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Heaven Immortal Luo Yang and Mei Ji had ugly expressions.

Both of them were geniuses and realized what was going on when they saw that!

There was a high chance that all the changes that happened this time round were caused by the Soul Summoning Banner!

The birth of the Dharmic treasures was used to lure the cultivators and living beings here.

The Soul Summoning Banner was sentient and should have two motives.

One was to devour their souls and the other was to choose a master!

But now, the power of the Soul Summoning Banner was beyond their imagination.

Even without anyone controlling it, the power of the Soul Summoning Banner alone was enough to kill them!

Under normal circumstances, even if Dharmic treasures were sentient, the spirit consciousness contained within would not have a strong will or wisdom.

However, it was the opposite for the Soul Summoning Banner!

It was not hard to imagine that the previous owner of the Soul Summoning Banner must have been a peerless ferocious being!

The Soul Summoning Banner must have devoured countless souls in the past to be tainted by such a vicious and sinister aura.

In fact, it even threw out bait and set up a trap to lure many cultivators over!

Among the many cultivators that arrived, if there was anyone with outstanding talent and powerful combat strength, the Soul Summoning Banner could acknowledge them as its master.

If not, the Soul Summoning Banner would kill all the cultivators that arrived and devour their souls to strengthen itself!

A Heaven Immortal expert wanted to rush out of the abyss but he was a step too late.

He was grabbed by the tall Heavenly God that shone with golden light and crushed into a blood mist!

Before that persons Essence Spirit could escape, it was devoured by the Soul Summoning Banner.

Another Heaven Immortal expert was devoured by the Heavenly Fiend in a single mouthful!

Both sides of the abyss were guarded by the Godfiend and could not be crossed.

Above the abyss, the gigantic banner covered the skies and even Heaven Immortal Luo Yang and Mei Ji did not dare to touch it!

The end of the abyss had turned into an impenetrable prison!

Even Heaven Immortal experts were dead, let alone the thousand Earth Immortals standing on the ground.

Before some of the Earth Immortals could even fight against the Heavenly Fiend and Heavenly God, their bodies were penetrated by the divine lights and fiend qi, turning into soulless corpses that fell to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Earth Immortals died on the spot!

The remaining Earth Immortals were scared out of their wits and stood on the spot, not daring to move.

Their eyes were filled with panic and fear.

Su Zimo hid in a corner and did not dare to act rashly.

He merely tried his best to maintain his composure and looked for an opportunity to escape.

However, even if those Earth Immortals stood in the abyss obediently, they might not be able to escape death.

The Soul Summoning Banner swayed.

An extremely terrifying power was released from the gigantic banner!

That power had no effect on the bodies of the cultivators present.

However, every cultivator felt as though their souls were about to leave their bodies!

Not far away from Su Zimo, an Earth Immortal shrieked tragically before falling with a dazed expression.

His soul was yanked away by the Soul Summoning Banner through the void!

Even if this Earth Immortal had all sorts of methods, he could not defend against the power of soul summoning!

If even Earth Immortals could not defend against it, it was even worse for Su Zimo.

A strange power enveloped him.

Su Zimo felt his vision darken and he could not see any light.

It was as though he had fallen into a dark hell and lost his five senses!

Even his spirit perception was blinded!

It was a terrifying feeling.

It was as though an invisible hand had reached into his consciousness and grabbed his Essence Spirit!

Sensing danger, the Creation Lotus Platform protected itself and released a bedazzling glow that illuminated his consciousness like daylight!

However, the glow could not defend against the strange power.

Although Su Zimo had many trump cards, he was helpless against this.

The Bronze Square Tripod in his consciousness shuddered!

A dignified and terrifying aura emanated from the outer wall of the Bronze Square Tripod that had already healed.

The divine dragon etched on it suddenly opened its eyes!

The dragon eyes were cold and released two divine lights.

The strange power that entered Su Zimos consciousness dissipated instantly!

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

The divine dragon on the outer wall of the Bronze Square Tripod awakened once more!

This time round, after devouring a large number of spirit treasure fragments, the lifeforce and fluctuation released by the divine dragon was clearly much stronger than when it imparted the secret skill of the Dragon race to him.

Immediately after, Su Zimo witnessed an extremely shocking scene.

The divine dragon crawled out slowly from the outer wall of the Bronze Square Tripod!

When the divine dragon woke up for the first time, Su Zimo did not see its appearance with his own eyes in the Bronze Square Tripod.

But now that he was witnessing it personally, he sensed the shock that the divine dragon gave him!

The divine dragon was covered in green scales and had two horns on its head.

It had four legs beneath its abdomen and looked like a Blue Dragon.

However, the aura it emitted was much more terrifying than a Blue Dragon!

The bloodline aura released by the divine dragon was even more noble than the Blue Dragon!

Although Su Zimos Essence Spirit possessed the aura of the Taboo Dragon Phoenix, it seemed inferior against the divine dragon!

This was not a suppression in terms of cultivation realm or strength.

It was purely a suppression of the bloodline and soul!

Disbelief flashed through Su Zimos eyes.

As a taboo, the Dragon Phoenix could definitely suppress all dragons.

How could he be…

A thought flashed through Su Zimos mind and a terrifying guess surfaced—the answer was obvious!

The sacred beast, Azure Dragon!

In Tianhuang Mainland, the Dragon race had a total of five lineages—the Illumination Dragon, Hornless Dragon, Horned Dragon, Blue Dragon and Winged Dragon.

Among them, the Blue Dragon lineage had the strongest overall combat strength.

The main reason was because the Blue Dragon lineage had more of the Azure Dragon bloodline!

However, there had never been a true Azure Dragon in Tianhuang Mainland!

The Azure Dragon was the legendary sacred beast, the progenitor of the Dragon race!

That would explain why the divine dragon could even take him out of the black hole after awakening!

It could also explain why his Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit was weaker than the divine dragon.

Although taboos were strong, their bloodlines could not compare to sacred beasts!

Legend has it that before Heaven and Earth were formed, the four sacred beasts were born in the chaos—they were the most primitive and powerful living beings!

Suddenly, another terrifying thought crossed Su Zimos mind.

If that divine dragon was truly an Azure Dragon…

Why was the Azure Dragon in this ancient tripod

What was the background of this ancient tripod

Right then, the Azure Dragon broke free from the Bronze Square Tripod completely and burrowed out of Su Zimos consciousness with a cold expression and a dignified gaze!

In his consciousness, the Azure Dragon was only the length of a finger.

However, after leaving his consciousness and entering the abyss, its body expanded and became dozens of feet long.

Its gigantic green scales shone with a cold glint!

Its claws were sharp, as though they could penetrate everything!

The Azure Dragon revealed its complete dragon body and every single inch of its body was filled with a powerful explosive power.

Its aura was torrential, as though it wanted to suppress all living beings!

The Azure Dragon let out a deafening roar at the Soul Summoning Banner not far away, revealing sharp dragon fangs stained with dragon saliva!

Even the Dragon Abyss Star was shaken by the dragon roar!

The ground of countless regions cracked and all living beings were silent!

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