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Chapter 1112: Ill Kill You First!

In the blink of an eye, the five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect were dead!

In fact, a surreal feeling rose in the hearts of the Ethereal Peak cultivators.

Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were like untouchable mountains in their hearts that crushed every single cultivator.

But now, all five of them were dead!

The remaining 90 odd Void Reversions of Dragon Tiger Sect were also decreasing rapidly under Night Spirits massacre.


Initially, there were more than a hundred Void Reversions in the Dragon Tiger Sect.

However, only half of them were left now!

Furthermore, the remaining half was already a mess and could not defend against Night Spirits attacks.

Every time a black shadow flashed, one or two Void Reversions would die!

It was like chopping vegetables!

The Ethereal Peak cultivators were dumbfounded.

Initially, there were cultivators who were worried that the black-robed man would drag Su Zimo down.

Now, they finally realized how terrifying this black-robed man was!

No matter how strong a cultivators mental fortitude was, they could not withstand a terrifying existence like Night Spirit and some of them had already broken down mentally!

After the five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords died, the remaining Void Reversions shouted and fled, no longer daring to linger in Ethereal Peak.

Night Spirit turned and looked at Su Zimo instinctively.

“Chase after them!”

Su Zimo looked at Dao Being Lone Soul, Wu Li and the blind old man coldly and said, “Leave the three of them to me!”

“Be careful!”

After saying that, Night Spirits figure flashed and disappeared once more.

A Void Reversion was speeding at full speed when he suddenly felt a breeze behind him.

Before he could react, he felt a pain in his head and lost consciousness.

Night Spirit passed by him without stopping at all.

After resting for a while, Nian Qi came to Su Zimos side with joy in her eyes.

However, she knew that it was inappropriate for them to catch up in the current situation.

As such, she merely said in a deep voice, “Young master, be careful.

Those two are from the Witch race and they have strange methods!”

Right now, Nian Qi was the only one from Ethereal Peak who could still fight.

Even if the other cultivators were not injured, they were not qualified to participate in this battle.

“Leave that Dao Being Lone Soul behind later.

Dont kill him yet.”

Su Zimo sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness.

Although she was puzzled, Nian Qi still nodded.

Although they were all remnants, Nian Qis combat strength was much stronger than Dao Being Lone Soul!

The blind old mans eyes were hollow as he looked at Su Zimo with a pair of black holes, looking extremely strange.

In reality, he was already regretting it.

If he had known earlier, he would have left this place with Wu Li right away!

However, he had not expected that the remaining three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords would be dead on the spot after a moment of hesitation!

Of course, it did not mean that he was afraid of Dao Being Desolate Martial.

Although this lads combat strength was strong, it was not enough to threaten him.

The fact that Desolate Martial was able to kill Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords across major cultivation realms was under ordinary circumstances.

However, he was from the Primordial Nine Races!

Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the Primordial Nine Races could fight against Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the human race!

The one the blind old man was truly of was the black-robed man who had already left to hunt down the Void Reversions of Dragon Tiger Sect.

For some reason, the aura of the black-robed man gave him a sense of trepidation!

It had been a long time since he felt that way.

Even against other races of the Primordial Nine Races, he would not feel that way.

Furthermore, the black-robed man was only at the Void Reversion realm.

“Just what is he”

The blind old man faced Su Zimo while pondering about Night Spirits identity.

Thankfully, the black-robed man had already left and was not here.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome for him to join forces with Dao Being Desolate Martial!

“Desolate Martial, Im the young master of the Witch race.

Hurry and kneel down!”

Recovering his composure, Wu Li gripped his white bone staff and hollered with an arrogant expression.

After he left the Ghost Curse Tomb and entered the North Region, no one dared to disobey him along the way!

Even when he visited Dragon Tiger Sect, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had to be respectful towards him!

The young master of the Witch race had a noble status.

Even if he were to enter the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects, they would have to greet him respectfully, let alone Dragon Tiger Sect!

In Wu Lis eyes, although Su Zimo was strong, he was merely a slightly stronger ant!

How dare an ant challenge him!

At the mention of the word witch, a commotion broke out within Ethereal Peak.

The Primordial Nine Races!

They were legendary existences that ruled over the primordial era.

A hundred years ago, a remnant of the Witch race caused chaos in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

At that time, all the cultivators were wary and nobody dared to attack him.

Now that a young master of the Witch race had arrived, who would dare to hurt him!

They thought about the catastrophe 10,000 years ago.

Because of the death of a young dragon, the Great Qian Empire that dominated the entire North Region was reduced to ruins overnight.

The massive empire collapsed in an instant.

Even two Buddhist monasteries vanished into the past!

The person before them had an even nobler identity than the young dragon back then.

Even if he stood there motionlessly, no one would dare to hurt him!

“So amazing”

Su Zimo sneered, “Ive killed beings of the God and Rakshasa race before.

Whats so amazing about the Witch race”

The blind old man said indifferently, “Desolate Martial, Im not exaggerating.

If any of you dare to hurt him, all living beings of the Great Zhou Dynasty will have to die with him!”

The hearts of the Ethereal Peak cultivators skipped a beat.

Even the old immortal crane felt immense pressure, let alone them!

Normally, as long as Wu Li revealed his identity, even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and Mahayana Patriarchs might not dare to attack him!

Unfortunately, they were facing Su Zimo, not anybody else.

He was someone who did not fear heaven and earth nor ghosts and deities!

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had encountered countless dangers and oppression.

However, had he ever compromised or retreated

“Old thing, how dare you threaten me”

Killing intent surged in Su Zimos heart and his gaze was like lightning as he shouted, “I must kill him today! If you dare to take revenge on the innocent living beings of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Ill kill my way into your lair and annihilate your entire race one day!”


The crowd gasped.

They did not even dare to think about saying something like that!

“Y-Y-You… How dare you!”

The blind old mans voice was trembling.

In the ancient era, even with the dominance and invincibility of the Human Emperor, he did not exterminate the Primordial Nine Races completely and merely drove them into an area.

But today, a cultivator of the human race had appeared and declared that he wanted to destroy the Witch race!

Not to mention how great his future accomplishments would be, his boldness was unparalleled!

Killing intent surged in the blind old mans heart.

‘I cant let that lad live!

A thought crossed the blind old mans mind.

‘If he grows up, he might become another Human Emperor! He might even be more terrifying than the Human Emperor!

The moment the blind old man wanted to kill, Su Zimos spirit perception sensed it.

“Hmm How dare you harbor killing intent towards me”

Su Zimo said coldly, “Old thing, Ill kill you first!”

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