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Initially, Su Zimos left eye could have released another Dao visual technique, the Nether Glow Eye.

However, after coming out of the lone island in the Emperors Tomb, something happened to his left eye.

An extremely pure power of darkness lingered in his left eye.

The Nether Glow Stone was in the ball of darkness power.

However, no matter how Su Zimo probed, there was no result.

When his spirit consciousness entered his left eye, it would be devoured and assimilated by the power of darkness and vanish.

In other words, his Nether Glow Eye could no longer be released within a short period of time.

However, Su Zimo knew very well.

The power of darkness in his left eye was extremely terrifying!

The scene on the lone island was still fresh in his memories.

If not for the Nether Glow Stone, he might have died on the lone island!

Therefore, when he sensed Prince Yuan Zuos visual technique piercing towards his left eye, Su Zimo did not choose to dodge.

That action was a little risky.

However, in reality, he had won the gamble!

Prince Yuan Zuos visual technique entered his left eye and was devoured and assimilated by the power of darkness before long.

In fact, he did not even feel anything.

“Good, good, good!”

When Prince Yuan Zuo saw that, he was puzzled as well.

However, he reacted quickly and glared at Su Zimo, sneering, “Inferior commoner of the lower worlds, do you think that you can hurt me like this Youre way too naive!”

Prince Yuan Zuo slapped his storage bag and took out a pill, swallowing it in a single mouthful.

It was unknown what miraculous medicine that was.

In just a few breaths, Prince Yuan Zuos body shone with endless vitality.

His severed arm connected rapidly and the bones in his chest gradually recovered.

His blind eye was repairing and his shattered heart had already stopped bleeding!

He was a prince after all and had way too many treasures on him!

As long as Su Zimo could not kill him right away, there would be no more chances!

Earth Immortals could regrow severed limbs to begin with.

Coupled with the medicinal effects of the immortal pill earlier on, Prince Yuan Zuos injuries healed at a visible speed.

The difference in cultivation realm between them was too great.

It was extremely difficult for Su Zimo to severely injure him and hurt his foundation.

Su Zimo merely glared at Prince Yuan Zuo coldly with a mocking gaze.

The injuries on Prince Yuan Zuos body were indeed healing.

However, his sideburns were already slightly white and his face looked old.


Right then, Prince Yuan Zuo noticed something amiss with his body as well.

“My lifespan…”

Prince Yuan Zuos eyes widened in shock!

Initially, he was only more than 40,000 years old.

For an Earth Immortal with a lifespan of 200,000 years, he was considered a young man.

But now, he was already more than 160,000 years old and only had less than 40,000 years to live!

His age had increased by more than 120,000 years!

How could this be!

Prince Yuan Zuo channeled his Essence Spirit continuously and released divine powers, wanting to recover his decreased lifespan.

However, no matter what methods he released, there were no signs of recovery from the lifespan he lost.

“W-What exactly did you do!”

Prince Yuan Zuo glared at Su Zimo as though he wanted to skin him alive.

Su Zimo sneered.

After his first exchange with Prince Yuan Zuo, he realized that even the Grade 10 Green Lotus True Body could not severely injure the latter.

Therefore, for the next two attacks, Su Zimo merely punched Prince Yuan Zuo with his palm on the surface.

However, in reality, he had condensed the greater divine power, Time Is Like a Saber, both times and released it on Prince Yuan Zuo!

Only, the combat was intense at that time and Prince Yuan Zuo was severely injured consecutively.

He was also blinded and did not notice the deterioration of his lifespan right away.

It was only now that he realized the condition of his body.

In a flash, Su Zimo charged towards Prince Yuan Zuo once more.

As long as Prince Yuan Zuo was struck by the Time Saber, even if he was a Grade 7 Earth Immortal, he would die after expending his lifespan!

Su Zimo circulated his secret skill and four balls of flames suddenly appeared around him.

Immediately after, the four balls of flames gathered and charged towards Prince Yuan Zuo.

Just as it was about to collide, Su Zimos spirit consciousness released a spirit consciousness flame that entered the four-colored flame.

Pancadhi Dao Fire!


The Pancadhi Dao Fire landed on Prince Yuan Zuo and burned with raging flames!


A terrifying power burst forth from the flames.


Immediately after, a strange voice sounded.

Prince Yuan Zuos figure appeared and a raging tide burst forth from his body, suppressing the Pancadhi Dao Fire and gradually extinguishing it!

Su Zimo was secretly alarmed.

The difference in cultivation realm was so great that even the Pancadhi Dao Fire could not make up for it.

Amidst the green smoke, Prince Yuan Zuos expression was dark and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

He conjured hand seals with both hands and walked slowly towards Su Zimo.

Su Zimo was fearless.

With a long howl, he released his innate divine power, the Six Tusk Divine Strength.

The power of his blood qi, body and Essence Spirit surged!

Although his cultivation realm was only at Level 1 Earth Essence realm, his Essence Spirit was at the Level 3 Earth Essence realm.

Now, with the increase of the Six Tusk Divine Strength, the power of his Essence Spirit had increased exponentially and was at the Level 4 Earth Essence realm!

Even so, he was still three realms away from Prince Yuan Zuos Essence Spirit cultivation.

“Why You want to use your Essence Spirit secret skill”

Prince Yuan Zuo shook his head with a mocking expression.

“Youre playing with fire.

You have a death wish!”

Before his sentence was finished, Prince Yuan Zuo rapidly condensed an Essence Spirit secret skill and released it, charging towards Su Zimo.

On the other side, Su Zimos Essence Spirit secret skill was released as well.

Furthermore, it was not just one.

In a short period of time, Su Zimo condensed four Essence Spirit secret skills!

The Reverse Scale, Gautama Dharmic Seal1, Spirit Vanquishing Whip and Green Lotus Sword were released like raging tides and torrential rain!


Prince Yuan Zuo was initially filled with confidence.

However, his expression changed instantly.

His pupils constricted and he wanted to curse.

However, he was beaten back by Su Zimos four Essence Spirit secret skills!

In normal Essence Spirit fights, both parties would release an Essence Spirit secret skill.

He had never seen anyone who could release four Essence Spirit secret skills in one go!

What sort of Essence Spirit could withstand such immense expenditure and burden

His Essence Spirit realm was indeed three levels higher than Su Zimo.

However, his lifespan was severely depleted and he was already in his later years.

His Essence Spirit was not as condensed as it was at its peak.

Now, after one of his Essence Spirit secret skills collided with Su Zimos four Essence Spirit secret skills, the void in the hall trembled violently and it was difficult to determine the victor!

Both of them shuddered and hugged their heads with both hands, crying out in pain!

Su Zimo was the Green Lotus Essence Spirit after all and was nourished by the Creation Lotus Platform.

Although his Essence Spirit was shaken, his foundation was not injured.

However, thin cracks appeared on Prince Yuan Zuos Essence Spirit!

“Inferior commoner, ant!”

Prince Yuan Zuo was enraged and roared!

Right then, a phantom-like figure appeared behind him.

Expressionless, it gripped a sharp blade with both hands and arrived silently.

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