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Chapter 988: A Stupid Cat

Lu Xingzhi should have stopped while he was ahead.

Why did he not put Moe into his military boots to be used as the cats bed Poor Zhou Junmin; he should hurry back to save his boots.

Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and looked at the white ball of fluff on Jiang Yaos hand carefully.

He asked again, “Whats it called Does it bite”

“This is Moe,” Jiang Yao explained.

“He doesnt bite.

Just take a few old clothes and put them in the study room to make a temporary bed for him.

Then, after school starts, he will follow me back to school.”

“Its better to have a dog than a cat.

A dog can look after the house, at least,” Lu Xingzhi mumbled.

It was obvious that he disliked the dumb cat in his hand, but since Jiang Yao liked the pet, he would not say anything about that.

As for Jiang Yaos suggestion to let the cat stay in the study, Lu Xingzhi immediately rejected her suggestion.

“There are many important things in the study.

He can stay in the living room.”

After he said that, Lu Xingzhi glanced at Moe again.

When he saw the cats amber eyes, he was stunned.

He felt as if that dumb cat had rolled his eyes at him as if he despised Lu Xingzhi.

When he took a closer look, Moe had already turned his head around.

Lu Xingzhi touched the cat.

Perhaps he had overthought the situation.

Why would a cat look at him in contempt A cat should not have the same emotions as humans, let alone a cat with a questionable IQ.

“Oh…” Jiang Yao nodded.

Then, she watched as Lu Xingzhi returned to the bedroom to mop the floor.

Once Lu Xingzhi entered the room, Jiang Yao felt an unmistakable sense of relief.

Then, Moe clawed the hands that held him and said, “Whos he calling dumb Hes the stupid one! I am a noble pet butler; how could he thinks that I am dumb”

“Well, you sound cocky now; why didnt you say anything before this” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes and threw him onto the sofa.

He did not say anything.

He regretted that he had rolled his eyes at that man.

With just one glance, that mans next glimpse at him made him shudder in fear.

He was terrified when the man stared at him; Lu Xingzhi was like a scanner that could read all his thoughts.

Well, he could pretend to be dumb in front of that man.

It was better than if he were discovered to be someone different.

He looked up at Jiang Yao again.

“You are not allowed to tell your man about me!”

“Why” Jiang Yao did not understand; she had wanted to confess.

“If I say no, then you are not allowed to do it!” The cat swung its tail unhappily.

Anyway, it would never say that it was cowardly, but it was afraid of that mans aura.

“Bully the weak and fear the strong!” Jiang Yao snorted.

“If you continue to be snappish at me, then I will call for him!”

Moe stopped wagging his tail; he withdrew it quietly.

Then, he curled up in the corner of the sofa and glanced at Jiang Yao without saying another word.

Jiang Yao left Moe in the living room and returned to her bedroom.

She stood at the door and watched as Lu Xingzhi mopped the floor.

Since the house was heated, and he was doing manual labor, the hem of his clothes had curled in the heat.

It revealed the solid muscles in his lower abdomen.

He continued to work.

When he heard the movement at the door, he looked up at Jiang Yao.

When he finished his chore and walked passJiang Yao, he chuckled softly and asked, “Do you want to touch it”

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