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Su Zimo stopped in his tracks and frowned slightly.

This side hall was filled with elixirs—why would the Hell Suppression Tripod have such a reaction

The Hell Suppression Tripod had always only devoured and refined spirit treasures and had never been interested in any elixirs.

Furthermore, the elixirs here were tainted by the curse and had long lost their medicinal effects without any value.

However, the commotion in his consciousness was extremely obvious and could not be an illusion.

To be precise, the commotion was even greater than the Hell Suppression Tripod encountering a spirit treasure!

Su Zimo searched carefully under the ruins.

Beneath his feet was a dusty ruin with a pile of useless items buried.

All sorts of elixirs were mixed in the mud and it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

Su Zimo bent down and searched carefully.

Although the area was not big, there was a lot of debris.

There was a shattered stone table, dilapidated counter, abandoned bronze lamp and many broken porcelain jars…

After checking for a long time, Su Zimo did not find anything worthy of the Hell Suppression Tripods attention.

He pondered for a moment and his gaze shifted to the ancient bronze lantern from before.

The bronze lantern had a simple design and was extremely common.

There was nothing exquisite about it and it was mostly buried in the mud.

It should be an ordinary illumination object that was originally embedded in the walls of this side hall.

Furthermore, the exposed part of the bronze lantern was covered in a layer of green spots—it was clearly corroded by the curse of the Emperors Tomb.

Therefore, when Su Zimo first saw the bronze lantern, he did not take it to heart and swept his gaze across it.

At that moment, he arrived before the bronze lantern and bent down, wanting to pull it out of the mud.

The moment his finger made contact with the bronze lantern, he shuddered and his consciousness blurred.

Suddenly, a powerful and strange suction force burst forth from the bronze lantern.

Su Zimo felt that the Essence Spirit in his consciousness was about to leave his body and enter the bronze lantern!

Sensing danger, the Creation Lotus Platform shone brightly and green rays of light burst forth from the 81 lotus holes, turning into thin threads that wrapped around Su Zimos Essence Spirit and pinned it on the lotus platform.

Even so, the suction force was extremely strong!

Pang! Pang! Pang!

After a momentary stalemate, the green threads on Su Zimos Essence Spirit snapped!

Even the Creation Lotus Platform could not defend against that power!



A loud Sanskrit sound echoed in Su Zimos consciousness and the phantoms of Buddhas appeared, chanting Buddhist sutras loudly.

The contents were from the Prajna Nirvana Sutra!

Sanskrit words appeared one after another around Su Zimos Essence Spirit.

They shone with a golden light and were dignified, mysterious and formed a barrier of Sanskrit.

It was strange.

After the phantoms of the Buddhas appeared and the Buddhist sutras sounded, the strange suction force gradually weakened and the attack was not as strong as before.

However, the Prajna Nirvana Sutra was incomplete.

After chanting for a while, the voices of the Buddhas stopped and the golden Sanskrit words around them faded rapidly.

The suction force from the bronze lantern increased once more!

Su Zimos consciousness had already recovered a momentary clarity.

He retracted his palm hurriedly and took half a step back with a shocked expression!

What was that ancient bronze lantern that almost devoured his Essence Spirit!

Even the Creation Lotus Platform could not protect him.

If not for the fact that he had cultivated half of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra and attracted the phantoms of Buddhas to appear and chant sutras, he might have died for no reason!

This thing could not even be touched—it was truly strange.

Waving his sleeves, Su Zimo wiped away the mud around the bronze lantern and gradually revealed its true appearance.


Su Zimo focused his gaze and frowned slightly as he looked at the lower half of the bronze lantern that was buried in the mud.

The exposed part of the bronze lantern was filled with green spots.

However, the buried part was a dark yellow color without any green spots.

Everything in the Emperors Tomb was corroded by the curse and the soil beneath his feet was not spared either.

Logically speaking, even if the ancient bronze lantern was buried in the soil, it should have been corroded by the curse of the Emperors Tomb.

However, the situation of the bronze lantern was rather strange.

Su Zimo stared at the green spots on the bronze lantern for a while and gradually noticed something unusual.

If he was not wrong, the green spots on the bronze should not be caused by the curse of the Emperors Tomb, but by rust!

In other words, the bronze lantern had not been corroded by the curse after countless years in the Emperors Tomb!

In the Emperors Tomb, even sentient Dharmic treasures could not defend against the corrosion of the curse.

Up till now, only Su Zimos Hell Suppression Tripod would not be tainted by the curse.

In other words, this bronze lantern was definitely better than a sentient Dharmic treasure!

There was a high chance that it was a Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Spirit Treasure or Grotto-heaven Spirit Treasure!

At that thought, Su Zimo was secretly delighted.

If that was truly the case, the fourth wall of the Hell Suppression Tripod could be repaired after devouring and refining the bronze lantern!

Su Zimo looked around and when he saw that there was no one else in the side hall, he took out the Hell Suppression Tripod.

The Hell Suppression Tripod was in his consciousness and he did not dare to throw the bronze lantern into his consciousness.

In fact, he did not even dare to use his spirit consciousness to move the ancient bronze lantern, afraid that the dangerous situation from before would repeat itself.

Carefully, Su Zimo channeled the Prajna Nirvana Sutra and covered his sleeves with a faint layer of golden Buddhist light.

Thereafter, he waved his sleeves and swept up the bronze lantern on the ground, tossing it into the Hell Suppression Tripod.

With a thud, the ancient bronze lantern fell into the steaming molten iron within the tripod and vanished.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief and was about to put away the Hell Suppression Tripod when he heard a splash.

The molten metal in the tripod surged and the ancient bronze lantern floated once more!

Immediately after, the Hell Suppression Tripod swayed continuously and molten iron rippled, tossing the bronze lantern out of the tripod and onto the ground.


Su Zimo was stunned and dumbfounded.

The Hell Suppression Tripod had spat out the bronze lantern

The bronze lantern spun in the Hell Suppression Tripod and underwent a baptism.

However, it was still intact and seemed to have turned even more mysterious.

The green spots on the bronze lantern had already been washed away by the molten metal in the tripod and returned to its original bronze color.

“Even the Hell Suppression Tripod cant devour this thing”

Su Zimo stared at the bronze lantern with a pensive gaze.

This bronze lantern might be even more precious than he had imagined!

After washing away the bronze green color, he saw a word vaguely etched on the lantern at the top.

Su Zimo walked closer and took a closer look before murmuring softly, “Soul…”

There was aSoul character in the lantern.

Furthermore, it was written in Sanskrit, so Su Zimo could not recognize it right away.

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo took out a new storage bag and channeled the Prajna Nirvana Sutra as per his previous method.

He swept the bronze lantern into his storage bag with his sleeves and kept it alone.

He did not know the origin and use of that thing yet.

However, something that even the Hell Suppression Tripod could not devour was definitely extraordinary!

Right then, a commotion broke out from the direction of the main hall.

The formation had been dispelled!

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