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Chapter 1177: Forced Into Melee Combat

The black Dharmic weapon resembled an inverted metal bowl with mysterious patterns etched on it, revealing nine holes.

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

That black Dharmic weapon was none other than the Fire Blocking Basket that Dao Lord Xuan Yu snatched away from Little Fox more than a hundred years ago!

To think that the Fire Blocking Basket could defend against the attack of the Green Lotus Sword!

At that moment, the two Dharmic weapons collided and the Green Lotus Sword dispersed, transforming into 54 green lotus seeds that returned to Su Zimos consciousness.

It was only at this moment that the crowd reacted and burst into a commotion!

“Desolate Martial is way too ruthless.

He released a killing move that targets the Essence Spirit right away!”

“How dangerous! If Dao Lord Xuan Yu was slightly slower, he might have been killed by a single slash!”

Dao Lord Xuan Yu felt a sense of trepidation when he heard the discussions around him.

His life was hanging by a thread just now!

Dao Lord Xuan Yu could not help but smile as he held the Fire Blocking Basket in his palm.

“Desolate Martial, its all thanks to this treasure that I was able to cultivate to this stage in more than a hundred years!”

Su Zimos heart stirred.

Initially, he thought that the reason why Dao Lord Xuan Yu could cultivate to the Dharma Characteristic realm in such a short period of time was because of some fortuitous encounter.

So, it was because of the Fire Blocking Basket!

Unsurprisingly, that treasure should belong to Consort Yu – as such, it was not surprising for it to possess such power.

“I remember that this treasure was snatched from a fox, right”

Dao Lord Xuan Yu could not conceal the smugness in his eyes and was still reminiscing as he laughed.

“To think that this Fire Blocking Basket is actually a rare utmost treasure! Hahaha!”

In the crowd, Little Fox gripped her paws tightly and glared at Dao Lord Xuan Yu angrily, wishing that she could kill this person with her gaze!

“Goddess True Jade, look at his face! How infuriating!”

Little Fox rolled her eyes.

“Goddess True Jade, hes the one who bullied me.

Why dont you help me retrieve the Fire Blocking Basket”

The white-robed woman seemed to have read Little Foxs mind as she said with a fake smile, “You want me to help this Young Master Su, right”


Feeling a little guilty, Little Fox whispered, “I just wanted to retrieve the Fire Blocking Basket as soon as possible.”

“Didnt you make a bet with me that Young Master Su would help you get it back In that case, Id better not interfere and wait here to see the outcome,” The white-robed woman said indifferently.

Little Fox pouted and did not say anything more.

“What an opportune moment to let you have a taste of this Fire Blocking Baskets power today!”

On the battlefield, Dao Lord Xuan Yu charged towards Su Zimo once more and threw the Fire Blocking Basket in his hands towards the latter!


Dao Lord Xuan Yu hollered and Dharmic powers burst forth from his fingertip, entering the Fire Blocking Basket.


The Fire Blocking Basket expanded against the wind and spun, arriving above Su Zimos head almost instantly!

Su Zimos expression froze.

The Fire Blocking Basket belonged to Consort Yu and he did not dare to let it envelop him!

Slapping his storage bag, Su Zimo took out a grayish-black mountain.

It was the ancient Unique Treasure, the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

He wanted to make use of the power of the Mystic Magnet Mountain to restrain the Fire Blocking Basket.

However, after the Mystic Magnet Mountain descended, the Fire Blocking Basket did not budge at all!

“Not good!”

Su Zimos heart sank.

The Fire Blocking Basket was made of metal.

However, there were some rare metal materials in Tianhuang Mainland that were not attracted by the magnetism at all!

In other words, the Mystic Magnet Mountain was useless against the Fire Blocking Basket!

In a fight of this level, a single mistake in judgment could cause one to fall into a disadvantageous position or even die!

A huge shadow loomed over.

The center of the Fire Blocking Basket exuded a strong suction force, forming a domain that Su Zimo could not break free from!

However, Dao Lord Xuan Yu had already seized the opportunity to close in!

Instantly, the situation reversed!

Su Zimo was in immense danger!

“Your highness, hurry and attack!”

Little Fox was anxious and urged hurriedly, “Just retrieve the Fire Blocking Basket and leave the rest to Young Master Su!”

The white-robed woman was unmoved and shook her head.

“The loss of the Fire Blocking Basket was caused by him to begin with.

Its only right that he retrieves it personally.”

“Furthermore, hes the one who challenged Xuan Yu.

Why should I interfere If he cant even get through this, how will he protect you in the future”


Right then, a soft shout sounded from the battlefield.

A green lotus platform flew out of Su Zimos sea of consciousness with six petals blossoming.

Multicolored light filled the air as it smashed towards the Fire Blocking Basket!

The Creation Green Lotus!

The two Dharmic weapons collided with a loud bang!

The Fire Blocking Basket wanted to envelop him but the Creation Lotus Platform was beneath it, blocking the Fire Blocking Basket!

For a moment, the two Dharmic weapons were evenly matched!

However, that delay was enough for Dao Lord Xuan Yu to arrive before him.

His blood qi surged as he threw a punch that shone brightly with an incomparably violent aura!

Su Zimo could only counter with a punch.


The two fists collided.

The collision between flesh and bones gave off a jarring sound!

Dao Lord Xuan Yus blood qi was clearly much stronger and suppressed Su Zimo completely!


Su Zimo grunted and took half a step back.

Dao Lord Xuan Yu strode forward and pushed his hands forward from his chest.

As though he was hugging a gigantic mountain, he descended and shouted, “Mountain Hugging Fist!”

A terrifying power arrived with a mountain!

At that moment, all techniques were useless.

Su Zimo raised his arms and blocked.


His body shuddered and a berserk power surged into his body.

His organs vibrated and his blood qi surged as his teeth ached!

His figure was sent flying.

“In the end, he was still forced into melee combat.”

“After reconstruction, Desolate Martials body is still a little weak.

If Dao Lord Xuan Yu finds an opening, hell probably be beaten to death!”

“Thats right.

Given Dao Lord Xuan Yus combat strength, he wont give Desolate Martial any chance to retaliate!”

The cultivators discussed when they saw that.

In reality, it was not because the Green Lotus True Body was not strong enough.

After obtaining the nourishment of the primordial divine spring, the Green Lotus True Body was already rather powerful and could suppress those of the same cultivation realm.

If Dao Lord Xuan Yu was at the Void Reversion realm, Su Zimo had absolute confidence that he would be able to fight him head-on with his Green Lotus True Body!

However, the bloodline of the Green Lotus True Body was relatively ordinary.

Now that he had encountered Dao Lord Xuan Yu who was at the Dharma Characteristic realm, the difference in their strength was naturally much greater.

However, even though he was disadvantaged, there was no hint of panic on Su Zimos face.

The lotus stem was the bone and the lotus leaves were the skin.

Coupled with the fact that he had fused many ancient Dharmic weapons, it would not be easy for Dao Lord Xuan Yu to severely injure his Green Lotus True Body!

Su Zimo was still waiting for an opportunity!

Dao Lord Xuan Yu strode forward like a leech, not giving Su Zimo any chance to distance himself.

“Thousand Ton Finger!”

Dao Lord Xuan Yu released another terrifying melee technique!

His finger was filled with blood qi and light swirled around it as it smashed towards Su Zimo!

How was that a finger

It was like a divine column that pierced through the firmaments!

How could a body of flesh and blood withstand that power!

However, right then, a warning flashed through Su Zimos mind as he narrowed his eyes.

There was danger!

It was even more terrifying than the Thousand Ton Finger!

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