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“Whats up with the Execution Guards”

A look of fear flashed through Xu Shis eyes once more when he heard the words Execution Guards.

Xu Shi took a deep breath of air.

“The Execution Guard is an extremely special type of cultivator in the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

Wearing the Black Gold Feather Armor while carrying the Execution Saber, they are in charge of punishment and killing!”

“There are two types of Execution Guards, the Heaven and Earth Guards.

The conditions to become one are extremely stringent.

Apart from absolute loyalty, ones cultivation realm must not be too low.”

“Only Grade 7, 8 and 9 Earth Immortals are qualified to be Earth Execution Guards.”

Su Zimo nodded to himself.

In that case, Execution Guards were composed of the strongest Earth and Heaven Immortal experts!

Xu Shi continued, “I heard that the Heaven Execution Guards can only be mobilized by the royal family of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

As for the Earth Guards, only the County Governors of the 16 counties are qualified to mobilize them!”

“The Execution Guards have extremely high statuses and are in charge of punishment and killing in the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

Many a time, they can act first and report later! Even the City Lords of the Divine Firmament Mainland have to be polite to the Execution Guards, let alone me.”

It was no wonder why Xu Shi was so wary of Liu Tongs senior brother.

The power of an Execution Guard was way too great and his combat strength was also outstanding among his peers.

Who could defend and who would dare to resist

Su Zimo said deeply, “The death of the Execution Guard is a huge matter.

Someone will definitely come to investigate.

What are your plans”

“Dont worry, Brother Su,”

Xu Shi said, “Im prepared to throw Liu Tong and the Execution Guards corpses into that abyss.

Even if anyone finds them, they wont be able to guess its me.”

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for Xu Shi to kill a single Execution Guard—the difference between them was too great.

However, things would make sense if the corpse of that Execution Guard was abandoned in the abyss.

After all, many Earth and Heaven Immortal experts were buried in that abyss and it was only logical for an Execution Guard to die there.

“Brother Su, what are your plans for heading to Green Cloud County”

He did not have any specific goal and his only thought was to collect as many Essence Spirit Stones as possible and cultivate with all his might!

On the Dragon Abyss Star, Heaven and Earth Essence Qi was thin and there was not even a single Essence Spirit Mine formed.

It was extremely difficult to obtain Essence Spirit Stones.

The only way to obtain more Essence Spirit Stones was by heading to the Divine Firmament Mainland.

Suddenly, Su Zimo asked, “According to your understanding, where are the Essence Spirit Mines in Green Cloud County”

“Essence Spirit Mines are usually occupied by sects and factions of various sizes,”

Xu Shi said, “Almost all the large-scale Essence Spirit Mines are under the control of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

There are some Essence Spirit Mines near every city.”

“Brother Su, why are you asking this Do you want to become a miner”

Su Zimo replied ambiguously.

Although he trusted Xu Shi, there were some things that he could not say openly.

Xu Shi said, “If the miners collect enough Essence Spirit Stones, they can indeed exchange for some Essence Condensation Pills.

However, I heard that the miners will encounter some danger.

I dont know the exact details either.”

“Ive got a map of Green Cloud County here, take it,”

Xu Shi had copied a map in advance and he handed it to Su Zimo.

The map was made from beast hide and was not big.

When it was unfolded, it was only three feet wide.

However, the map was filled with stars and the most striking portions were more than a hundred cities.

Releasing his spirit consciousness, Su Zimo entered a city called Glass City slowly.

His vision seemed to have entered the map and his vision expanded continuously, causing the information he could see to become more detailed!

Many information about the city flashed through his mind rapidly in an extremely mysterious manner.

Retracting his spirit consciousness from Glass City, Su Zimo continued searching outside the city and could see some unique emblems.

Some of them were medicinal fields, some of them had sect emblems and some of them were Essence Spirit Mines!

Su Zimo nodded in thanks.

This map was way too important to him.

Xu Shi said, “Actually, if theres a chance, I suggest that you take part in some of the sect trials and try your best to join a sect.

Given your combat strength, it shouldnt be difficult for you to join a black-grade sect.”

Su Zimo smiled and did not explain.

If he wanted to join a sect, there was naturally no problem.

However, even if he joined the sect, it would be difficult for him to obtain Essence Spirit Stones given his cultivation realm.

He had to find an Essence Spirit Mine first before he could execute his plan!

Xu Shi said, “I should be leaving the Dragon Abyss Star in a few days to join a sect.”

He was long at the Earth Immortal realm—staying as the City Lord of Dragon Abyss City no longer benefited his cultivation.

The reason why he did not leave all these years was because he wanted to wait for Xu Xiaotians cultivation to increase before heading to Divine Firmament Mainland together.

Now that an Execution Guard had died on the Dragon Abyss Star, he would not stay here for long.

The two of them chatted until night fell before Su Zimo stood up to bid farewell.

“Brother Su, are you leaving just like that”

There was a hint of reluctance in Xu Xiaotians eyes.

Su Zimo smiled and nodded.

Xu Shi smiled as well.

“Xiaotian, work hard and cultivate.

Well head to Divine Firmament Mainland in the future as well.

Perhaps we might meet again on Divine Firmament Mainland, Brother Su.”

Xu Xiaotian nodded vigorously.

The three of them headed to the teleportation formation of the City Lords residence.

A few days ago, Su Zimo had already comprehended the formation patterns and activation techniques of such a teleportation formation.

This time round, he activated the formation without the help of others!

On the green stones of the teleportation formation, the formation patterns shone with a beautiful luster, forming a thick pillar of light.

Many runes appeared on the barrier outside.

Su Zimo waved goodbye to Xu Shi and Xu Xiaotian and entered the pillar of light.

With a flash of light, Su Zimos figure gradually turned blurry on the teleportation formation.

Su Zimo felt a powerful suction force descend.

Immediately after, his vision spun and the starry skies flashed.

It was as though time and space were in chaos and he had lost his five senses!

After a few breaths, Su Zimo felt his body lighten and his feet landed on the ground.

His vision recovered rapidly as well.

Right now, he was already on another teleportation formation.

From time to time, light would flash on the teleportation formation as other cultivators descended.

It was unknown where they were teleported from but there were many of them.

The teleportation formation was located in a gigantic palace.

Not far away, armored guards stood guard.

Their bodies were as straight as spears and they watched them with sharp gazes and cold expressions.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo left the teleportation formation and walked out of the hall.

His vision cleared up and there was a commotion.

There were many cultivators gathered everywhere—auction houses, immortal medicine shops, restaurants… there was everything and everywhere was bustling.

There were all sorts of ancient structures scattered throughout the city.

The long street was extremely wide and extended in all directions.

People came and went.

Some of the cultivators rode on Suan Nis1 that were as large as lions with smoke billowing through every breath.

Some cultivators rode on auspicious clouds and advanced slowly in an ethereal manner.

Some cultivators sat on Green Luans and soared above the city.

The surrounding city walls were extremely tall and towered into the clouds.

The walls shone with a mysterious glow like mirrors.

A massive city appeared before Su Zimo!

The city closest to the Dragon Abyss Star.

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