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Chapter 179: Thunderclap Kill

Su Zimo and Demoness Ji flew towards the skeleton, drawn by some invisible force.

In the short process, Su Zimo could feel his bloodline stir as though it was about to be extracted!

The other fiend sect cultivators did not give up.

Some struggled and begged, some screamed hysterically while others raised their weapons and slashed wildly at the skeleton.

However, the skeleton was intact and there were no wounds at all!

As long as it opened its mouth and sucked, the flesh of the cultivator on the other end would turn into a pool of blood and flow into its mouth.

That nourished the flesh on the skeleton and the beating of its heart grew stronger.

Before long, it was Su Zimo and Demoness Jis turn.

The skeleton turned around and faced the both of them.

The hole in its eyes shone with a bloodthirsty red glow and it was filled with excitement.

Demoness Jis face was ashen and her eyes were filled with despair.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly took a deep breath, causing a huge current of air to gush into his lungs fanatically.

It was akin to an anaconda devouring the sun and moon, trying to turn into a dragon and soar through the heavens!

The air flow was extremely fast and violent.

When it cut his throat, traces of blood even seeped out with a salty smell.

Su Zimos chest bulged in a shocking manner, as if he had swallowed a huge balloon.


Su Zimo was one step ahead.

Opening his mouth suddenly, he roared and released the air flow as blood boiled in his body.


The roar erupted in the air like thunder.

fiend sect cultivators who were slightly further away from Su Zimo frowned, feeling a sharp pain in their ears as they spaced out briefly.

Thunderclap Kill!

It was an extremely strong thunder art in the Void Thunder Manual.

Converting sound into energy in an instant, it could produce a powerful impact.

However, it was impossible to learn this thunder art since someone had torn away the back half of the Void Thunder Manual.

Yet, Su Zimo had gained some inspiration through his past experiences and had his own insights.

Coupled with Anaconda Eclipse of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he created a sound spirit technique that possessed quite a formidable power as well.

That was the Thunderclap Kill that Su Zimo had just executed.

Of course, this was not a complete thunder art – it was merely something that Su Zimo had deduced.

Each time it was released, Su Zimos lungs would suffer immense pressure and possibly even injuries.

Unless it was a last resort, Su Zimo would not use Thunderclap Kill easily.

If Su Zimo had managed to gain greater mastery of the Marrow Cleansing section and used Organs Refinement to strengthen his lungs, he would naturally be able to withstand the outburst of Thunderclap Kill.

Now that Su Zimo had used this technique, it was naturally because he was prepared to risk his life!

The power of thunder was the strongest of the Yang elements and could purge evil.

It was the same for Thunderclap Kill.

When the skeleton heard that roar, its body trembled and the flesh that coagulated actually showed signs of falling off!

Right on the heels of that, Su Zimos eyes shone with a vicious glint.

He thrust his right hand using his palm as a knife and stabbed it into the skeletons chest!


Flashes of blood appeared.

Just as Su Zimos hand stabbed into the skeletons chest, it was stuck.

Immediately after, the flesh on Su Zimos palm began to fall off, gushing into the skeletons body as liquid blood.

“Click, clack!”

The skeleton opened its mouth, seemingly mocking Su Zimo for overestimating his abilities.

In the blink of an eye, the flesh on Su Zimos palm had dissipated, revealing a blood bone palm.

Suddenly, the skeleton trembled.

An extremely terrifying aura emanated from the blood bone palm, spreading across its chest in a shuddering manner.

A thin layer of fire that emitted a searing and horrifying heat burned on the surface of the blood bone palm, as if it could incinerate all living beings.

It melted the flesh on the skeletons chest instantly.

Su Zimo clenched his teeth and thrust.

Instantly, the blood bone palm extended into the skeletons chest, spreading its fingers and gripping its beating heart!

At that moment, Su Zimo and the skeleton trembled at the same time and stopped moving instantaneously.

The entire world seemed to have frozen over.


Su Zimo squeezed his palm and the heart exploded.

“Clack, clack…!”

Opening its mouth, the skeleton let out a strange howl from the depths of its throat.

Suddenly, a tremendous force exploded in front of the skeletons chest, repelling Su Zimo instantly.

Scarlet light emanated the place filled with the stench of blood!

Large patches of blood mist splattered on Su Zimos and seeped into his pores.

In the blink of an eye, he was covered in blood and his body swelled in a terrifying manner, as though he was a fiendcelestial who had just emerged from hell!


An extremely powerful bloodline surged into his body.

Feeling as though his body was about to explode, Su Zimo could not help but roar into the skies!

The moment he opened his mouth, rich and pure sanguine light spewed out, emitting a powerful and domineering fluctuation of his bloodline.

Upon seeing this, the eyes of the remaining fiend sect cultivators burned.

No one knew what exactly happened to the skeleton or how Su Zimo had managed to pierce its chest and deal serious damage.

However, everyone could tell that more than half of the skeletons blood essence had surged into Su Zimos body.

It was a huge opportunity!

With such pure bloodline essence, anyone present would be able to reach the tsunami blood realm!

As for Su Zimo who had already achieved tsunami blood, what level would he reach with this opportunity

What sort of changes would happen to his bloodline

Immediately following that, the expressions of the fiend sect cultivators changed again – something was not right.

At the moment, Su Zimos body was filled with a thick bloodline such that it was about to explode.

Streaks of blood appeared on his skin in a horrifying manner.

A look of pity flashed in Pang Yues eyes.

This was indeed a huge opportunity.

It was so huge that no ones body could withstand it!

From his point of view, Su Zimos fate was decided – he would explode due to the rich bloodline, leaving no corpse in his wake!


The skeleton let out a low growl and the holes in its eyes emitted a cold light.

It opened its mouth and spat out a string of words, “Ill… have you guys… die… with me!”

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The ground trembled violently as cracks began to appear, spreading out in all directions rapidly.

The walls around them collapsed as countless boulders fell and covered the skies.

The fiend sect cultivators were terrified as they fled in all directions.

Due to their spirit energies being locked, they would definitely die if they were buried by the boulders – none of them would have the strength to withstand the impact!

Demoness Ji wanted to escape but when she caught sight of Su Zimos miserable appearance, she hesitated slightly.

No matter what, she was the one who brought him here.

He was an innocent victim to this calamity.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had indeed kept to his promise and ensured her safety for the entire journey.

In that instant, if Su Zimo had not counterattacked, she might have ended up as food for the skeleton just like the other fiend sect cultivators.

With that moment of hesitation, Demoness Ji lost her final chance to escape.





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