“Chen Feitang, why should I suffer in hell while you soar so happily in heaven Why”

He did not give Chen Feitang any chance to speak.

His heart jumped with joy when he saw Chen Feitangs sickly pale face.

“You have loved Lu Xingzhi for so many years, but in the end, you were stabbed by the person you love the most.

Chen Feitang, does your heart hurt” Chen Feibai could not stop his laughter.

“Look at you.

Your hands are stained with the blood of your loved ones, stained with the fate of others.

How dirty are you You are as scary as a devil.

How can a person like you be worthy of Lu Xingzhi A person like you is not even worthy to carry his shoes! The Chen family is ashamed to have you as a daughter.

You are a disgrace to our family!”

Chen Feibais words were like a sharp blade that stabbed into Chen Feitangs heart—each one deeper than the other.

“Chen Feibai, it is my fault that you are like this now.

However, I didnt do it on purpose! Why are you doing this to me” Chen Feitang shouted angrily.

“I didnt want to do it either.

I didnt do it on purpose! I really wanted to apologize to you.

Why didnt you give me a chance to say sorry”

“Whats good is an apology Will it give me back my future Will my body be healthy again No! Then what is the use of your apology” Chen Feibais voice got louder than Chen Feitangs.

“Do you think I want to say sorry to you” Chen Feitang was utterly enraged by the wounded man on the bed.

“Chen Feibai, ask yourself this—why were you hiding near me Were you not trying to get me kicked out Do you dare to swear that you did not try to find an opportunity to get me kicked out If you did not think that, then you would not have been near me at all, and you wouldnt end up like this! Maybe you did deserve it, have you ever thought that You deserve it!”

The ward rooms were not adequately soundproofed, so everyone outside the room had heard Chen Feitangs outburst.

After Chen Feibais mother heard that, she was so angry that her entire body trembled.

Before anyone could react, Chen Feibais mother barged into the room.

She grabbed Chen Feitang with one hand and swung the other on down heavily.

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