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Su Zimos expression was calm as he looked at the tall and skinny guard who descended from the skies with an aggressive aura.

However, he did not move at all.

The tall and skinny guard sneered internally.

When he saw that Su Zimo was a Grade 7 Black Immortal, he did not dare to be careless and did not hold back at all, releasing 100% of his strength.

To think that the Grade 7 Black Immortal seemed to have been scared out of his wits and gave up on resisting.

The tall and skinny guard was about to slice the green-robed scholar into two when the latter suddenly attacked!

There were no complicated movements or secret skills or divine powers.

He merely extended his palm and grabbed the saber.

“A mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

The tall and skinny guard hollered and channeled his blood qi, causing his saber beam to flare!

When the saber struck the green-robed scholars palm, there was no blood as the tall and skinny guard had imagined.

Not only that, his supreme black-grade saber could not leave a single scar on that seemingly fair palm!

To be precise, there were no marks at all even.

All the energy he released vanished like a rock sinking into the ocean.

The tall and skinny guards eyes widened in disbelief and he froze on the spot.

Right then, Su Zimo closed his fingers and gripped the long saber of the tall and skinny guard, exerting strength in his palm!

The tall and skinny guard shuddered and his pupils constricted.

The saber in his hands was snapped by Su Zimo singlehandedly!

The tall and skinny guard was shocked and looked at Su Zimo as though he had seen a ghost.

This method had already surpassed his understanding.

His saber was a supreme black-grade Dharmic treasure that could only be broken by a connate black-grade Dharmic treasure.

However, there were no traces of Dharmic treasures on the persons palm.

Now that Su Zimo was at Level 7 Black Essence realm, the Green Lotus True Body was also growing continuously.

If he used his full strength, the Green Lotus True Body could even take on a connate black-grade Dharmic treasure head-on—naturally, it could cripple this saber with ease!

The tall and skinny guard froze on the spot but Su Zimo did not stop attacking.

He snapped the saber and gripped half of it.

Striding forward, he slapped the half of the saber into the tall and skinny guards face!

The saber pierced the persons head and consciousness!

Right then, a shout sounded not far away.

Just as the tall and skinny guards Essence Spirit was about to dissipate, he finally realized who the green-robed cultivator before him was upon hearing that name.

Unfortunately, it was already too late by the time he realized that.

Su Zimo turned around slowly and looked over.

Not far away, hundreds of Dragon Abyss City guards sped over with a murderous aura.

Their leader was Commander Liu Tong who had a feud with him!

Su Zimo released his spirit consciousness and scanned Liu Tong, frowning slightly.

Back then, when Liu Tong chased after him and released his secret skill, he returned fruitless and even injured his Essence Qi.

It was unknown what opportunities this person obtained, but his injuries healed within dozens of years and he even entered the Level 9 Black Essence realm!

Liu Tong ordered swiftly in a deep voice, “Activate the formation of the City Lords residence.

We must not let that lad escape from this place!”

Hundreds of city guards spread out rapidly and surrounded Su Zimo.

Everyone took out their Dharmic treasures with wary expressions, prepared to attack at any moment.

At the same time, a blue barrier extended from the wall of the City Lords residence and enveloped the entire place.

There was a formation around the City Lords residence.

Liu Tong was clearly worried that Su Zimo would summon the Golden Roc wings and soar into the skies to escape from Dragon Abyss City.

After doing that, Liu Tong strode over and paused not far away from Su Zimo, sneering, “Su Zimo, I was about to look for you.

To think that you would come knocking on my door!”

“Do you think that you can stop me with just these few people”

Su Zimo asked with an indifferent expression.

Liu Tong burst into laughter.

“You truly dont know that youre about to die! How dare you kill someone in the residence of the City Lord! You wont be able to escape today!”

Retrieving his saber from his storage bag, Liu Tong glared at Su Zimo murderously.

As long as he gave the order, a huge battle would break out!

Right then, a shout sounded from the depths of the City Lords residence.

The voice was slightly tender, as though the person was young.

Su Zimo frowned with a strange expression.

He felt that the voice was familiar, as though he had heard it somewhere before.

Not far away, a young man walked over.

He was at the Level 6 Black Essence realm and revealed a dignified aura as he walked.

Su Zimo was slightly stunned.

This young man was none other than the person he had unintentionally saved from the black fog back in the abyss, Xu Xiaotian.

Black Immortals had a lifespan of 100,000 years.

That was the reason why he still looked like a young man after dozens of years.

“Greetings, young master,”

When the hundreds of guards saw Xu Xiaotian, they put down their Dharmic treasures and cupped their fists.

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

From the looks of it, his status in the City Lords residence was not low!

Back then, Xu Xiaotian wore a jade pendant on his waist.

It was because of that jade pendant that he managed to survive in the black fog for a long time before finally meeting Su Zimo.

Cultivators who could possess that sort of treasure naturally had extraordinary backgrounds.

From the way the guards referred to him, there was a high chance that he was the child of the Dragon Abyss Citys City Lord!

Su Zimo relaxed and was prepared to wait and see.

It would naturally be for the best if they could resolve the current situation without a huge battle.

If he were to start a massacre in the City Lords residence, even if he escaped to Green Cloud County in the future, he would be hunted down by the immortal army of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom and there would never be peace.

“Xiaotian, what are you doing here”

Xu Xiaotian bowed to Liu Tong as a junior.

“Uncle Liu, I came over to take a look when I saw the City Lords residences formation being activated.

What are you guys doing Why are you guys so tense”

“Dont interfere in this matter.

Ill handle it,”

Xu Xiaotian glanced at Su Zimo and gave the latter a comforting look before turning to Liu Tong and saying firmly, “Uncle Liu, you cant touch this person!”

Liu Tongs expression changed as he hollered, “What did you say This man killed someone in the City Lords residence and it was even a guard of our Great Jin Immortal Kingdom! He deserves to die! How dare you say that I cant touch him”

“Youre still young.

Hurry and retreat and dont interfere in this matter!”

Liu Tongs tone turned increasingly stern.

However, Xu Xiaotian continued to stand in front of Su Zimo and said in a deep voice, “Uncle Liu, this person saved my life!”

Liu Tongs expression darkened completely as he said coldly, “Just because he saved your life, he thinks that he can kill the guards of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom as he pleases”

“Even your father wont be able to protect him in this matter, let alone you!”

The aura that Liu Tong exuded turned increasingly sharp as it crushed towards Xu Xiaotian.

Xu Xiaotian was only a Grade 6 Black Immortal after all.

Against that aura, his face was pale and he could barely hold on.

However, he still had a stubborn expression and refused to retreat.

He clenched his fists and argued, “Uncle Liu, there might be some other reason…”

Liu Tong interrupted him with a cold gaze.

“If you dare to stop me again, Ill suppress you as well!”

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