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Chapter 1119: Long Cang

The surroundings were silent.

A moment later, an uproar broke out among the dragons!

More and more dragons gathered here.

The dragons that arrived later did not know what happened at all.

The dragons who were initially here were at a loss as well – they could not understand why two people who were on good terms previously would fight all of a sudden.

Furthermore, Essence Spirit secret skills were activated immediately!

As for the young master of the Witch race, his outcome was even worse – he was killed in a single move by their young master and died!

Everything happened too quickly.

The dragons that welcomed Wu Li initially had not gone far.

They turned back hurriedly when they sensed the commotion only to realize that the person who was alive earlier on was now a corpse!

“Whats going on!”

One of the Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragons was enraged and glared at Su Zimo sternly.

Su Zimo shrugged his shoulders and replied indifferently, “I invited him out of goodwill.

For some reason, he went crazy and released an Essence Spirit secret skill at me all of a sudden.”

“He tried to kill me and I killed him.

Its that simple.”

Su Zimo spread his hands innocently.

It was way too ridiculous!

The Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragon did not believe it at all!

The young master of the Witch race was fine earlier on – why would he suddenly go crazy and release an Essence Spirit secret skill on Su Zimo

“Long Zhu, although youre the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, you cant kill people without rhyme or reason!”

The Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragon said coldly, “Who would believe your reason”

“There were many dragons present at that time.

If you dont believe me, you can ask the other dragons.”

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

“Indeed, the young master of the Witch race attacked first.”

“Thats right.

He went crazy for some reason and suddenly attacked our young master, even using an Essence Spirit secret skill.”

“In my opinion, he deserved to die.

Even in a fight between us dragons, were not allowed to activate Essence Spirit secret skills.

Its unforgivable!”

Some dragons commented.

The Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragon surveyed his surroundings and realized that none of the dragons had odd expressions.

If it was a single dragon, he could have faked it.

However, it was not possible that all the dragons present were on Su Zimos side!

Could the young master of the Witch race have truly lost his mind to be bold enough to come to the Dragon race to kill someone

The Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragons mind was in a mess.

He knew that things were not that simple.

However, he could not think of anything else and could only say hatefully, “Long Zhu, wait here! Killing the young master of the Witch race is equivalent to causing a calamity.

This matter wont end so easily!”

The Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragon was about to leave when he saw a group of dragons approaching from the skies not far away.

The dragon in the lead wore blue armor and had handsome features.

He was tall and had an extraordinary bearing as he walked at the front.

There were no dragons that could stand shoulder to shoulder with him!

The dragons surrounded this person like stars surrounding the moon!

The appearance of this dragon attracted the attention of all the dragons.

Su Zimo raised his head and his gaze froze.

Long Cang!

Without the need for introductions, he could already guess that this was the young master of the Blue Dragon lineage, the number one of the Heaven Dragon Ranking and the only five-clawed divine dragon – Long Cang!

Long Cang had a unique aura.

The aura circulated around him and produced a unique atmosphere.

Under the atmosphere, all the dragons had to lower their heads unconsciously!

A five-clawed divine dragon!

A sovereign of the Dragon race!

This was a bloodline suppression!

However, this suppression was only targeted at other dragons and had no effect on Su Zimo.

“Young master, youre here.”

The Dharma Characteristic Blue Dragon from before hurried forward and greeted with cupped fists.

Long Cang nodded and looked at Wu Lis corpse expressionlessly.

The Blue Dragons heart sank as he recounted everything that happened earlier on in detail and even scolded Su Zimo at the same time!

Long Cang remained silent and stood on the spot with an unchanged expression – no one knew what he was thinking.

The initial clamor and discussions calmed down quickly.

The surroundings were silent!

The dragons held their breaths in awe.

It was as though they did not even dare to breathe loudly without Long Cang speaking!

The dragons were afraid of disturbing the young master of the Blue Dragon and incurring the wrath of the five-clawed divine dragon!

This was authority!

Even though he did not say anything, it was enough to shock everyone present!

Su Zimo was the only one who had a calm expression.

He could not sense any pressure or aura from Long Cang at all.

Although his bloodline was impure, after cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, it was not weaker than Long Cangs!


Long Cang suddenly smiled without any emotions.

There were many different types of smiles.

Some people smiled because they were amused.

Some people smiled because they wanted to kill someone!

The dragons did not know what Long Cangs smile meant under such circumstances.

All of them gulped but no one said anything.

Right then, powerful mights descended one after another!

During this short while, the death of the young master of the Witch race had already alarmed the elders of the five lineages!

Five elders descended from the skies and frowned as they looked at Wu Lis corpse.

On the side of the Illumination Dragon lineage, it was still Elder Four who appeared to take charge of these matters.

The elder of the Horned Dragon lineage was an old acquaintance named Long Zhong.

Back then, after Su Zimo defeated Long Yang in the Dragon Blood Battlefield, this elder of the Horned Dragon lineage leaped out and schemed to get his hands on Barren and the Reverse Scale secret skills!

However, he was blocked by Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage.

In that short period of time, someone had already recounted everything that happened.

The five elders had different expressions.

Long Zhongs old face was ugly as he glared at Su Zimo and hollered, “Long Zhu, how dare you! Kneel down!”

There was already animosity between the two of them.

Although he was an elder of the Horned Dragon lineage, Su Zimo did not have a good impression of him.

“Why should I kneel”

Su Zimo glanced at Long Zhong and asked instead.

Long Zhongs expression was sharp as he pointed at Wu Lis corpse and said coldly, “You clearly know his identity yet you still dare to kill him! Whats your motive Are you trying to sow discord between the Witch and Dragon races!”

That was a truly impressive accusation.

The dragons expressions changed.

Many dragons who had some ties with Su Zimo were secretly worried for him.

“Even if discord was sowed, he was the one who provoked it.

What has it got to do with me”

On the other hand, Su Zimo was calm as usual as he sneered, “Elder, do you mean that hes allowed to kill me but Im not allowed to fight back”

“I didnt say…”

“This is the Dragon Bone Valley!”

The elder of the Horned Dragon lineage merely uttered three words before he was interrupted by Su Zimo.

“An outsider arrived at our Dragon Bone Valley and released an Essence Spirit secret skill against a young master of the Dragon race to kill him.

Yet, youre blaming me for fighting back, Elder Long Zhong”

“Elder, do you mean that dragons should be killed by witches My life as a young master of the Dragon race is inferior to the life of a young master of the Witch race”

“Elder Long Zhong, I really want to ask if youre from the Witch race or the Dragon race!”

The series of questions were meant to kill!

They were even graver than the accusation Long Zhong had planted!

Long Zhongs face flushed red and he was speechless for a moment.

His eyes were filled with killing intent and he was so angry that he was trembling.

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