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Chapter 198: Tricked

Just as Su Zimos gaze landed on the alpha, it suddenly moved as if it sensed something.


Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

His gaze was extremely obscure such that the ten odd Foundation Establishment wolves had not noticed it.

If this alpha sensed it, there was an 80% chance that it was a Golden Core spirit demon!

Su Zimo continued observing.

The alpha merely moved a little and did not make any other motions.

It did not even open its eyes, as though it was merely adjusting its position to make itself more comfortable.

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.


At that moment, five spirit demon wolves growled lowly and walked towards the cave slowly with feral expressions.

The entrance of the cave was squeezy.

The five wolves did not dare to barge in, merely loitering in front of the cave.

“Ow! Ow!”

Before long, a familiar cry came from within the cave, filled with provocation.

Su Zimos eyes lit up and he no longer had any doubts.

That was the sound of the spirit monkey!

The spirit monkey was very smart and defended the entrance of the cave with a terrain advantage, destroying the wolf pack one by one.

However, that was only a temporary solution.

The spirit monkey had to be constantly on guard against the wolves sneak attacks and could not relax at all.

If this continued, the spirit monkey would not be able to withstand it eventually.

After all, there were more than 10,000 wolves and the spirit monkey was alone.

The five wolves at the entrance did not fall for the spirit monkeys provocation.

They continued loitering around the cave with a ruthless glint in their eyes.

Su Zimos gaze swept over the alpha on the green rock again.

If it was a Golden Core spirit demon, the spirit monkey should have been dead long ago and would not have been able to last till now.

At that thought, Su Zimo no longer hesitated.

He wore the Mystic Gold Silk Armor and leapt down from the tree as a flying sword appeared beneath his feet in midair.


A sword beam tore through the air and Su Zimo bypassed the dense wolf pack, disregarding their howls and speeding towards the cave.

At the same time, the alpha on the green rock opened its eyes.

Narrowing its gaze, a cunning and savage glint was revealed!

Swash! Swash! Swash!

Su Zimos expression was calm and his eyes were clear in midair.

Waving his sleeves, six sword beams flew out of his storage bag.

“Hexagonal Sword Formation!”

He shouted softly and controlled the six flying swords which cut through the air swiftly.

The sword qi left behind scars in the air which formed a gigantic hexagonal formation.


The light of formation patterns burst forth in a bedazzling manner.

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

Su Zimo controlled the gigantic sword formation and directed it towards the five wolves loitering in front of the cave.

Everywhere the formation passed, the sound of metal clashing would ring forth, carrying a murderous and intense sword qi.


One wolf did not know how powerful it was and leapt forth with a ferocious expression.

It reached out with its sharp claws and scratched at the Hexagonal Sword Formation.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A crisp sound was produced when the sword formation made contact with the wolfs claws.

Right after, a bloody mist spread out as limbs flew.

A spirit demon wolf was minced to death by the Hexagonal Sword Formation on the spot!

“Damn monkey, come out! Ill take you out of here!”

Su Zimo shouted as he controlled the Hexagonal Sword Formation to chase the other four wolves.

After a short pause, a tall figure dashed out from the pitch black hole.

It was holding a black rod and it had long arms that almost touched the ground.

When the spirit monkey caught sight of Su Zimo, it widened its eyes in joy.

Right after, as though it remembered something, its joy turned into panic.

“Ow! Ow!”

The spirit monkeys fur stood on end, gesturing behind Su Zimo and yelling loudly.

At the same time, Su Zimo felt an immense danger and his expression changed, sensing that something was amiss.

Before he could turn back, an evil gust of wind struck from behind!

Su Zimo was on his flying sword right now.

If a wolf could appear behind him, there was only a single possibility.

The wolf was a Golden Core spirit demon that could fly!

“I was tricked!”

Su Zimos mind flashed with the image of the alpha sprawled on the green rock.

Back when he looked at the alpha, it budged slightly.

Su Zimo thought that it was a coincidence.

But now, he was enlightened.

The alpha had sensed something and subconsciously reacted to it.

But right after, it did not move or even open its eyes and feigned ignorance while continuing to sleep – all of that was to lure Su Zimo out!

That cunningness of the wolf was enough to send shivers down ones spine.

A Golden Core spirit demon could crush Su Zimo completely in terms of strength – there was no fight at all1

A powerful aura that could still hearts enveloped him.

Su Zimo charged forward with all his might and channeled Body Petrification.

At the same time, he shifted the Hexagonal Sword Formation to defend behind him!


Spinning continuously, the Hexagonal Sword Formation gave off a bedazzling sword light that shone like a gigantic mirror, defending Su Zimos body.

A look of mockery flashed in the alphas eyes as it flew into the air.

Tossing out a casual swipe, it struck the surface of the sword formation with its sharp talons heavily.


There was a deafening sound.

The Hexagonal Sword Formation stopped spinning and slammed heavily against Su Zimos back.

His expression changed and he spat out a mouthful of blood, falling from the skies.

The sword formation dispersed and all six flying swords had cracks on them, shining with a dim light – they were all broken!

The attack of a Golden Core spirit demon had actually destroyed six inferior-grade flying swords!

How terrifying was that strength


The alpha stood in midair.

Suddenly, it opened its mouth and bared its grisly fangs and scarlet tongue, letting out a deafening roar that shook the forest and caused boulders to tumble down from the mountains.

It was majestic and possessed an overwhelming ferocity!

The spirit monkey leaped up and in the midst of the panic, caught Su Zimo who was falling from midair, intending to return to the cave.

However, the cave behind the spirit monkey was now sealed by many wolves!

From up above, the alpha looked at the man and monkey on the ground.

Its eyes were filled with contempt but it did not continue to attack.

The surrounding wolves began to move towards the circle, layer after layer.


The spirit monkey held Su Zimo with both hands and poked its head out, baring its teeth at the enemies.

Its eyes shimmered with a bloody glow as it let out threatening snarls.

“Damn monkey, let me down.”

Right then, Su Zimo said with a weak voice.


The spirit monkey was stunned for a moment and helped Su Zimo stand up.

Wiping away the blood at the corner of his mouth with his sleeves, Su Zimo took a deep breath and swallowed an elixir.

He regulated his breathing although his face seemed rather pale.

A Golden Core spirit demon was way too strong!

Even with the Hexagonal Sword Formation and Mystic Gold Silk Armor, Su Zimos organs still trembled from the impact and nearly shifted positions within.

It was not hard to imagine that without the Hexagonal Sword Formation and Mystic Gold Silk Armor, Su Zimo would have been smashed to pieces with that attack!

The man and wolf exchanged looks.

Raising its head proudly, the alpha turned towards the green rock as though it could not be bothered to attack again.

In the eyes of the alpha, that attack was enough to severely injure Su Zimo even if he was not dead.

Coupled with the loss of his flying swords, the man and monkey would definitely die against the combined attacks of the wolf pack!





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