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Chapter 1135: North Region Dao Meet

Su Zimo and Night Spirit returned to Great Zhou from Gu Sect and passed by some ancient cities that initially belonged to Great You.

However, the royal flags in these ancient cities had changed to that of Great Zhous!

Some of the vassal states of Great You submitted as well.

Su Zimo made a detour and entered the territories of Great Shang and Great Xia.

He realized that this situation was not only within the territory of the Great You Dynasty.

Many vassal states of Great Xia and Great Shang had submitted as well!

Su Zimo pondered for a moment and guessed the reason.

The Witch Gu calamity this time round caused the people of the North Region to be plunged into misery and suffering.

This was especially so for the four dynasties.

Many vassal states were destroyed because of this.

As for the four dynasties, they were in a precarious situation because of this chaos.

With Su Zimo and his sister in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the battle in the capital suppressed most of the cultivation forces of the three dynasties!

The emperors of the three dynasties were now in the capital of Great Zhou and had sworn allegiance to the Empress of Great Zhou, Ji Yaoxue.

Once the news spread, chaos would definitely ensue in the three dynasties!

Coupled with the Witch Gu calamity, the three dynasties disintegrated rapidly.

At that moment, Xiaoning made her move and countless cultivators of Great Zhou headed to various parts of the Great Zhou Dynastys territory to change the weather, summoning divine rain to resolve the Witch Gu calamity.

The reputation of the immortal doctor spread throughout the North Region!

Naturally, the vassal states of the three dynasties bowed in submission.

Given the macro state of things, it did not matter even if the three dynasties had Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords backing them.

“This is for the best too,”

Looking at the ground beneath his feet, Su Zimo murmured softly.

If the Great Zhou Dynasty could make use of this opportunity to annex and merge the other three dynasties into a new dynasty, there would be less wars in the North Region.

This was a good thing for everyone in the world.

After the calamity of the Witch Gu, the people of the North Region needed a chance to recuperate and could no longer endure the endless flames of war.

Back in the capital of Great Zhou, Su Zimo met with Ji Yaoxue.

That day, he arrived in time to resolve the crisis of Great Zhou before rushing to Ethereal Peak.

The two of them did not have the time to talk.

As Su Zimo had expected, although Ji Yaoxue was a woman, she was not inferior to men in her ambitions!

She did not miss out on this opportunity to devise strategies and determine victory from a thousand miles away.

She attacked from afar and worked together to annex the territories of the three dynasties.

The Great Zhou Dynasty was finally flourishing under her rule!

Xiaoning continued to refine elixirs in the capital.

The destruction of the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp was equivalent to severing the root of the Gu worms.

The Witch Gu calamity had stabilized over the past month and there was no need for her to refine elixirs day and night without rest.

Xiaonings condition was gradually improving as well.

Su Zimo returned to Ethereal Peak to catch up with old friends like the old immortal crane and Nian Qi.

He did not have many old friends of the past left.

Even Su Zimos first master, the disheveled old man of Weapon Peak, died on Weapon Peak after his lifespan was depleted a few years ago.

However, even at the end, the disheveled old man had a smile on his face.

Every disciple that joined Ethereal Peak knew that the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking, the peerless monster incarnate of history, Su Zimo, was his disciple!

Even though Ethereal Peak was slightly weakened after that battle, it was clear that it had grown stronger!

This was akin to a rebirth through flames after surviving two calamities!

Right now, Nian Qi has the greatest potential in Ethereal Peak.

She possessed the bloodline of the God race and had a long lifespan.

Although more than a hundred years had passed, Nian Qi still looked the same.

She stood quietly behind Su Zimo like a young girl.

After Nian Qi entered the Void Reversion realm, her status in Ethereal Peak was second only to the old immortal crane.

She was extremely beautiful.

Coupled with her terrifying combat strength, she could even fight against the old immortal crane and was conferred the title of the goddess of Ethereal Peak by many disciples!

Many Ethereal Peak disciples were heartbroken when Su Zimo returned.

That was because the sacred and inviolable goddess in their hearts was actually by Su Zimos side everyday like a maidservant doing the chores that a Dao child should do.

In the eyes of many disciples, this was practically blasphemy against a goddess!

However, Nian Qi did not mind.

In her heart, Su Zimo had an extremely important position that no one could replace!

This time round, Su Zimo was in no hurry to leave.

Instead, he entered seclusion in Ethereal Peak and continued cultivating.

Firstly, he was worried that some sect or faction would seek trouble with the Great Zhou Dynasty or Ethereal Peak.

After all, he and Night Spirit had not only killed the young master and blind old man of the Witch race this time round; they even killed a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect and more than a hundred Void Reversions!

Secondly, his Green Lotus True Body had yet to refine the energy he obtained from the tempering of the primordial divine spring in Gu Sect completely.

If he could refine all the energy, he might be able to cultivate to the peak of the late-stage Void Reversion realm!

A year later.

Ethereal Peak.

Su Zimo broke out of seclusion.

At the entrance of his cave abode, a beautiful and flawless girl stood there.

Her eyes were blue and her nose was straight with skin as smooth as a porcelain doll.

“Young Master,”

She called softly – it was none other than Nian Qi.

“Young Master, your cultivation has improved again.”

Nian Qi swept her gaze across Su Zimo and could sense that his aura had increased tremendously after a year!


Su Zimo smiled and nodded.

As he had expected, he had already absorbed the power of the divine spring that was fused into the Green Lotus True Body within a year and his cultivation had already reached the peak of the late-stage Void Reversion realm!

He was only a step away from breaking through to the perfected Void Reversion realm!

“Has anything happened in Great Zhou in the past year”

Standing in front of the cave abode, Su Zimo looked down at the mountains and forests beneath him and asked softly.

“Nothing much,”

Nian Qi said, “The three dynasties of Great Xia, Great You and Great Shang have already been destroyed.

The Great Zhou Dynasty has already annexed all the territories of the three dynasties and its power is still rising!”


Su Zimo nodded.

After pondering for a moment, he asked again, “Have Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the three dynasties appeared Did the descendants of their royal families attempt revenge”

For the past year, he guarded Ethereal Peak.

The reason why Night Spirit was guarding the capital of Great Zhou was because he was worried that something like that would happen!


Nian Qi shook her head.

“This is the trend of the world.

Even if theyre indignant, its useless.

There are almost no obstacles in the process of annexing the three dynasties.

It can be considered as returning to the peoples wishes.”

“Any news from Dragon Tiger Sect”

Su Zimo asked again.


Nian Qi shook her head.

Pausing for a moment, she seemed to have recalled something and said suddenly, “Right, I heard that theres going to be a grand gathering in the cultivation world of the North Region in a few days.

Its called the North Region Dao Meet.”

“The reason why its called a Dao Meet is because the only ones who can attend are Void Reversion Dao Beings and Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the North Region! Its said that the ten upper sects of the North Region and the various major cultivation clans will be present as well.”

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