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Chapter 165: Such Fast Arrows

Wu Xiangming and the other Southern Mountains Sect cultivator walked in front and the itinerant cultivator, Yan Fei, took the back, leaving the girl in pink in the middle.

After walking for a while, Wu Xiangming frowned and suddenly stopped in his tracks, listening intently.


His expression changed as he whispered, “Theres people up ahead! Hurry, retreat!”

If it was just a couple of people, Wu Xiangming would not be afraid of them.

However, the footsteps were messy and it was evident that there were many people rushing in their direction rapidly.

Not daring to undertake the risk, Wu Xiangming intended to retreat from where they were before making further plans.

However, the people up ahead were extremely fast.

Just as Wu Xiangming finished speaking, there were already many people ahead of him.

Their weapons flashed maliciously as they let out a cold and murderous aura.

Without hesitating, the girl in pink was the first to retreat.

Wu Xiangming and the other two did the same.

However, because he and the Southern Mountains Sect cultivator was at the front when they entered, they were now the last while retreating.


A hoarse and sinister laughter echoed out behind them.

When she heard the laughter, a cold glint flickered through the eyes of the girl in pink – she knew who was on the other end.

The sinister voice rang once more, “Demoness Ji, to think that you would dare get involved in this mess too.

Youre really tired of living, arent you”

The girl in pinks red lips opened slightly beneath her veil, as though she wanted to say something but held back.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two sharp blades tore through the air with great force and extreme speed!

Wu Xiangming and the other guy at the back did not dare to delay as they spun around and slashed back with their swords hurriedly.

Clang! Clang!

The ear-piercing sound of metals clashing could be heard as sparks flew in the darkness.

Wu Xiangming and the other guys bodies trembled.

Even though they had managed to block the attacks, they could feel their arms going numb.

That momentary delay was all it took for the vanguard of the pursuers to come close.

Looking menacing and murderous, they bellowed and pounced over.

“Yaner, leave first.

Ill hold them here.

Ill definitely not let them reach you!”

Wu Xiangming shouted without turning back.

Standing in the middle of the path with his fellow sect mate, they faced the incoming aggressors.

“You must be courting death!”

Wu Xiangming harrumphed and twisted his wrist.

His long sword trembled and let out a menacing sword qi, coiling like an unpredictable python as it stabbed forth!

Panic flashed across the eyes of the lunging aggressor – he clearly had not expected such means from Wu Xiangming.

Even though he wanted to dodge, it was too late.


A bloody light flashed and a bloody hole appeared on the mans chest, his eyes dimming gradually.

Wu Xiangming kicked the mans corpse away and continued fighting with the other pursuers.

Melee combat was far more dangerous than sword kinesis fights.

This was because both parties would be revolving around a small area and it was a fight of speed without much room for reaction.

Any single bit of carelessness would result in one being struck by an attack and may even possibly lead to their deaths instantly!

The two cultivators ahead were barehanded.

Coupled with the fact that they underestimated their opponents, they ended up being killed within a single move by Wu Xiangming and the other Southern Mountains Sect cultivator.

Initially, Wu Xiangming thought that those two swords would be able to scare the cultivators at the back.

However, he did not expect that despite the deaths of the two cultivators, the other pursuers did not even hesitate as they dashed at him expressionlessly!

The coldness in their eyes caused Wu Xiangmings heart to skip a beat.

“Who are you guys!”

He questioned loudly while retreating.

“You dare barge into this place without even knowing who we are Seems like you were quite bewitched by that Demoness Ji, huh Fufufu, your stupidity knows no bounds.”

A cold laughter echoed from the crowd.

“Im a disciple of Southern Mountains Sect, one of the five major sects! I dont know of any Demoness Ji.

You had better tell me who you are lest we end up on bad terms!” Wu Xiangming shouted once more.

“End up on bad terms”

Someone scoffed, “Five major sects Eat sh*t! How dare you mention yourself in the same breath as us of the fiend sects The Southern Mountains Sect isnt even worthy of carrying the shoes for our Malevolent Earth Sect!

Indeed, these were people of the fiend sects!

Wu Xiangmings heart skipped a beat.

Given his current cultivation strength, he had already vaguely learned of some secrets of Tianhuang Mainland.

In Tianhuang Mainland, there were many fiend sects.

However, the seven strongest of them were referred to as the seven fiend sects.

These seven fiend sects were the top factions of the entire Tianhuang Mainland.

Even though Southern Mountains Sect was known as part of the five major sects, that was only within the Great Zhou Dynasty.

However, the Great Zhou Dynasty was only a part of Tianhuang Mainland!

In other words, Southern Mountains Sect was extremely small compared to any of the seven fiend sects.

Even though Wu Xiangming knew of the seven fiend sects, he did not know which seven sects they were composed of.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Right now, his only hope was that Malevolent Earth Sect was not one of the seven.


At that moment, the other Southern Mountains Sect cultivator moved slightly slower and revealed a flaw, causing him to be stabbed through the chest with fresh blood oozing immediately.

Because the cultivators stamina was lacking to begin with and coupled with the fact that he was seriously injured, he staggered to his knee.

Instantly, two more bloodied holes appeared on his body!

That was followed by his head flying through the air.

Wu Xiangming watched everything with widened eyes.

While he was slightly distracted, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen.

A long saber emerged, stained with blood.


The pain caused Wu Xiangming to tremble in shock.

He glared at the person in front of him and stumbled back pointing his sword.

Finally, he fell to the ground and broke out in cold sweat.

The crowd dispersed and a black robed cultivator with a malevolent expression strode over.

He looked at Wu Xiangming and scoffed coldly, “You dont even know who Demoness Ji is.

You deserve to die!”

A bone spear suddenly appeared from the sleeves of the black robed cultivator.

It was completely black in color and consisted of twelve bones, carrying a malevolent aura.

The black robed cultivator thrust the bone spear forward gently.


Wu Xiangmings throat was pierced right away.

That initially pale face of his was covered with dense blood lines – it was a terrifying sight!

It was a sign of malevolent aura entering ones body!

In the cultivation world, there were many types of spirit weapons that were made from unique materials.

Even without injecting spirit energy to activate their spirit patterns, they could unleash various powers.

The black robed cultivators bone spear was one of those.

“Demoness Ji, you cant escape!”

Remarking coldly, the black robed cultivator led the pack and charged ahead.

Even with Wu Xiangming and the other Southern Mountains Sect cultivator holding the defense, it was still difficult for the girl in pink and Yan Fei to escape from the black robed cultivator completely.

The girl in pink and Yan Fei were fleeing in front while the black robed cultivator led more than a hundred people in pursuit.

The exit was right in front of them.

Right as they were about to get out to reach the previous fork, the black robed cultivator had caught up to them!

The girl in pink frowned slightly.

All of a sudden!

Three cold flashes of light appeared at the fork ahead.

Immediately after, an extremely sharp beam approached them and three flashes of black light brushed by the girl in pink and Yan Fei!

It was a mere centimeter gap!

Any closer and the girl in pink and Yan Fei would have been pierced!

She heaved a deep breath of air, so shocked that her heart nearly jumped out of her chest.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

It was only after the three black lights shot past them that the girl in pink heard the sounds of sharp knives tearing through the air.

Such fast arrows!





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