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Chapter 1042: The Saying of the Human Tripod

The battlefield was desolate.

Di Yins corpse laid quietly on the ruins, lifeless.

Many of the cultivators looked at the corpse with agape mouths, unable to recover from their shock.

Prior to this, who could have imagined that Dao Being Chaos Essence, Di Yin, would die here

Di Yin had only cultivated for more than 200 years and his achievements were dazzling.

He had even obtained the inheritance of the Human Emperor and was lauded as the number one monster incarnate of Chaos Essence Sect and even Tianhuang Mainland!

He was once the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking.

He had killed countless enemies that were way above his cultivation realm.

Even among the titular disciples, no one was willing to go against him.

However, even such a monster incarnate had fallen!

In this lifetime, Chaos Essence Sect not only produced Di Yin, but Ye Tiancheng as well – they were lauded as the Chaos Essence Twin Paragons.

Almost everyone thought that with these two paragons, Chaos Essence Sect would become the leader of the immortal sects before long!

Initially, Thousand Crane Sects sect master wanted to sacrifice Leng Rou as Ye Tianchengs Dao companion because she saw Chaos Essence Sects potential.

But now, the Chaos Essence Twin Paragons had already become a thing of the past!

Within a single year, both paragons were killed one after another by the same person!

Throughout history, there were countless paragons.

However, there were very few that could truly reach the end and stand at the peak of Tianhuang Mainland.

Every paragon would encounter endless dangers in their growth.

If they died prematurely, they would be forgotten before long; even their traces left behind would be washed clean by the sands of time.

The moment Dao Being Chaos Essence, Di Yin, died, a total of eight titular disciples had fallen here!

The Dao Inheritance Ground had become the burial ground for this generations titular disciples!

In the ruins, a green-robed figure stood beside Di Yins corpse.

He did not look strong; in fact, he looked frail and possessed refined features.

However, no one dared to look down on him!

Desolate Martial!

To rise through the ranks by trampling on the corpses of eight titular disciples – there had probably never been a monster incarnate with such methods and boldness throughout history!

“Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial arts to all living beings!”

The 14 words that sounded in the Dao Inheritance Ground earlier on rang within the minds of the cultivators present in a deafening manner.

Perhaps, if this person did not die, he might really be able to impart martial arts to all living beings and change the fate of Tianhuang Mainland…

Perhaps, Tianhuang Mainland would welcome another golden era that was no weaker than the ancient era!

The same thought surfaced in the minds of many cultivators.

“How is it Are you alright”

Lin Xuanji ran over.

When he saw that Su Zimo was silent, he extended his palm and waved it in front of him.

Su Zimo nodded.

The Soul Searching Art was interrupted and he could not obtain the Great Chaos Essence Palm and other secret skills.

Of course, that did not matter.

However, when he recalled the terrifying gaze of the middle-aged man during the soul search, his heart throbbed!

He could not explain it clearly – it was like a sudden impulse and he had a feeling that a catastrophe was imminent.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo suppressed that feeling temporarily and kept the Creation Green Lotus.

He paused and pondered for a moment.

Seemingly thinking of something, he retrieved the Creation Green Lotus from his consciousness and held it in his palm.

Now that Di Yin was dead, the Chaos Essence Bell and the Dragon Battling Truncheon became ownerless.

Su Zimo put away the two connate Dharmic weapons and Di Yins storage bag.

“Youve really struck gold this time round!”

Lin Xuanji gave him a thumbs up secretly.

“Not only did you survive the calamity, you even obtained so many treasures.”

Putting aside the storage bags of these titular disciples, their Destiny Dharmic Weapons alone were extraordinary!

“Brother Lin, I cant thank you enough for your kindness.

Ill definitely keep this gratitude in my heart.”

Su Zimo said with cupped fists.

Lin Xuanji waved it off and chuckled.

“What kind of relationship do we have We were people who barged into the dragons lair together back then.”

The two of them exchanged glances and smiled.

Only the two of them understood what he meant.

Back then, in order to avoid the pursuit of the Blood Crow Palaces Lord, Su Zimo accidentally barged into the Dragon Bone Valley and met Lin Xuanji by chance.

“Brother Su, is there something on your mind”

Lin Xuanji was meticulous and could not help but ask when he saw the worry in Su Zimos eyes.

Su Zimo sighed gently.

“I have to meet someone.”

“Who” Lin Xuanji asked.

Su Zimo replied, “The Pure Maiden of the fiend sects.”

The Pure Maiden of the fiend sects was Demoness Ji.


Lin Xuanji raised his brows and revealed an enlightened expression.

“She sacrificed herself for her Human Tripod.

Its only right for you to visit her.”

“You know about the Human Tripod” Su Zimo was slightly surprised.

“I know a little,”

Lin Xuanji said, “Ordinary Human Tripods refer to young girls used by cultivators of the heretical path to absorb Yin Essence for cultivation.

However, the Human Tripod of the fiend sects Pure Maiden Sect is completely different.”

“According to what I know, among the seven fiend sects, Cloud Rain Sect adheres to the Dao of indulgence.

Men and women do not follow the rules of etiquette and copulate in their natural states.

Yin and Yang are interconnected and Heaven and Earth are joined.

The only rule is that they must not invest their personal emotions into it!”

“On the other hand, the Pure Maiden Sect is the exact opposite.

They practice the Dao of extinguishing their desires.

Every generations Pure Maiden can choose a man as their Human Tripod.

While they can fall in love with the man, they must not possess any lust towards him!”

“By cultivating with the help of the Human Tripod, the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects will temper her Dao heart continuously to increase her cultivation.”

“The Pure Maiden of the fiend sects can harm anyone in the world but her Human Tripod.

Furthermore, her power will dissipate the moment she has any lust for the Human Tripod.

If she uses the sacrificial method, her power will be transferred to the Human Tripod!”

After saying that, Lin Xuanji lamented, “The Pure Maiden of this generations fiend sects is probably ruined.

The price is way too high.”

In the battle 20 days ago, Demoness Ji sacrificed herself and Su Zimos body recovered.

His Dharmic powers surged and he managed to escape from the encirclement of the five titular disciples.

As for herself, her cultivation was destroyed and she was reduced to a mortal!

Even if her Dao heart was acknowledged by the powerful beings of Pure Maiden Sect, it was useless.

Su Zimos eyes were filled with guilt and self-blame.

Initially, he knew nothing about those things.

He only understood the meaning of the Pure Maiden Sects Human Tripod through the inheritance of Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky.

Unfortunately, it was too late even if he knew.

The obsession of the fiend sects had actually reached such a state!

On paper, it sounded easy to maintain emotions without any lust.

However, it was extremely difficult in real life.

The deeper ones emotions were, the harder it would be to contain ones lust!

It was completely contradictory to human nature!

“No matter what, I have to find her,”

Su Zimo said, “This is the Dao Inheritance Ground where cultivators are everywhere.

She will definitely be in danger if she loses all her powers.”

“Lets go.

Ill accompany you to take a look.”

Lin Xuanji patted Su Zimo on the shoulder and consoled, “Dont worry, as long as shes still in the inheritance of the Demoness stone statue, nothing will happen to her.”

Without saying anything more, the two of them disappeared in a flash.

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