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Chapter 961: Im A Busybody

“F*ck! Whos disturbing my sleep” Moes body shook when he fell to the ground and stood up.

Jiang Yao was stunned.

She had forgotten that Moe had gone to Yuan City with her.

He had stayed with Zhou Xiaocheng in the Zhou family residence.

Jiang Yao had not seen Moe after the Chai family took Zhou Xiaocheng.

Jiang Yao held her forehead before she reached out to pick up Moe.

She felt a little sorry for him.

She was an incompetent owner—she had forgotten about her pet.

“What is this” Madam Chai was shocked to see a small cat.

She turned toward a servant as growled, “Where did the cat come from Whats going on”

The servant was so scared that she was frozen on the spot as she shook her head.

Then, Jiang Yao realized that Moe stayed at the Chai family residence, but no one had noticed him until then.

“This is my pet.

It probably slipped out of my pocket just now,” Jiang Yao replied as she put Moe into her coat pocket.

However, Moe did not want to go into her pocket.

He scratched Jiang Yaos hand with all his strength, but his owner still forced him into the pocket.

Moe could only look outside from pocket.

Madam Chai saw that the cat was very familiar with Jiang Yao, so she believed her.

“Young Madam Lus pet seems very intelligent.

I didnt expect that you are also a cat lover.

You even bring your pet with you.”

“Is it strange” Jiang Yao asked with an unfriendly tone.

“How could that be” Madam Chai could hear the impatience in Jiang Yaos tone.

It was probably because she did not want to talk to her when she realized that Madam Chais words had moved the Zhou familys attitude.

Madam Chai did not want to continue to please Jiang Yao.

She looked at Mr Zhou and urged him.

“You can discuss it with your wife.

The children arent sensible enough to make this decision.

You are the elder, so you should make your own decision.

Im sure you can see the sincerity in my words.

The weather is quite cold now, but it is still better to bury the dead as soon as possible.”

“Uncle Zhou, Auntie Zhou, I can tell you frankly that Zhou Xiaocheng died because the doctors did not treat her.

She had severe injuries, so you can only imagine the physical and psychological torture she went through before she died.

If you want to let her die in vain, then I have nothing to say.

Ill just think of it as meddling in other peoples business and that I have come here for nothing!”

Jiang Yao could see that Zhou Xiaochengs parents were wavering, so she was outraged!

Jiang Yao, Chen Xuyao, and Chu Sheng were only there because of Zhou Xiaochengs matter.

They had been worried about that issue for the past few days, and Mr Jiang was even hospitalized because of that.

He had been discharged before he was fully recovered because he wanted more time to find more information.

None of them had given up; they had worked hard with little regards for their own safety.

If Zhou Xiaochengs parents gave into Madam Chais words, Jiang Yao could only say that she had nothing better to do than meddle in other peoples business!

“Dad, Mom, you cant treat Second Sister like this.” Zhou Xiaoguang cried as he held his parents hands.

“Second Sister is too pitiful.

You cant treat Second Sister like this.

I dont want money or anything else.

Even if I cant study in the future, Im not afraid!”

“I dont think you know what your daughter had suffered when she was alive, right” Chen Xuyao stood beside Jiang Yao impatiently.

“You think that she was only raped by Chai Xianglong Well, I can tell you that she was raped by Chai Xianglong and his men.

That was why she chose to jump off that building.

Now that youve known the truth, if you still choose to listen to the Chai family, then I will be disappointed on behalf of your second daughter!”

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