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Even though he knew that he had fallen into a trap, the thousand-faced assassin was still expressionless.

Drawing his sword, he curled into a ball and spun in midair like a turtle.

The slender sword formed a beautiful, bedazzling sword beam around him.

This was an extremely famous defensive technique of Hidden Death Sect.

On the one hand, a curled body could reduce the possibility of one getting injured.

On the other hand, the rotational force combined with the swords dance would produce a barrier that could defend in all directions – even water would have difficulty penetrating it.

Cling! Clang!

Four black beams struck the spinning sword beam and let out a series of crisp sounds.

The four arrows were blocked!

Su Zimo shot the four arrows and casually threw his Sanguine Crystal Bow down.

Without the slightest pause, his body flashed and he lunged towards the thousand-faced assassin as an icy, murderous aura emitted from the Cold Moon Saber in his hands.

Naturally, Su Zimo would not assume that he would be able to kill the fiend heir of Hidden Death Sect with just four arrows.

The four arrows were just his first attack – Su Zimos real killing blow was behind!

Even though the thousand-faced assassin had blocked the four arrows, he still had a slight pause in his actions due to their power.

By now, Su Zimo had arrived in front of him, aimed at his neck with a raised Cold Moon Saber without saying a single word!

Even though there was no technique involved in Su Zimos attack, he carried an unrivaled aura.

As his blood surged, lightning flashed as well in a ferocious manner.

Without any way to dodge, the thousand-faced assassin could only face it head on.

It wasnt because he did not want to dodge, it was because Su Zimo had forced him into a spot.

Every single move was calculated to extreme precision such that he did not even have room to breathe.


The long sword collided against the Cold Moon Saber and let out a jarring sound.

The thousand-faced assassins body quivered.

His arms were sore and his palm was torn as fresh blood dripped – he could hardly hold his weapon any longer.

The sword was curved to a frightening degree from the great force of the Cold Moon Saber.

Right as the saber was about to strike the thousand-faced assassins chest, a strange change happened!

Due to the bending of the thousand-faced assassins sword, its tip jumped in a strange manner and silently pierced towards Su Zimos throat as though it was alive.

If Su Zimo continued with his attack, the thousand-faced assassin would be severely injured at most.

However, his throat would be pierced on the spot!

The assassination methods of Hidden Death Sect were unpredictable and beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Any single bit of carelessness could cause a person to lose their life.

A warning flashed in Su Zimos mind.

From the corner of his eye, he caught the incoming sword tip and retracted his saber while kicking forward.

On the surface, it seemed like it was just a single kick forward.

However, with Su Zimos bloodline and burst power, that kick was no different than the thrust of a huge spear.

All of a sudden!

As though he sensed something, Su Zimo changed his strategy at the last moment and retracted his foot.

On the other hand of the thousand-faced assassin was a dagger that appeared out of nowhere, waiting for Su Zimos leg to strike it.

“No wonder hes the fiend heir of Hidden Death Sect.”

Su Zimo praised internally and felt a sense of regret.

He had laid down all these plans meticulously, thinking that he would be able to kill the thousand-faced assassin here.

However, he did not expect that the latter would have been able to solve his complex attempts.

Of course, even though the thousand-faced assassin had managed to survive, he was not in the best position.

After enduring Su Zimos strike head on, the organs of the thousand-faced assassin were quaked.

He did not dare to linger any longer, tunneling through the crowd and disappearing into a fork road with a single tap of his feet.

The threat of the thousand-faced assassin was temporarily removed, but no one could guarantee that he would not return later on.

“Everyone, lets attack together and kill that punk first!”

The Illusion Fiend Cult heir shouted with an ashen expression.

The Zenith Sect heir nodded and waved his hand.

Once again, the fight resumed as cultivators of Illusion Fiend Cult, Zenith Sect and Malevolent Earth Sect gushed forth together.

At the other side, Shangguan Yu was losing his patience at Ji Yaoyan who was pestering him endlessly.

He looked at her and frowned.

“Demoness Ji, are you going to keep this up Who is that punk to you”Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

“Why do you care”

Ji Yaoyan smiled and looked at Shangguan Yu playfully.

Waving his hand, the four beauties behind Shangguan Yu appeared in a flash.

“Dont hold back, kill her!”

He pointed at Demoness Ji with an ice cold gaze.


Ji Yaoyan was not fazed in the slightest as she smiled.

“Shangguan Yu, we dont know whos going to kill whom first.”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The four girls appeared around Ji Yaoyan and surrounded her.

Using long swords, they moved in sync as though they had practiced a chain combo.

Ji Yaoyan retracted her smile and danced with her chain, forming an impenetrable barrier around her.

Circling around them waving his fan, Shangguan Yu looked to be casual.

However, he was actually waiting for an opportune moment and was ready to strike and take Ji Yaoyan down!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

On the other side, a huge battle had broken out.

Against the combined attack of many fiend cultivators, Su Zimo wielded his Cold Moon Saber fearlessly and had a torrential killing intent.

Using his keen spirit perception and immense defensive techniques, he held his ground in the crowd.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

fiend cultivators fell to the ground constantly with blood gushing from their bodies.

No one noticed that the bloodstains on the ground were all flowing towards the blood pool in the center as though they were being attracted by something!

Su Zimos bloodline did not have much power of thunder left and he could not release anymore thunder arts.

The enchanting sword techniques of the Illusion Fiend Cult, the murderous saber techniques of the Zenith Sect and the high quality and special spear techniques of the Malevolent Earth Sect caused quite a bit of trouble for Su Zimo.

Coupled with the fact that he was constantly besieged by the other fiend cultivators, Su Zimo could not guarantee that he would be able to get out unharmed as well.

The best he could do was to avoid any fatal damage while killing his opponents amidst the chaos – he had to trade their lives while taking the least possible damage!

Before long, Su Zimos body was bloodied – some of it was his own blood, but it was mostly the blood of the other fiend cultivators.

The three fiend heirs and the many fiend cultivators got more nervous the longer they fought.

The green robed cultivator seemed as though he could not get exhausted.

At the same time, the wounds on his body did not seem to cause him much trouble either.

What they did not know was the horrifying vitality and regeneration speed of Su Zimos body – those minor wounds were nothing at all.


Suddenly, a dull thud sounded from the place and the ground shook.


Pang Yue squinted his eyes and focused at the blood pool nearby.

That dull sound came from the pool of blood.

Furthermore, at the same time that sound rang, a huge bubble appeared on the surface of the blood pool, forming ripples.

Many of the fiend cultivators were a little dazed.

Su Zimo did not hesitate.

He strode forward and waved his hand, punching the chest of a fiend cultivator heavily.


The sounds of bones cracking could be heard as the mans chest caved in with the organs within ruptured.

Sent flying by that punch of Su Zimo, the man landed far into the distance and coincidentally into the pool of blood.

Almost instantly, the persons flesh slid off his body into the blood pool and vanished, leaving only a spooky skeleton that floated for a brief moment on the pools surface before sinking as well.


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