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Chapter 894: Shameless

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhi heaved a sigh of relief.

He guessed that since Jiang Yao had changed the topic, it meant that she was not angry at him any longer.

Well, she should not be mad anymore.

If she was still angry, why would she talk to him

“When are you going to book your plane ticket Ill free up my schedule to pick you up at the airport.” That was his last test to see if Jiang Yao was still angry.

“Ill tell you after Ive booked it.

If you are not free, you dont have to fetch me.

I dont mind taking a bus from Jindo,” Jiang Yao said.

“Its almost the New Year.

There shouldnt be a last-minute mission, right Ill cry if you leave me alone during the New Year.”

The army had played that trick on her during the National Day.

If the same thing were to happen again during the New Year, Jiang Yao swore that she would scratch Lu Xingzhi to death.

“I dont think so.” Lu Xingzhi smiled; he felt guilty.

The army knew that his wife would be with him during the New Year, so they would repeat what had happened during National Day.

Even if there were an urgent mission, the army would not send him on it.

Furthermore, he would probably be transferred to another unit after the New Year.

“Thats good.” Jiang Yao saw Yang Gaoshu and Jiang Lei pushed and shoved each other, so she decided to hang up the phone as she was anxious about that.

“I still have something to do here.

Ill call you later.

Ill hang up first.”

She was about to walk over to Yang Gaoshu and Jiang Lei when she heard Yang Gaoshu yelling at her brother.

“What does your sister mean I only went into Wang Xians room; do you have to stare at me like that Are you afraid that Ill take something from Wang Xian” Yang Gaoshu got more aggrieved as she spoke.

Then, she immediately burst into tears.

“I think the pair of gold earrings on Wang Xians ears are beautiful! Jiang Lei, didnt you say that youll buy me earrings Fine, then buy me a pair thats the same as Wang Xians!”

“Yang Gaoshu! Youve been bugging me all day! My sister has only been back for less than two days, and youve only met her this morning.

How many times have you mentioned that Yaoyao bought those earrings; where would I get you the same pair I only earn 100 bucks per month! How much money would I have to buy you clothes and food If you want gold earrings, then dont buy clothes for two months!”

Jiang Lei was furious.

Yang Gaoshu had been sulking at him for so long and then dragged him there just to complain.

How did he not realize that Yang Gaoshu was a troublemaker

“Second Brother!” Jiang Yao walked toward them when she heard that.

Yang Gaoshu wanted to complain, right Well, Yang Gaoshu was not the only one with a sharp mouth.

“Yang Gaoshu, what do you want to ask me Then Ill tell you clearly today that I dont like you!” Jiang Yao raised her chin arrogantly.

“Do you know what I dont like about you I dont like how you look at me like you want money and benefits from me.

I dont like how you went into Sister-in-laws room and asked her to show you the gifts I gave her.

I hate it when you demand things from her when you are alone with her.

You even want the gift that I had given her.

Yang Gaoshu, you are shameless and greedy! Do you understand now”

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