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Chapter 1094: Black Rain

Three gigantic spirit vessels flew in the skies above the territory of Great Zhou.

Each spirit vessel had close to a hundred cultivators with powerful auras and exuded a mighty pressure!

Among them, there were more than ten Void Reversions on each spirit vessel and the rest were Nascent Souls!

No matter where it was, this was a force that could not be ignored.

The three spirit vessels were majestic and each of them had a gigantic flag with the words Great Xia, Great Shang and Great You written on it!

On the spirit vessel in the middle, three cultivators stood side by side with a dignified and incomparably noble expression – it was clear that they were people who had been in power for a long time.

If any cultivator in the capital of Great Zhou saw the three of them, they would definitely be shocked!

These three cultivators were the emperors of Great Xia, Great Shang and Great You dynasties!

The emperors of the three dynasties personally arrived in the territory of Great Zhou!

“This piece of land is truly not bad.

Its filled with talents and blessings.”

Suddenly, a playful voice sounded from behind the three emperors.

The three emperors shuddered and immediately moved to make way.

A green-robed cultivator strode over.

He was at the Void Reversion realm and his lips curled into a sinister smile as he advanced to the bow of the ship slowly.

Initially, the three emperors were dignified.

However, when they saw this person, they lowered their heads slightly and greeted respectfully, “Master.”

Standing against the wind, the green-robed cultivator passed by a bustling city and looked down at the dense crowd of mortals beneath him.

A ferocious glint flashed through his eyes as he gently removed his sleeves.

Pieces of black light rained down on the ground.

“Go, go!”

The green-robed cultivator smiled gently and murmured, “I know you guys are hungry.

Go and eat those ants and enjoy yourselves!”

In the city, the pedestrians walking on the streets felt their faces wet and touched instinctively.

Their fingers were stained with a black liquid that resembled ink.

“Whats that Is that black rain”

A pedestrian hurried by, wiping his cheeks and muttering.

Nobody cared.

Nobody noticed the three spirit vessels shuttling through the clouds above the city.

On the spirit vessel, the three emperors looked at the black spots of light spilling from the green-robed young mans sleeves with a hint of fear in their eyes.

“Master, dont worry.

The territory of Great Zhou will be under your control soon.”

With a humble expression, the Emperor of Great Xia gave a somewhat obsequious laugh.

The Emperor of Great Shang said in a low voice, “Master, the Patriarch of Great Zhou died after his lifespan was depleted.

Without a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the few of us are enough to occupy the capital of Great Zhou!”

“However, I heard that the number one sect in the territory of Great Zhou, Ethereal Peak, has a Dharma Characteristic demon beast.



The green-robed young man chuckled.

“What are you afraid of That beast cant even protect itself.

My master has already brought his men over.”

“Master is wise!”

The three emperors hurriedly flattered.

“Fellow Daoist, dont worry.

Elder Sun of the Dragon Tiger Sect has already arrived in the capital of Great Zhou.

Even if theres a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, he wont be a match for Elder Sun!”

A strong Void Reversion stood out and looked at the green-robed young man respectfully.

“With a Dao Lord from one of the ten Upper Sects of the North Region, Dragon Tiger Sect, nothing will go wrong,”

The green-robed young mans gaze landed on the Dao Being of Dragon Tiger Sect as he smiled and asked, “Dao Being Red Tiger, hows the power of the Golden Silkworm”

When he heard that, Dao Being Red Tigers gaze suddenly turned fervent as he grinned.

“It feels great! My combat strength has at least doubled! Thank you for granting me that!”


The green-robed young man raised his head and smiled, the mockery in his eyes fleeting.

Su Zimo lingered in the village filled with corpses for a long time but did not find any clues.

Those mortals died tragically and the black blood in their bodies seemed to be poisoned.

However, there was a huge hole in the abdomen of those mortals, as though they were ripped apart by some demon beast.

However, he did not discover any demonic qi around the village.

Without any clue, Su Zimo set the corpses on fire to prevent a plague from spreading before continuing on towards the capital of Great Zhou.

A day later, there was a city not far ahead with an aura of death surrounding it!

A series of tragic wails could be heard from within the city.

Frowning, Su Zimo sped forward and arrived above the city before long.

When he looked down, he could not help but gasp.

The city was strewn with corpses.

Every single corpse had poisonous boils and a bloody hole in their abdomen that was oozing with black blood – they were exactly the same as the mortals who died in the village previously!

There were hundreds of thousands of mortals and none were spared!

Some of them were not dead and were still struggling on the spot.

Their consciousnesses were already blurry and they seemed to be enduring endless pain as they rolled and wailed on the ground!

In a flash, Su Zimo arrived beside one of them.

He scanned with his spirit consciousness and realized that there was a wisp of spirit qi in that persons body – this was also a Qi Refinement Warrior but his cultivation realm was low.

If not for that wisp of spirit qi, he might not have been able to survive till now.

Su Zimo hurriedly took out a few bottles of elixirs from his storage bag and stuffed them into the mouths of one of them without any explanation.

Those elixirs were perfect-grade elixirs that could cure all poisons.

However, the persons condition did not improve at all after consuming the elixirs.

He continued screaming in pain!

Su Zimo was helpless against such a situation as well.

“How could this be”

Su Zimo swayed the persons body and asked in a deep voice, “What happened”

Perhaps the elixirs had some effect on him as he regained consciousness and murmured, “Black rain, black rain…”

“Black rain”

Su Zimo frowned.

Right then, he swept his gaze across the persons abdomen!

His clothes were already torn and a fist-sized blood bubble protruded from his exposed abdomen!

Immediately after, the blood bubble burst!

A black thing that resembled a snakes head burrowed out.

It was the length of an arm and had no nose, eyes or ears.

However, it had a menacing mouth that could tear flesh and was filled with sharp fangs!


The demon beast shrieked and tore through the persons abdomen.

As though it sensed something, it suddenly turned around, opened its mouth and charged towards Su Zimo with its scarlet tongue!

“Evil creature!”

A cold glint flashed through Su Zimos eyes and a scarlet flame appeared on his fingertip, engulfing the black demon beast instantly!

Enveloped by the immortal Dao fire, the demon beast turned into ashes instantly without a single sound!

He had never seen such a demon beast before.

In fact, he could not sense any demonic qi from the demon beast at all!

Su Zimos expression was dark.

This was clearly not a natural disaster and was most likely a man-made disaster!

The lives of these mortals had nothing to do with him.

However, such inhumane and cruel methods still caused a strong killing intent to surge within him!

Apart from Di Yin, he had not felt such killing intent for a long time!

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