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Chapter 1147: Fiendcelestial

“How could this be”

You Lan frowned and could not help but ask.

“I have no idea as well.”

Uncle Zheng shook his head and looked at the two princes who were still in shock in the corner.

“Perhaps, only they know the answer.”

“I dont know.

I dont know anything.”

The voice of the prince of Great Xia was still trembling.

Uncle Zhengs gaze was sharp as he shouted, “Your highness, calm down! If you dont say anything and the two Imperial Advisors died for no reason, we might die tomorrow!”

“Leave this place,”

The prince of Great Shang seemed to have found a straw to clutch at as he said hurriedly, “Thats right, I want to leave Qian Heaven City and all of you.

I dont want to revive my dynasty anymore!”

With that said, the prince of Great Shang scrambled out of the door.

The prince of Great Xia reacted and followed closely behind.

Just as the two princes ran to the door, Su Zimo happened to walk in.

With a gentle expression, he asked with a smile, “Your Highnesses, where do you want to go”

The expressions of the two princes changed and they shuddered instinctively.

To them, the green-robed cultivators smile was akin to a fiendcelestial from hell!

“W-We want to go back,”

The prince of Great Xia had a fearful expression and his voice was pleading.

Su Zimo said, “Dont be like that.

Didnt we agree yesterday that were going to tour Qian Heaven City today”

The two princes were so scared that they were on the verge of tears – how could they be in the mood to tour Qian Heaven City!

Both of them knew that they were the ones who sent the two Imperial Advisors to assassinate Su Zimo.

But now, the two Imperial Advisors were dead while Su Zimo was safe and sound – this was something that could not be clearer!

The smiling, gentle and scholarly cultivator before them was a fiendcelestial!

Right now, this fiendcelestial was standing at the entrance, inviting the two of them to travel together.

Both of them wanted to cry but had no tears to shed – they could neither advance nor retreat.

Su Zimos gaze shifted to the two corpses in the room and he sighed gently.

“Its a pity that the two Imperial Advisors died just like that.”

Uncle Zheng and You Lan were both staring at Su Zimo.

However, they could not read anything from Su Zimos face!

The only suspicious thing was that this person was way too calm.

However, it did not make sense for them to relate the deaths of the two Imperial Advisors to this man just because he was too calm – that was too dogmatic and unreasonable.

The two Imperial Advisors were at the Dharma Characteristic realm.

However, Su Zimos group were all at the Void Reversion realm!

There was a difference of a major cultivation realm between them – how was it possible for him to kill two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords silently

“Your Highnesses!”

Uncle Zhengs attention shifted back to the two princes.

He asked in a deep voice, “Did the two Imperial Advisors head out last night”


The two of them nodded obediently.

“Where” Uncle Zheng asked.

The two princes looked hesitant and stole a glance at Su Zimo, not daring to say anything.

Uncle Zheng narrowed his eyes and asked in a deep voice, “Did they head to Su Zimos room!”

“I-I dont know.”

The prince of Great Xia shook his head hurriedly.

“I fell asleep last night and didnt know anything.

The moment I woke up, I-I saw the Imperial Advisor dead!”

“Me too.”

The prince of Great Shang added hurriedly.

“Why would they come to my room”

Su Zimo looked at the two princes and asked with a fake smile, “The two Imperial Advisors werent trying to kill me, were they”


The two princes denied immediately.

Su Zimo nodded and said indifferently, “Thats good.

Usually, those who want to kill me will die miserable deaths.”

A careless statement may reveal much to an attentive listener.

Although Su Zimo said it casually, the two princes were so scared that their hearts skipped a beat.

Their faces turned pale and their legs went limp, almost kneeling on the ground.

You Lans heart skipped a beat as well.

When she reminded Su Zimo of the impending trouble last night, the latter told her something almost identical.

To think that the two Imperial Advisors would already be dead by dawn today!

Could this matter really have nothing to do with him

“Ill head out first.

You guys take care of it.

We still have to go tour the city later,”

Su Zimo had just turned around when he paused and glanced sideways.

“Your Highnesses will travel with me and not leave secretly, right”

“Absolutely not!”

The two princes said hurriedly.

“Thats good.”

Su Zimo smiled in satisfaction and turned to leave.

By the time Su Zimos figure disappeared completely, the two princes could no longer hold on and collapsed onto the ground, drenched in sweat.

“Its him! It must be him!”

The prince of Great Xia trembled slightly and murmured repeatedly.

“Who is it”

You Lan could not help but ask, “You mean to say that the deaths of the two Imperial Advisors were caused by Brother Su”

The prince of Great Shang nodded repeatedly as well.

“Yes, thats the devil!”

You Lan looked at Uncle Zheng instinctively.

The words of the two princes were indeed ridiculous.

However, she still wanted to hear Uncle Zhengs speculation.

“My first reaction was also Su Zimo.”

Uncle Zheng said in a low voice, “However, its definitely not them who did this.”

“Why do you say that”

You Lan asked.

Uncle Zheng pointed to the fatal wounds on the heads of the two Imperial Advisors and said, “Two wounds that were fatal.

This means that the two of them had almost no resistance.

In other words, the combat strength of this murderer is superior to the two Imperial Advisors!”

You Lan nodded.

“Thats right.

Even if Su Zimo and the others have the strength to kill Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords across a major cultivation realm, they wont be able to kill with a single fatal blow.”

“Thats only one of the reasons.”

Uncle Zheng said, “Looking at the two wounds, its clear that it wasnt caused by humans or weapons.”

As he said that, Uncle Zheng placed his palm on the head of an Advisor and said in a deep voice, “This should be the claw of some fiend demon.

Theres still a trace of demonic qi on it!”

“As for Su Zimos group of four, only the lion is a demon.

However, his strength is not at that level.

Furthermore, the lions claws are completely different from these wounds.”

You Lan nodded.

That was almost solid proof!

However, what she did not expect was that there was a terrifying existence among Su Zimos group that could even hide from the Demon Revealing Mirrors!

It was impossible for Uncle Zheng to see through Night Spirits disguise!

You Lan looked at the two princes.

“Did you guys hear that Brother Su cant be the one behind this.”

“Its him!”

The prince of Great Xia seemed to have fallen into a trance and the fear in his eyes did not dissipate as he continued, “It must be him! His smile and gaze are telling me that hes the one who killed the Imperial Advisors!”


You Lan sighed.

After the shock, both of them were no longer in their right minds.

The two princes were reduced to such a state and would have to live in fear everyday – this was much more torturous than killing them outright.

Indeed, the two princes were scared out of their wits.

However, their guesses were very close to the truth!

They were not as calm and rational as Uncle Zheng and You Lan to be able to deduce many conclusions based on some clues.

They were simpleminded.

The two Imperial Advisors went to kill Su Zimo but the latter was alive while the two Imperial Advisors were dead.

This was definitely Su Zimos doing!

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