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Because of the birth of the Eternal Martial Emperor, Ping Yang Town was regarded by the entire cultivation world as the origin and sacred ground of the Martial Dao.

For the past thousand years, this small town had produced countless cultivators who cultivated the Martial Dao.

Some of them had even established their own sects in Tianhuang Mainland and grew into Mighty Figures!

However, no matter the cultivation realm of those people, they would return to normal when they returned to Ping Yang Town.

There was a place in Ping Yang Town that no one was allowed to barge into.

This was the place where the Martial Emperor cultivated in the past.

In an inconspicuous courtyard, a peach blossom tree grew in the middle.

The leaves were lush and the peach blossoms shone brightly, enveloping the courtyard in a peaceful manner.

Although the Eternal Martial Emperor had ascended for a thousand years, no one came to break the peace here.

Nobody knew that someone had been living in this residence for the past thousand years!

Under the peach blossom tree, a man sat in a lotus position.

He wore purple robes and had a calm expression.

Although he had delicate features, he exuded a unique aura, as though he was above the mortal realm.

The man looked at his palm with a clear gaze.

Four thumb-sized flames shone in his fair palm—the Martial Spirit Fire, Red Lotus Karmic Fire, Tribulation Fire, Dragon Phoenix Flame…

The four balls of flames danced in his palm like four spirits and circled around his fingertips nimbly.

Five mysterious purple halos appeared behind the man, making him look like a god that could not be ignored!

The Martial Dao Prime Body!

In a thousand years, the Martial Dao Prime Body fused with the bloodline of the Dragon Phoenix and made another breakthrough—he was already at Level 5 of the Fate Ring realm!

Back then, many Black Essence realm witches descended.

According to the judgment of the Martial Dao Prime Body, the combat strength of a Level 5 Fate Ring was definitely not weaker than any Black Witch and was definitely at the peak of the Black Essence realm!

Suddenly, a crack appeared in the space beside him.

The Martial Dao Prime Body knew who it was without even looking.

The Martial Dao Prime Body said softly.

A boy in a white shirt walked out of the dimensional tear and bowed to the Martial Dao Prime Body.

“Young Master.”

The boys face was pink and his eyes were black and clear.

Time had not left any marks on him—it was Tao Yao.

Tao Yaos sentience was unlocked by Die Yue and he obtained Su Zimos inheritance.

His talent was shocking and his cultivation realm had long reached the Mahayana realm where he could ascend at any moment.

However, all these years, he was unwilling to leave and had been guarding the Martial Dao Prime Body.

The Martial Dao Prime Body put away the flames in his palm and asked.

“Ive sent immortal peaches and the elixirs you found over.

Although Sister Yaoxue ate them…”

At that point, Tao Yao hesitated for a moment.

“Her lifespan showed no signs of increasing for some reason.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned.

The main reason why he stayed in Tianhuang Mainland and did not ascend was because he was worried about some old friends here.

The two of them had a past but they were not fated to be together.

Although that past was not absolutely unforgettable, Su Zimo remembered everything.

In his heart, Yaoxue was different from others.

All these years, Yaoxues cultivation realm was still at the Void Reversion realm.

The Martial Dao Prime Body had once traveled through Tianhuang Mainland and even searched for spatial nodes to break through the barrier of Tianhuang Mainland and head to other minor chiliocosms to search for elixirs that could increase ones lifespan.

He handed all the elixirs to Tao Yao so that he could bring them to Yaoxue.

The reason why he did not choose to appear was because he hoped that Yaoxue could sever her past and start a new life.

As the Empress of the Great Zhou Empire, Yaoxue had a noble and extraordinary status.

Coupled with her devastatingly beautiful appearance, she had many suitors.

Initially, the Martial Dao Prime Body intended to leave when Yaoxue got married.

However, Yaoxue had been alone for the past thousand years.

Tao Yao visited Yaoxue many times and sent her elixirs.

He even explained and imparted the Dao to her.

Yet, for many years, Yaoxues cultivation realm showed no signs of relenting.

Even the Martial Dao Prime Body could not understand that.

The lifespan of a Void Reversion was more than 5,000 years.

Yaoxue had been cultivating for more than 2,000 years.

Yaoxue had a heaven spirit root.

Although her talent could not be considered as peerless, it was far beyond that of ordinary people.

Coupled with the guidance of a top-tier expert like Tao Yao, there should be some progress in her cultivation.

“Young Master, I can sense that Sister Yaoxue has not forgotten about you all these years,”

Tao Yao said, “Every time I visit her, its when shes the happiest.

She even asks me many things about you…”

“Young Master, why dont you visit her”

Tao Yao mustered his courage and said,

The Martial Dao Prime Body was silent for a long time before sighing internally and shaking his head.

In that case, it was better not to see her.

The Martial Dao Prime Body closed his eyes for a long time and forgot about this matter for the time being.

He slapped his storage bag and suddenly took out a drop of scarlet blood!

It contained an extremely terrifying power and even emitted a powerful lifeforce fluctuation!

There was a spirit consciousness in that drop of blood—Heavenly Wolf!

All these years, the Martial Dao Prime Body had spent most of his time cultivating and had never paid attention to Heavenly Wolf, almost forgetting his existence.

It was only when he established a connection with the Green Lotus True Body that he recalled that there was such blood from the upper world in his storage bag!

When Heavenly Wolf saw the Martial Dao Prime Body, he suddenly became nervous.

Naturally, he could sense that this persons aura had become even more terrifying and powerful after a thousand years!

Back then, this person summoned three balls of flames and tortured him so badly that he wanted to die.

It was unforgettable.

“Tell me about the origin of the Hell Suppression Tripod,”

The Martial Dao Prime Body glared at the blood in his palm and asked slowly.

“I really cant remember,”

“Alright, Ill help you,”

The Martial Dao Prime Bodys expression was unchanged as four balls of flames appeared in his palm!

The four balls of flames interweaved into a cage and trapped Heavenly Wolf within.

They burned furiously and released an extremely terrifying searing power that seemed like it could incinerate everything!

Even a gigantic hole was burned in the space in the palm of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

Although the palm of the Martial Dao Prime Body was already in the void, the wild currents in the void could not extinguish the four balls of flames!

Three balls of flames almost took Heavenly Wolfs life.

The moment the four balls of flames burned, Heavenly Wolf let out a tragic cry!

Under the heat of the flames, the drop of blood let out a strange sound and emitted green smoke.

The lifeforce in his blood was decreasing rapidly!

At this rate, the drop of blood would be burned into nothingness by the four balls of flames in less than an hour!

Heavenly Wolf shrieked repeatedly.

The flames of the Martial Dao Prime Body relented slightly but did not dissipate.

Heavenly Wolf said hurriedly, “Back then, a supreme expert was born in the Buddhist monasteries.

In order to suppress many evil demons, that expert refined his flesh into a purgatory!”

“In order to suppress the purgatory, this expert created an unprecedented supreme weapon.

Within the tripod, theres a Taboo Mystic Classic of the Buddhist monasteries, the Prajna Nirvana Sutra.

The four walls of the tripod are fused with the souls of the four sacred beasts, causing the power of the Hell Suppression Tripod to increase significantly!”

“His Dao title is Infinite and hes known throughout the world as the Infinite Great Emperor!”

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