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Chapter 935: I Dont Hit My Woman

“Do they want to breed Young Master Chen like a pig Hes been injured, and yet hes treated like he has a disability.

The only thing that hasnt been damaged is the Chen familys seed.

So Young Master Chens task now is to continue the Chen family line with new descendants” Big Ke continued to say, “It looks like the old man wants a great-grandson so that he can nurture the child instead.

The only use for his injured grandson is to give him another male heir.”

Such words were hurtful, but they were also the truth.

Chen Xuyao sighed in agreement.

“The old man tried to test my father with something similar.

He wanted to adopt some children from a few of my cousins, but my father rejected him.

Hes afraid that the family line would die out this generation, so hes trying to rack his brain to rebuild the familys glory.

However, he could not see things clearly.

Its useless, especially with the current problems with the Chen siblings.

The Chen familys heritage would fall apart eventually.”

As soon as Chen Xuyao finished speaking, the room fell into a silence.

Jiang Yao thought about Chen Feibai.

If he knew about the old mans arrangements, he might feel a chill in his heart and despair about it.

He might even give up on his rehabilitation treatment because of that.

Ah Lu had left for more than an hour.

When he was back, he carried a young girl on his shoulder.

It was Taozi.

“No one saw you, right” Chen Xuyao asked when he saw Ah Lu carried her so casually.

“If I cant even handle such a small matter, why would Young Master Lu assign me to Director Jiang” Ah Lu was a little dissatisfied with Chen Xuyaos questions.

Then, he threw the unconscious Taozi on the ground.

His actions were rude; he did not show any pity.

“Cover her eyes and tie her hands and feet,” Chen Xuyao said.

Ah Lu grunted and Big Ke went forward to help him.

After it was done, they woke the young lady.

They were quite rough with her.

Big Ke slapped her, and she immediately woke up from the pain.

The slap was so loud that even Jiang Yao shivered.

It seemed like not every man in the world had qualms about hitting a woman.

He probably noticed Jiang Yaos expression; he explained, “Director Jiang, I dont hit my woman.”

Jiang Yao laughed and nodded to show that she believed him.

He was like Lu Xingzhi as he would not hit her as well.

At that moment, Jiang Yao felt that Lu Xingzhi was a good man, especially after she had heard Chen Xuyaos words.

She forgot how many times her husband had hit her behind when they were in Rong County.

Taozi woke up slowly, but she was immediately in a chaotic state; she realized that she had been blindfolded, so she started to cry.

She struggled with all her might.

Big Ke roared and pressed his gun against her temple.

He threatened her, “Behave yourself.

If you move again, I will shoot you!”

With just one sentence and the muzzle on her head, the teenager did not even have the courage to open her mouth and cry for help.

She swallowed her sobs and only cried softly.

“Tell me the truth about Zhou Xiaocheng and Chai Xianglong!” Ah Lus voice was rough and a little hoarse; he sounded so sinister that the girl trembled in fear.

Jiang Yao knew that her voice was easily recognized, so she did not speak.

She left the interrogation to Ah Lu and Big Ke.

She knew they would be great at interrogating the young girl.

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