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Chapter 1031: Soul Search!

“Desolate Martial, youve gone too far!”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder twisted his body in midair with widened eyes.

With a long roar, he swung his hammer and struck towards the Creation Green Lotus.


The Creation Green Lotus collided against the Zephyr Thunder Hammer with a loud bang!

The Zephyr Thunder Hammer was a legacy Dharmic weapon of the ancient era of the Zephyr Thunder Palace.

Although the Creation Green Lotus was powerful, it could not destroy the former with a single strike.

However, things were not looking great for Dao Being Zephyr Thunder.

The power of the Creation Green Lotus surged into his body through the Zephyr Thunder Hammer, causing his body to fall rapidly and his arm that held the Zephyr Thunder Hammer to tremble slightly.

In melee combat, he was no match for Su Zimo at all.

Furthermore, Su Zimo possessed a killing weapon like the Creation Green Lotus!

“Apocalyptic Five Thunders!”

As Dao Being Zephyr Thunder retreated, he conjured hand seals and released the legacy phenomenon of Zephyr Thunder Palace in the form of a Dharmic art!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

In the firmaments, the dark clouds were thick and heavy like lead, shimmering with streaks of lightning.

A dull thunder rumbled as though a god was riding on a chariot!

There were a total of five divine thunderbolts.

Each one was more terrifying than the last!

If five of them were gathered, they would be able to destroy the world!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder believed that Su Zimo had expended a lot of energy fighting the four titular disciples consecutively.

Right now, the latter did not have much Dharmic powers left and it would be difficult for him to defend against his Apocalyptic Five Thunders!

In reality, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was right.

Given Su Zimos current condition, his Essence Spirit was weak and it was indeed difficult for him to form Dharmic arts.

However, he had the Creation Green Lotus!

After the Creation Green Lotus entered its mature stage, not only did its power increase tremendously, it also had many mysterious and shocking aspects!

Su Zimo injected the remaining Dharmic powers in his body into the Creation Green Lotus and with a single thought, it expanded rapidly!

In the blink of an eye, it had already surpassed Su Zimo.

The gigantic lotus floated in midair and blocked the first thunderbolt that descended with ease!

“Thats only the first bolt.

The more powerful ones are yet to come!”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder grit his teeth and channeled his Dharmic powers while changing hand seals.

Before long, a second thunderbolt was formed beneath the dark clouds!

“You dont have a chance anymore!”

Su Zimo said indifferently.

He released his grip and under countless gazes, the Creation Green Lotus rose rapidly towards the dark clouds in the skies!

The entire world was filled by the green lotus!

The stem of the lotus was green and straight as it rose into the skies.

The gigantic lotus leaves blotted out the skies as though they were enveloping all the cultivators in the world!

One end of the green lotus platform broke through the pitch-black clouds and six layers of lotus petals bloomed layer by layer, filled with endless light!

What happened was way too shocking!

All the cultivators seemed incomparably tiny before the green lotus!

“This is the true Creation Green Lotus!”

That was the only thought in the minds of many cultivators; their eyes were widened and their mouths were agape with shock – they could no longer speak!

A green lotus rose from the ground, threatening to break through the firmaments and shatter the void!

The green lotus swayed and rays of light filled the skies.

The entire space of the Dao Inheritance Ground trembled!

Many cultivators had a feeling that if not for the wills of many ancient Mighty Figures stabilizing this space, the Creation Green Lotus would have been able to pierce a hole in the skies!

The thick dark clouds that Dao Being Zephyr Thunder created were torn apart by a simple sway of the Creation Green Lotus.

Multicolored light filled the air and punctured the dark clouds!

The divine thunder vanished instantly!

Before the second bolt of divine thunder descended, the Apocalyptic Five Thunders was already shattered into pieces by the Creation Green Lotus!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunders face turned pale.

In the face of the Creation Green Lotus, none of the titular disciples could withstand a single blow!

It was way too scary!

With such a terrifying Dharmic weapon as a support, who could stop this monster incarnate in the future


A green light flashed.

The Creation Green Lotus returned to its original size and returned to Su Zimos palm.

Su Zimos gaze was cold as he charged towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder without giving him a chance to catch his breath!

“What other methods do you have Release them all!”

Su Zimo hollered and waved the Creation Green Lotus, causing it to sway gently.

Endless rays of light shone towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder.

A look of despair flashed through Dao Being Zephyr Thunders eyes.

What else could he do

Even if he was at his peak condition, he could only die here under the suppression of the Creation Green Lotus!

He suddenly felt a sense of regret.

If he had retreated in time, if he had been more decisive, if he had not been so greedy… he might not have died here.

Thousands of thoughts surged into his mind and turned into an indignant roar!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was a titular disciple after all and would definitely not surrender.

After severing all thoughts, he swung the Zephyr Thunder Hammer with both hands, creating a tornado that connected heaven and earth as he charged towards Su Zimo!


The Creation Green Lotus collided with the tornado and exploded!

The tornado dissipated and the Zephyr Thunder Hammer fell to the side.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood as his body fell limply to the back.

Suddenly, a beam of light flew out from his head and escaped into the distance!

The crowd was in an uproar when they saw that!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunders body was not damaged to the point where he had to abandon it.

However, in order to escape, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder abandoned his body and released his Essence Spirit, speeding into the distance at his fastest speed!


Su Zimo chuckled.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunders Essence Spirit, who had not escaped far away, suddenly paused and looked ahead in horror.

In front of him and behind him were two shimmering green lotus seeds that shone with a sharp glint!

Prior to this, 52 green lotus seeds had already returned to the lotus platform after clashing against the Essence Spirit secret skills of the four titular disciples.

Of the 54 green lotus seeds, there were still two left.

However, they were unaffected and were still emitting a glow.

They transformed into two flying swords that blocked Dao Being Zephyr Thunder!

Su Zimo had expected that Dao Being Zephyr Thunders Essence Spirit would leave his body and he had already released the two green lotus seeds.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunders Essence Spirit stirred and the two green lotus seeds chased after him!

Su Zimo walked towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunders Essence Spirit and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “Zephyr Thunder, do you know why I left you for last”

When the four titular disciples besieged Su Zimo, the order of his counterattack varied.


At this point, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder knew that he was bound to die.

Instead, he calmed down and asked.

Su Zimo said coolly, “Thats because while you want my Purple Thunder Manual, I want your Green Thunder Manual as well!”


Dao Being Zephyr Thunder reared his head in laughter.

“Desolate Martial, oh Desolate Martial, youre still too young.

How can the storage bags of us cultivators contain secret skills exclusive to our sects!”

“Its easy for you to kill me, but youre dreaming if you want to obtain the Green Thunder Manual!”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunders eyes were filled with mockery, as though he could die in peace if Su Zimo was dealt a blow before he died.

Arriving in front of Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Su Zimo grabbed his Essence Spirit and said indifferently, “Not necessarily!”

“Soul Searching Art!”

Su Zimo called softly.

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