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Xu Shis face was ashen and his eyes dimmed.

The aura he had against the middle-aged man earlier on was gone!

The bold young man, Xu Xiaotian, shuddered when he heard the wordsExecution Guard.

He had a fearful expression and trembled slightly.

Su Zimo realized that the Execution Guard might have an extremely high status in Green Cloud County, or rather, in the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

Even the City Lord of Dragon Abyss City had to bow down!

Xu Shi was silent for a moment before taking a deep breath.

“Im the City Lord of Dragon Abyss City after all.

Even if youre an Execution Guard, you cant cripple me and punish me as you please.”

The middle-aged man sneered, “I dont care if I kill or cripple a lowlife like you.

What reason do I need!”

“If you really want a reason, its because you shouldnt be the City Lord.

Even the status of the City Lord of a remote star in the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom is not something a lowlife like you can taint!”

Xu Shi knelt down in front of the middle-aged man with a despairing expression.

Xu Shi hollered and pushed down Xu Xiaotians shoulder, making him kneel.

“Theres no use kneeling,”

The middle-aged man shook his head with an indifferent expression.

“You should have heard of the legend of the Execution Guard.

When the Execution Saber is unsheathed, it must drink fresh blood and sever souls!”

Su Zimo stood still and watched coldly from the sidelines.

No matter who the other party was, he would not wait to die!

However, the combat strength of a Grade 7 Earth Immortal was way too strong and he did not have many chances to attack.

Once he made a move, he had to ensure that he hit his target without any mistakes.

Otherwise, he would definitely die!

At that moment, Su Zimo merely remained silent and retracted his aura, waiting for an opportunity to strike so that the middle-aged man would not notice him.

Liu Tong smiled smugly and strode in front of Xu Shi.

Bending over slightly, he reached out and patted Xu Shi on the face, mocking, “City Lord, what are you doing I cant bear this honor.”

Xu Shis face flushed red after being humiliated by Liu Tong, but he did not dare to resist.

“Brother Liu, I know that Im going to die today.

I just want to beg you to spare Xiaotians life,”

Liu Tong pouted.

“Dont say that Im heartless.

I gave you a chance earlier on but you didnt cherish it and even declared that you wanted to suppress me, fufu.”

Xu Shi begged, “All these years, Xiaotian has always called you Uncle Liu.

Please dont implicate a child in our fight.”

Liu Tong glanced at Xu Xiaotian at the side and clicked his tongue.

“Indeed, hes a child now.

However, in another 10,000 years, he wont be a child anymore when he grows up.”

“I dont want to leave any future troubles.

Any issue should always be thoroughly uprooted!”

Suddenly, a killing intent surged in Xu Shis eyes as he stood up from the ground and hollered, “Ill fight you to the death!”

As though he was long prepared, Liu Tong retreated and laughed.

“Haha, I expected this.”

The middle-aged man strode forward and waved his arm gently.

The Execution Saber in his hands released an extremely terrifying saber beam that slashed towards Xu Shi!

Although Xu Shi was also an Earth Immortal, his strength was way too inferior against the envelopment of the Execution Saber.

Xu Shi and his son had despaired expressions.

Right then, Su Zimo moved!

He sat not far away the entire time without moving or saying anything.

Almost no one paid attention to him or took him seriously.

After entering the hall, the middle-aged man did not even look at Su Zimo directly.

However, that person vanished from the spot in a flash!

When he reappeared, he was already behind the middle-aged man!

True Dragon Nine Flashes!

This move was extremely sudden.

If it was Xu Shi or Liu Tong, they would definitely not be able to react.

However, as a Grade 7 Earth Immortal and an Execution Guard, the middle-aged man was extremely alert and sensed it the moment Su Zimo disappeared!

A look of surprise flashed through his eyes before returning to normal.

“You dont know whats good for you,”

The middle-aged mans empty left hand that had yet to retract suddenly reversed and grabbed the green figure behind him.

Berserk Heaven and Earth Essence Qi gathered in his palm as though it wanted to destroy everything!

When Su Zimo appeared, a pair of jade-white elephant tusks appeared behind him.

They were extremely sharp and his aura surged!

Innate divine power, Six Tusk Divine Elephant.

His body, bloodline, Essence Spirit and various powers doubled!

He was originally a Grade 7 Black Immortal.

With the augmentation of the Six Tusk Divine Elephant, his strength rose and he was almost at the level of a Grade 8 Black Immortal!

Sensing the change in Su Zimo behind him, the middle-aged man was slightly surprised and curious.

Divine powers and secret skills that could increase ones strength were relatively rare.

Although he was an Execution Guard, he did not know of such secret skills.

However, the middle-aged man did not take it to heart.

Even if the lowlife behind him released a divine power secret skill and was a Grade 8 Black Immortal, he would definitely not be able to defend against his palm!

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

He knew very well that almost all his trump cards were useless against a Grade 7 Earth Immortal.

Be it Essence Spirit secret skills, visual techniques, sound domain secret skills, Dao Fire or sword arts, none of them posed much of a threat to a Grade 7 Earth Immortal.

The difference between their cultivation realms was way too great!

The only method that could threaten a Grade 7 Earth Immortal was the greater divine power, Time Is Like a Saber!

His Essence Spirit was at the Level 9 Black Essence realm to begin with.

After releasing the Six Tusk Divine Elephant, his Essence Spirit had already broken through to the Earth Essence realm!

Although he was only at Level 1 Earth Essence realm, this meant that he could already release greater divine powers!

Before leaving Snow Wind Ridge, he tried to release the Six Tusk Divine Elephant once.

His Essence Spirit broke through to the Earth Essence realm and he successfully released the Human Dao greater divine power, reverting Big Yellow into a human.

Su Zimo pressed his hands against his chest and gray fog surged in his palms.

Divine powers spread and a gray saber was rapidly formed.

Su Zimo gripped the Time Saber and stabbed it towards the middle-aged mans palm!

Suddenly, the middle-aged man felt his heart skip a beat and his scalp tingle!

He realized that something was amiss and wanted to stop, but it was too late.

His palm collided with the Time Saber.

The Time Saber dissipated.

Although the saber was neither tough nor sharp, it could sever ones lifespan!

Time was like a saber and every single slash aged one!

In the lower world, when divine powers werent fused with Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, one would lose 30,000 years of lifespan if they were slashed by the Time Saber.

In the upper world, Heaven and Earth Essence Qi was fused and the power of divine powers increased exponentially.

With that slash, the middle-aged mans lifespan decreased by 60,000 years!

Earth Immortals had a lifespan of 200,000 years.

The middle-aged man was just 120,000 years old and was at the peak of his life as an Earth Immortal.

However, his lifespan decreased after he was struck by the Time Saber and he aged at a visible speed.

Many white hairs appeared in his black hair.

Some wrinkles appeared on his face as well.

His entire body shrank and his essence, qi and spirit deteriorated!

The middle-aged man only had 20,000 years left to live.

A single slash had put him into his twilight years!

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