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According to the map, even Earth Immortals could not travel through the air in Glass City.

Only Heaven Immortals were qualified!

On the Dragon Abyss City Star, there were no Earth Immortal experts, let alone Heaven Immortals.

However, Heaven Immortal experts could be seen everywhere in Glass City!

Any Black Immortal would feel insignificant in such a city.

Some Black Immortals who were teleported over from somewhere left the hall and were stunned on the spot with shocked expressions when they saw that.

When the guard guarding the entrance of the hall saw that, he smirked with a look of disdain.

Among the many Black Immortals, Su Zimo was the calmest.

Back in that abyss, even Perfected Immortals descended, let alone Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals.

The scene before him was nothing much.

Su Zimo did not stay in Glass City for too long.

He took a quick spin before leaving the city and speeding towards a mountain range outside Glass City.

There was an endless mountain range outside of Glass City that surrounded the entire city like a natural barrier.

There were many types of flora and fauna in the mountain range.

Su Zimo was prepared to open up a cave abode on Wuning Mountain temporarily and cultivate in seclusion.

He would refine and absorb the 300-odd Essence Spirit Stones in his storage bag before making further plans.

Before long, Su Zimo found a relatively secluded cave halfway up a mountain.

He took action and expanded the cave abode slightly as his own.

Thereafter, he set up many concealment methods at the entrance of the cave abode and drew out the formation on the turtle shell bit by bit before feeling relieved.

More than half a year had passed by the time he was done.

Arriving at his cave abode, Su Zimo assumed a lotus position and took out an Essence Spirit Stone from his storage bag.

He channeled the Prajna Nirvana Sutra and began cultivating!

Indeed, Heaven and Earth Essence Qi was much richer in Divine Firmament Mainland.

Su Zimo sensed it the moment he started cultivating.

Under such circumstances, his cultivation speed would increase by another level!

Time passed as the seasons came and went.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred years had passed since Su Zimo arrived in Divine Firmament Mainland.

This day, he woke up from seclusion.

After more than a hundred years, the 300-odd Essence Spirit Stones in his storage bag were completely absorbed and refined.

However, his cultivation realm had yet to break through and was still at the Level 7 Black Essence realm.

Back then, Su Zimo only used less than a hundred Essence Spirit Stones to break through from the Level 6 Black Essence realm to Level 7.

But now, he still could not break through after refining more than 300 Essence Spirit Stones.

As ones cultivation deepened, the number of Essence Spirit Stones required for a breakthrough would increase as well.

The demand of the Green Lotus True Body was even more terrifying!

For the past hundred years, Su Zimo had barely shifted his position.

At that moment, the Essence Spirit Stones were depleted.

He stood up slowly and dusted himself off before removing the immortal formation at the entrance of the cave and leaving.

He had to think of a way to obtain a large number of Essence Spirit Stones so that his cultivation could increase rapidly.

Su Zimo left Wuning Mountain and traveled continuously.

About half a day later, he returned to Glass City.

He arrived at a wide long street in the city.

“Black-grade sect, Heaven Hibernation Sect, is hiring some servants.

Their cultivation realms have to be above Level 7 Black Essence realm and the treatment will be generous!”

“Ten Essence Spirit Stones for the trial content of the black-grade sect, Traceless Sect!”

“I have the trial content of an earth-grade sect, Wind Fire Sect.

1,000 Essence Spirit Stones!”

On both sides of the long street, some cultivators shouted.

If one could obtain the trial contents in advance and make preparations, that would indeed increase their chances of joining the sects significantly.

“The trial content of Wind Fire Sect For real”

“Dont think about it.

Even if we Black Immortals enter an earth-grade sect, well only be servants who do odd jobs.

We wont have any status at all.”

“Furthermore, Wind Fire Sect is one of the top ten sects in Green Cloud County.

Even if we know the contents of the trial, we wont be able to pass it.”

Many Black Immortals looked around hesitantly as well.

Su Zimo did not stay in this area and continued forward.

After walking for a while, the shouts of the sects gradually faded.

On both sides of the long street ahead sat rows of cold immortal soldiers.

Their gazes were sharp and they exuded an iron-blooded killing intent!

That killing intent could only be tempered from battlefields.

In front of the immortal soldiers, many Black Immortals with different cultivation realms lined up.

They left some information and spirit consciousness imprints on a jade scroll before standing behind the immortal soldiers.

The cultivators looked pale and uneasy, as though they were worried about something.

This area was extremely quiet and the atmosphere was tense!

Many immortal soldiers remained silent.

The Black Immortals and cultivators that arrived did not dare to say anything either.

Before long, a thousand people were recruited behind an immortal soldier!

The immortal soldier stood up and left with the thousand Black Immortals.

Su Zimo had heard Xu Shi mention it before.

There were three immortal kingdoms in Divine Firmament Mainland.

The methods of Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals were way too powerful.

There was a tacit understanding between the three immortal kingdoms and it was an unwritten rule.

If there was a conflict between the three immortal kingdoms, Black Immortals would fight with their lives for territory and resolve the conflict.

Most of those Black Immortals were people who had ascended from the lower worlds.

In the eyes of many Exalted Immortals, it was nothing much for those from the lower worlds to die.

They were like a group of ants or cropped weeds that would not shake the foundation of the three immortal kingdoms even if they died.

Actually, this was a game between the three immortal kingdoms.

The outcome of the game was decided by sacrificing Black Immortals and those from the lower worlds.

According to Xu Shi, although there were sufficient Essence Condensation Pills to be gained from joining the border armies of the immortal kingdoms, the mortality rate was extremely high!

Of the thousand people who left earlier on, it was already not bad if a hundred of them returned alive.

Nobody cared about their lives.

The reason why Xu Shi was able to sit in the position of the City Lord of Dragon Abyss City as someone from the lower worlds was because he had fought his way through the border battlefield!

He fought at the borders for tens of thousands of years and made countless contributions before finally receiving the reward from the Green Cloud County Governor.

Even so, his status as the City Lord was worthless in the eyes of many Exalted Immortals.

Su Zimo paused for a moment in the area and continued forward.

Even if he joined the border armies, he would not be able to obtain Essence Spirit Stones.

Before long, Su Zimo left the area.

On both sides of the long street ahead, there were many figures gathered with some Black Immortal cultivators.

At the edge of the area stood a gigantic badge with the wordMiner!

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

The reason why he came this time round was because he had set his sights on the Essence Spirit Mine outside Glass City.

The best way to get close to the Essence Spirit Mine was to become a miner!

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