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Although the entire process sounded slow, it happened in an instant!

The middle-aged man was shocked.

The sudden decrease of 60,000 years in his lifespan had a huge impact on his entire body.

“Youve actually mastered the power of time!”

The middle-aged man reacted swiftly and retracted his saber with a furious expression.

Abandoning Xu Shi, he channeled his blood qi and slashed behind him!

A look of pity flashed through Su Zimos eyes.

The reason why he waited for this opportunity was actually a gamble.

He was betting on whether Time Is Like a Saber could exhaust the middle-aged mans lifespan!

Unfortunately, he was still a little lacking.

A single mistake in a fight of this level could result in eternal damnation!

Not only did he fail to kill the middle-aged man with a single slash, the situation had reversed and Su Zimo was in immense danger instead!

Even if the middle-aged man was in his later years, he still had a full 20,000 years to live.

The power released by a Grade 7 Earth Immortal in his later years was still not something Su Zimo could take head-on.

He knew very well that the middle-aged man would not be able to withstand another slash!

However, the middle-aged mans reaction was too fast and he did not give him a second chance to condense Time Is Like a Saber.

The Execution Saber slashed down with a thunderous might and its saber beam shone brightly.

The saber qi was sharp and almost sealed all of Su Zimos escape routes!

The speed of that slash was so fast that it surpassed Su Zimos reaction time.

Without hesitation, his glabella shone and a Bronze Square Tripod appeared in front of him.

The Execution Saber struck the Bronze Square Tripod heavily with an ear-piercing sound of metal clashing and sparks flew!

The Execution Saber bounced slightly.

As for the Bronze Square Tripod, it flew backwards rapidly and smashed towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo raised his arms, wanting to defend against the Bronze Square Tripod.

However, although the terrifying power released by the middle-aged mans furious attack earlier on was mostly dissipated by the Bronze Square Tripod, it still struck Su Zimo viciously!

Su Zimo shuddered and felt a sharp pain in his arms.

His bones felt like they were about to fall apart as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The middle-aged man was surprised that the Execution Saber could not shatter the battered Bronze Tripod.

However, his surprise was drowned by endless rage before long!

To his horror, he realized that even if he channeled his Essence Spirit, blood qi and divine powers, he could not recover the 60,000 years of lifespan he had lost.

In the upper world, there were also some divine powers and secret skills related to lifespan reduction.

However, as long as those divine powers and secret skills were dispelled, ones lifespan would return.

But now, it was as though his lifespan had been drained forever and was completely removed from his body!

The middle-aged mans eyes widened as he strode towards Su Zimo with a chilling killing intent—it was as though he wanted to skin the latter alive!

If he lost 60,000 years of his lifespan forever, it would be an irreparable injury for him.

Even if he tore Su Zimo into pieces and skinned him alive, he would not be able to vent the anger in his heart!

Enduring the pain in his body, Su Zimo seized the opportunity while he was distanced from the middle-aged man to channel his Essence Spirit once more, wanting to condense Time Is Like a Saber again.

However, his Essence Spirit felt weak and his body swayed, almost fainting on the spot.

Su Zimo made use of the Six Tusk Divine Strength to raise his Essence Spirit to Level 1 Earth Essence realm.

The toll on his Essence Spirit after releasing Time Is Like a Saber was already extremely terrifying.

Releasing it a second time was already beyond what his Essence Spirit could withstand.

Furthermore, this was after his Essence Spirit was fused with the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit.

If it was just the Green Lotus Essence Spirit, his Essence Spirit might have collapsed because of what he did!

Right then, the middle-aged mans voice sounded.

The Execution Saber descended once more.

However, this time round, the saber beams released by the Execution Saber were dense like a ferocious beast and surrounded Su Zimo with a torrential aura!

Su Zimo could not move at all.

He wanted to open his eyes and see the trajectory of the saber beams.

However, the intensity of the saber beams and sharpness of the blade caused tears to flow from Su Zimos eyes the moment he opened them.

The dense saber beams severed his five senses completely!

Su Zimo had nowhere to run.

He closed his eyes and curled his body, rolling into the Bronze Square Tripod.

The moment he did that, a series of collisions sounded and countless saber beams struck the Bronze Square Tripod.

If he was half a step slower, he would have been sliced into pieces by the Execution Saber!

Su Zimo took a deep breath and channeled his Essence Spirit once more, condensing the greater divine power, Time Is Like a Saber.

A tearing pain came from his Essence Spirit.

However, his gaze was resolute and he had no intention of stopping.

This was his only chance!

He had no chance of winning against a Grade 7 Earth Immortal head-on!

Su Zimo cried out in pain.

In his consciousness, the lotus cave of the Creation Lotus Platform spewed out rays of light continuously to replenish the power of his Essence Spirit.

However, he could not condense a second Time Saber.

Two different powers, one black and one white, surged into Su Zimos consciousness.

Although they were completely different, they had a mysterious connection.

That was the power of extreme Yin and Yang released by the Illumination Stone and Nether Glow Stone.

The two powers fused into Su Zimos Essence Spirit, causing its power to increase exponentially!

A second Time Saber was formed in his palm!

The middle-aged man had a cold expression.

When he saw that the Execution Saber could not break through the Bronze Square Tripod, he arrived above it in a flash.

“Lets see how long you can hide for!”

The middle-aged man growled and gripped the Execution Saber with both hands.

He descended from the skies and stabbed into the Bronze Square Tripod!

The middle-aged mans expression changed.

Su Zimo was not in the Bronze Square Tripod!

He had just witnessed Su Zimo hide within.

But now, the latter had vanished into thin air!

Suddenly, the middle-aged man felt a chill run down his spine.

A phantom-like figure appeared behind him.

True Dragon Nine Flashes!

At Level 2 of that movement technique, Su Zimo could flash twice in a short period of time.

Earlier on, he flashed once and this was the second time.

“Ill send you on your way!”

Su Zimos voice sounded sinisterly like a malevolent ghost.

The middle-aged man sped forward with all his might, wanting to dodge and distance himself from Su Zimo.

With a cold expression, Su Zimo waved his palm and the gray saber in his hands transformed into a streak of light, disappearing into the middle-aged mans back.

There were no wounds on the middle-aged mans body.

However, his body withered at a visible speed!

The middle-aged mans voice was filled with fear.

He only had 20,000 years to live and could not withstand the second Time Is Like a Saber!

The middle-aged mans glabella shone and his Essence Spirit escaped.

The moment his Essence Spirit left his body, his body had already withered completely.

His blood qi was still and his hair was white, resembling a dried skeleton.

The middle-aged mans Essence Spirit wanted to escape from the hall.

However, before long, his Essence Spirit dimmed as well and dissipated into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

The severed lifespan from Time Is Like a Saber was not only limited to the physical body, but also to the Essence Spirit!

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