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Chapter 204: Devouring Blood

There was nothing left in the cave abode.

Su Zimos gaze finally landed on that demon beast egg.

Actually, he did not bear much hope towards that egg.

Since this demon beast egg was taken from a ruin 5,000 years ago…

It proved that the egg had been there for more than 5,000 years!

Even a demon beast might not live that long, let alone a demon beast egg.

However, on second thought, Su Zimo realized that the items in the ruin were not ordinary.

The stone that might have entered his body, Candlelight Sword Formation and the poison that managed to even kill a Dao Lord…

At that thought, Su Zimo came before the demon beast egg and examined it.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

Since Extreme Fire Dao Lord had brought that demon beast egg out from the ruin when he was poisoned, why was the egg not tainted by the poison

Even Extreme Fire Dao Lords essence spirit was not spared, yet this demon beast egg was fine

It was immune to poison

Su Zimo thought for a moment and picked up the demon beast egg, trying to put it away in his storage bag.

He could not do so!

His eyes lit up in elation.

Only non-living objects like weapons or elixirs could be placed inside the storage bag.

Living being with life could not be contained by the storage bag.

Now that the demon beast egg could not be placed within, it was proof that there were signs of life within the egg!

It was still alive!

Su Zimos thoughts gradually became active again.

If he could nurture a spirit beast, it might not be a bad thing.

Furthermore, this spirit beast that came from the unknown ruin could very likely be immune to poison!

Something like the demon beast egg was extremely rare within Tianhuang Mainland where only the top factions would possess them – these items were all prepared for the paragons of their respective sects.

The stronger the bloodline and the rarer the species was, the harder it was to obtain their demon beast eggs which were extremely precious.

After all, demon beast eggs as such would definitely be guarded by extremely powerful pure-blooded and ferocious remnant beasts day and night.

Furthermore, they would be located at the deepest areas off any forests or mountains.

To obtain a demon beast egg as such, the top experts of the sects would have to turn up and engage in a ferocious battle with the pure-blooded remnant beasts.

Even then, success was not guaranteed and they may even put themselves in danger.

Spirit beasts that were born from demon beast eggs were extremely loyal to their cultivators and there would not be cases of betrayal.

Even though Ethereal Peak, as one of the five major sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty, did not have any demon beast eggs, they had instructions on how to hatch demon beast eggs.

Firstly, blood was required.

It wasnt anything mythical such as using the drop of blood to tie it to an owner.

The principle behind it was simple.

The goal of dripping ones blood on it was to remove the aura of the mother from the demon beast egg and let it be replaced with ones blood.

That way, during the nurturing process and when the demon beast hatched, the scent it was most familiar with would be the owner of the blood.

Naturally, it would be closest to that person.

Su Zimo thought for a moment and took out the supreme-grade flying sword that was crafted by Extreme Fire Dao Lord, injecting spirit qi into it.

Four spirit patterns lit up at the same time, emitting a cold aura that was extremely intimidating.

Given Su Zimos tough physique, he would not be able to tear through his skin without activating spirit patterns!

The sword tip slashed across his left palm ruthlessly, causing a bloody wound to appear.

Su Zimo immediately placed his left hand on the demon beast egg and started rubbing it.

After smearing all over the demon beast egg, he felt his palm clench as though it was bitten by something!


Su Zimos expression changed.

Right after, a huge suction force erupted from the demon beast egg.

Su Zimos blood flowed uncontrollably from his wound on his left palm into the demon beast egg!

It felt as though the demon beast egg was extremely thirsty and was devouring his blood in large mouthfuls!

Frowning, Su Zimo yanked and tried to shake off the demon beast egg.

However, it was stuck to his palm and he could not shrug it off.

All of a sudden!

Abstruse and complicated patterns on the demon beast egg suddenly emitted a blinding light.

It looked strangely weird illuminating beneath the blood!

The speed in which the demon beast egg was devouring blood was much faster than he had imagined!


Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and felt himself going dizzy.

At this speed, he would soon be sucked into a dry corpse by the demon beast egg!

Putting away his flying sword, Su Zimo gripped the demon beast egg with his right hand and started tearing it outside.

However, the demon beast egg remained stuck firmly on his palm and refused to budge no matter how he tried.

Furthermore, it was sucking his blood still and showed no indication of stopping.

“F*ck! You really cant touch anything from that ruin carelessly!”

Su Zimos face turned pale as he cursed internally.

He had two options before him, to either sever his left hand or turn into a dried corpse.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Su Zimos mind as he turned and dashed out of the cave abode.

While his blood was not sucked dry yet and he still had strength remaining, Su Zimo swam towards the top of the cold lake with all his might.

In the blink of an eye, he leaped out of the cold lake and broke into a stumble, nearly falling over from how weak he was.


When the spirit monkey saw Su Zimo rushing out, it was stunned.

After not seeing him for a while, Su Zimos flesh and blood withered and he lost a large amount of weight.

There was even an egg on his left palm that glowed with blood.

Looking confused, the spirit monkey was about to head up when Su Zimo shouted lightly, “Dont come over!”

The spirit monkey stopped in its tracks immediately, looking at Su Zimo with widened eyes.

Su Zimo arrived at the battlefield from earlier on and looked at the wolf corpses strewn all over the place.

Heaving a deep breath of air, he recited a sinister sutra and his eye flashed with a bloody glint.

“Blood Devouring Technique!”

This was a secret skill from the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra.

Su Zimo opened his mouth slightly and the flesh and meat of some wolf corpses in front of him dissipated slowly, turning into a pool of blood and flowing into his mouth.

On the one hand, the demon beast egg was devouring Su Zimos blood endlessly.

On the other hand, Su Zimo was devouring the blood of the wolf corpses and managed to save his life.

As time passed by, the number of wolf corpses decreased, leaving only sets of white wolf bones on the ground.

After a long time, right as Su Zimo was almost unable to endure it anymore, the demon beast egg dropped from his hand with a loud thud and rolled a couple of times on the ground before stopping motionlessly.

The bloody light on the demon beast egg faded gradually and it returned to normal, looking like a fist-sized rock once more.

Su Zimo fell and sat on the ground, looking at the demon beast egg with lingering fear before letting out a long breath of air.

If he had not experienced it personally, Su Zimo would not have been able to imagine that a small demon beast egg like that would be able to devour all the blood in his body.

“Ow, ow”

The spirit monkey came over and asked.

Forcing out a faint smile, Su Zimo replied, “Im fine.

I just nearly got f*cked by an egg.”





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