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Chapter 802: Incomparable in every aspect

Chen Feibais words caused everyone to be silent.

The injured man understood the situation well.

It was because he was in too much pain that he insisted that Chen Feitang met him.

He wanted to vent his anger.

If he were to continue to suppress it, he would go mad.

“Chen Feitang, you have been very lucky to have been born as a daughter in the Chen family.

Everyone saw you as a noble daughter.

However, you have dishonored your identity.

You probably look down on Jiang Yao.

You think that she is only a poor familys daughter, and you think that she cant compare to you in every aspect.”

When Chen Feibai said that, his eyes finally shifted from Chen Feitang to Jiang Yao, who was beside him.

Then, he continued to say, “Actually, you were the one inferior to her—in every way.

In terms of appearance, Jiang Yao is prettier than you.

In terms of personality, she is more likable than you.

In terms of academic qualifications, a top student from Nanjiang Medical University is not inferior to you at all.

Most importantly, you have no heart.

Jiang Yao has a heart.

She has the most precious heart and courage in this world.”

“In the flood, Jiang Yao had the courage to risk her life to save me.

However, I bet that if it were you, Chen Feitang, who found me that day, you wouldnt have chosen to disregard your own safety to save me.

Because that day in the fire, you didnt even have the guts to rush into the flame to pull me out.

You watched as the fire swallowed me.”

Chen Feibai sneered.

“Chen Feitang, other than being born in the Chen family, you have nowhere else to go.

Between you and Jiang Yao, any man would choose to love her.”

Chen Feibai said that very straightforwardly.

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes as if he was about to fall asleep again.

However, he did not sleep.

Suddenly, he said, “Chen Feitang, remember this; you will never be able to repay me for the rest of your life.”

The ward was suddenly silent.

When Lu Xingzhi heard Chen Feibai praised Jiang Yao, he was both pleased and unhappy.

He knew how good his wife was; there was no need for Chen Feibai to hold a personal recognition ceremony for her in front of the Chen family.

After a long while, Chen Feitang suppressed his sobs and asked, “Feibai, the Chen family only has two children.

Why cant you treat me like how a sibling would”

If he did not follow her with the intention to eliminate her, then he would not suffer so horribly.

“Siblings What kind of siblings are we” Chen Feibais voice was icy.

“Chen Feitang, you probably dont remember how well others treated you.

You forgot that I used to trail behind you and call you elder sister.

Once, the old man threw you into the courtyard on a cold day and told you to stand there as a punishment.

I was the one who yelled and yelled at the old man to pull you back from the courtyard on that snowy day.

And you

“Do you still remember how you treated me You said you didnt have a younger brother, and your parents only gave birth to you.

You said that I didnt need to pretend to be kind.

You pushed me away, pushed me into the snow, and left without looking back.”

Therefore, Chen Feibai felt that Chen Feitangs question was too ridiculous.

“When other people treat you well, it doesnt mean that you can simply throw it away just because you dont want it, and when you do expect it, you require other people to continue to treat you well.” That was the last sentence that Chen Feibai left for Chen Feitang.

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