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Chapter 927: Dont Move for Now

“Are they your match” Jiang Yao knew that it was a troublesome matter, but she did not expect it to be that bothersome.

The Chai family was so influential, so their connections in Yuan City must be quite complicated.

That was probably why none of their opponents would take advantage of that situation.

It looked like the Chai family was quite dominant in that city.

“Director Jiang, are you trying to insult us by comparing us with them” Ah Lu scoffed.

“We sharpened our swords with blood from the battlefield.

As for those men, they would only have new and unsheathed swords.

Their barks are worse than their bites.”

Ah Lu and Big Ke had survived for many years abroad with their weapons, so they did not care about those men.

They had more experiences in headshots than anyone else in the world.

Jiang Yao was relieved when she heard their confidence.

They returned to the hotel and saw Chen Jiaxian and Chu Sheng at the lobby entrance.

“Jiang Yao, your pet is still with the Zhou family.

Xiaocheng is holding onto him and cant bear to him let go,” Chen Jiaxian explained in embarrassment.

“So, is it okay to let your pet accompany her for a few more days”

“Its good to have Xiaocheng take care of Moe.

Itll save me a lot of trouble.” Of course, Moe had wanted to follow Zhou Xiaocheng because she was beautiful and young.

If Zhou Xiaocheng were not beautiful, she would not have been targeted by a beast like Chai Xianglong.

Chen Jiaxian observed Jiang Yao for a long time.

Finally, when he was sure that she did not show any signs of displeasure, he heaved a sigh of relief and thanked her on behalf of Zhou Xiaocheng.

Before Jiang Yao could ask about Zhou Xiaochengs situation, Lu Xingzhi called her on her phone.

Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao had gone to Yuan City.

Other than instructing her to bring Ah Lu and Big Ke with her, he also asked someone to look for information on the Chai family in Yuan City, and he learned that they had deeper connections than he expected.

“The Chai family is very powerful, and they have strong connections.

Therefore, you should not act rashly without sufficient confidence.” Lu Xingzhis voice sounded grave; it was rare for him to speak to Jiang Yao in such a tone.

“My people are still unable to find out too much about the Chai family, which means that they are actually very well-hidden.

However, it doesnt mean that they are clean.

As long as we find a way to make a move, it will be much easier.

So, you should wait in Yuan City for the next few days, but dont take any action.”

“Chai Xianglong and his men stopped me and threatened me not to interfere in that issue just as I left the hospital.

They even beat up Mr Jiang and Zhou Xiaoxias younger brother when they left the police station.

They gave him the same threat.” Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi would not be able to find more information than Mr Jiang.

However, she had agreed to his request since she knew that he must have called her because he was worried.

“Du Chen might have more information.” Even though Lu Xingzhi did not want to admit that his people were incompetent, he knew that Du Chen had better ways of getting information.

“I shall look for him tomorrow.”

Jiang Yao burst out in laughter.

“Youre scheming against Du Chen.”

Then, she continued to say, “Du Chen still owes me a favor.

Why dont I ask him”

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