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Chapter 937: What Happened After That

Not only did they have the same tick—they liked to tap their fingers lightly on the table—and they have similar expressions as well.

They were truly a loving couple.

It looked like 20,000 bucks were enough for a young girl to betray her classmates.

Even though she knew that Chai Xianglong and his friends had no good intention toward Zhou Xiaocheng, she still accepted the money to help them.

She was still young, and yet money had blinded her.

She was capable of such heartless action.

Meanwhile, the humiliation drove Zhou Xiaocheng to the point of insanity.

The Zhou family would fight the Chai family to the death.

Taozi even took hush money from the Chai family, brought her family to meals at hotels, and enjoyed the life of a rich person.

She also fantasized about staying rich from the same matter.

Jiang Yaos heart froze.

She did not understand how some people could be so cold-hearted.

It seemed like there were only two types of people in the world—one would be so kind that it would make others sigh endlessly, and the other would be so hateful that others would want to beat her to death.

“What happened after that I think that was the most important point.” Taozis first two sentences must have stimulated Ah Lu; he urged her to continue as he stepped on the back of one of her hands.

It was so painful that Taozi let out a scream.

However, Jiang Yao felt relieved when she saw Taozi cried so bitterly.

She had ruined Zhou Xiaochengs life and her familys peaceful life when she accepted those 20,000 bucks.

Her hands did not take that money but Zhou Xiaochengs life.

Jiang Yao wondered if she should get to keep the hands that had destroyed a family

“Then, I brought Xiaocheng to a room in Xi Ying sect.

Not long after that, Young Master Chai and a few of his friends arrived.

They got her to drink something, and she became very weird.

Then, I saw Chai Xianglong pressed himself onto Xiaocheng on a bed.

I wanted to leave, but Young Master Chai didnt allow me to do that.” Taozis body trembled when she said that.

No one knew if that was because of the pain or because she recalled that scene.

“Xiaocheng begged me to save her, begged me to call the police, I—” Taozi suppressed her trembling voice as if she was crying and as if she was regretting it.

She had been in the living room that day when she heard Xiaochengs cries in the room, as well as the mens lewd laughter and moans that made her blush with numbness.

She was afraid that Chai Xianglong and the others would treat her the same when they were done with Zhou Xiaocheng.

She managed to sneak away when Chai Xianglongs bodyguards did not pay attention to her.

She vowed that she would never return there again.

The next day, she heard that Zhou Xiaochengs family called the police, and the Chai family gave her 200,000 bucks the same day to threaten her.

After she took the money, she needed to know what to say and what not to say.

Then, on the same day, she moved with her family.

Her neighbors told her that Zhou Xiaochengs family had looked for her.

They waited at her home for a few days.

Then, she heard that Zhou Xiaocheng had gone insane.

After those things happened, she did not feel as if she had regretted her decision.

However, she did not expect things to turn so serious.

She knew that Chai Xianglong would rape Zhou Xiaocheng.

She thought that she had helped her friend hook up with a rich man and that she would thank her in the future.

Zhou Xiaocheng was so much more beautiful and younger than Chai Xianglong.

If they had gotten married, then her friend would definitely treat her like a benefactor.

Therefore, it was not a big deal for her to receive Chai Xianglongs matchmaking fee of 20,000 bucks.

After all, the Chai family was so wealthy that the amount was not much for them.

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