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Fang Xuan glared at Tang Ziyi with bloodshot eyes.

Although he looked weak right now, as long as Tang Ziyi leaned forward, he could still launch his final counterattack before his blood qi deteriorated completely!

However, as a top assassin, Tang Ziyi was way too cautious.

It was a fatal attack without any entanglement and she maintained a relatively safe distance from Fang Xuan.

She did not need to do anything else.

As long as she looked at Fang Xuan quietly and waited patiently, the latter would definitely die!

Her fingernails were sharp and lightning was hidden on them.

Fang Xuans torn throat could not be healed at all!

Fang Xuan could only wait for death!

Su Zimo felt emotional when he saw that.

Previously, Fang Xuan took the initiative to attack Tang Ziyi and the outcome was undecided.

To think that Fang Xuan would still die in Tang Ziyis hands in the end.

That was the terror of a top-tier assassin!

Of course, Fang Xuans death was not unjustified.

This was equivalent to Su Zimo, Yun Ting and Tang Ziyi, three peerless monster incarnates attacking!

There was probably no Black Immortal in this world who could survive the encirclement of these three people.

In that short period of time, Fang Xuans eyes dimmed and his face turned pale.

His body began to sway and he could not hold on any longer.

A light shone on Fang Xuans head and an Essence Spirit left his body.

He could only abandon his body.

However, his Essence Spirit did not fly far before it was tainted by the curse of the Emperors Tomb.

Its aura was weak and dimmed as it gradually dissipated.

Fang Xuan was invincible in the lower worlds and had passed the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

In terms of potential and endowment, he was not much inferior to Su Zimo.

However, he still died here and no one would remember him in the future.

This was the cruelty of the upper world.

Because of Fang Xuans background, Su Zimo thought of himself and felt emotional.

However, Yun Tings expression was calm.

As a prince of the upper world, although he was very young, he was long indifferent to such things.

Throughout history, there had been too many monster incarnates like Fang Xuan who died!

To Yun Ting, those who died early were nothing.

Only true experts could rise continuously and stand tall!

Yun Ting looked at Su Zimo and suddenly asked, “Why did you stop earlier on”

He was asking about the 108,000 Heaven Slaying Sword Qi that Su Zimo condensed initially before dissipating.

Su Zimo said, “Since you chose to change moves, I wont hit you when youre down either.”


Yun Ting chuckled and raised his brow.

“Youre thinking too much.

Since I dared to change moves, Im naturally confident that I can withstand your Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!”

“However, youre different from me.

If I hadnt changed my move earlier on, you would have died!”

Su Zimo smiled as well.

“Thats unnecessary.

Even if you hadnt changed moves, I would have been able to escape unscathed from you and Fang Xuans combined attacks!”

Although the two of them stopped attacking for the time being, they still competed fiercely through words.

Su Zimo was not lying either.

Of course, even if he could escape unscathed, he would definitely expose the secret of the Green Lotus True Body.

Yun Ting pouted.

“Your trump card has already been exposed.

That time divine power is indeed not bad.

However, since Ive already seen it and am prepared, its no longer a threat to me.”

Pausing for a moment, Yun Ting glanced at Tang Ziyi who was not far away and said proudly, “The two of you can come at me together.

Ill take it alone!”

Yun Ting was way too conceited!

He did not care to join forces with others nor was he afraid of them joining forces against him!

Tang Ziyi was expressionless.

For her, she had no qualms about bullying with numbers.

For assassins, they only pursued results.

She would not feel burdened either.

Even if Yun Ting did not say it, she would find an opportunity to get rid of him!

Right then, four figures approached rapidly and surrounded Tang Ziyi.

The moment Fang Xuan died, the four paragons of the four immortal sects had already charged through the encirclement of the otherworldly soldiers!

The four of them were extremely smart and could see through the situation.

Su Zimo and Yun Ting were like two ferocious tigers.

The wisest thing for them to do right now was to let the two ferocious tigers fight and kill one another!

As for the four of them, if they could resolve the latent danger of Tang Ziyi, they could sit by and watch the tigers fight, controlling the situation and becoming the eventual victors!

If Su Zimo and Tang Ziyi were to join forces to kill Yun Ting, the four of them might not be a match for Su Zimo and her.

The four of them conversed and were prepared to join forces to kill Tang Ziyi first!

Although Tang Ziyis expression was unchanged, she was slightly shocked.

The four of them were unlike the cultivators of the Ten Absolute Hell.

They came from the four immortal sects and were each more troublesome to deal with than the other!

If it was a one-on-one fight, she was confident that she could kill any of them.

Even against two of them, she could guarantee that she would not be defeated.

However, she could barely protect herself against the encirclement of four experts, let alone assassinate Yun Ting.

“Female patron, stop running around.

Fight us!”

The bald monk said with a smile and waved his wide sleeves, attacking first.

Immediately after, the iron tower man, middle-aged Daoist and blue-dressed woman attacked one after another.

The four of them joined forces and released a torrential storm of attacks that was suffocating!

Although the situation was critical, there was no hint of panic on Tang Ziyis face.

With a calm expression, she shifted and fought against the four paragons.

On the other side, Yun Ting shook his head gently.

“Unfortunately, this lady cant even protect herself.

She cant help you anymore.”

“I alone am enough to defeat you!”

Su Zimos gaze intensified and his aura began to climb.


Yun Tings aura intensified as he said slowly, “Lets see what else you have!”

Su Zimo pinched his sword fingers with both hands and channeled two completely different sword arts that were filled with a terrifying killing intent!

Initially, Su Zimo wanted to hide the Earth Slaying Sword Art as a backup plan.

However, when he saw how terrifying the Human Slaying Sword Qi was earlier on, he did not dare to hold back and released the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts at the same time!

Above the firmaments, the stars were shifted out of alignment.

On the fingertip of Su Zimos right hand, the 108,000 Heaven Slaying Sword Qi gathered continuously, forming a Heaven Slaying Sword that was intertwined with sword qi!

Su Zimos left sword finger moved and the ground trembled, cracking continuously as a gigantic Soaring Serpent condensed from sword qi burrowed out!

The skies split open and a gigantic Blue Dragon popped its head out, glaring at Yun Ting murderously with its horns.

When the earths killing intent is released, the Dragon Snake shall rise!

The Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts were conjured at the same time and Su Zimo pushed them to their limits!

The entire hall could sense endless killing intent that threatened to destroy the world!

The four paragons that surrounded Tang Ziyi were secretly alarmed when they saw that.

The auras of the two great sword arts were way too terrifying!

Extreme killing power!

If that was the case for the four paragons outside the battlefield, it was hard to imagine the pressure Yun Ting was under.

If the four of them saw Yun Tings face, they would be shocked!

Yun Ting was actually smiling.

He could not conceal the joy and ecstasy in his eyes.

Finally, Yun Ting could not hold it in any longer and reared his head in laughter with an excited expression!

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