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Chapter 2065: Advancing Alone

Boom! Boom!

Another ancient divine city was destroyed by Su Zimo!

Purple clouds filled the skies as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Streaks of purple power of thunder descended and turned the Emperors and Ancestor Gods of the divine city into ashes!

This was no ordinary power of thunder.

The purple lightning contained the comprehension of the Martial Dao Prime Body towards Tribulation!

Under the envelopment of the purple Heavenly Tribulation, the divine city was reduced to ruins!

This was already the tenth divine city that Su Zimo had crushed!

Flames, floods, earth ruptures, skies collapsing, ice… terrifying calamities descended on Gods Mainland.

Those powerful divine powers were at the fingertips of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

Even the most ordinary Dharmic art would be devastating for the God race if it was released by him.

Su Zimo led everyone from Tianhuang Mainland west and killed any God race being that dared to stop him with a flick of his finger.

Right from the beginning, everyone from Tianhuang Mainland that followed him did not attack.

Everyone from Tianhuang Mainland was now used to this scene.

From their initial resistance, retaliation and prideful contempt, the God race beings were now only left with panic and fear as they fled in all directions.

In the face of absolute power, the God race beings were in a sorry state and were no different from other living beings.

The noble pride of the God race was crushed by Su Zimo!

“I dont believe it!”

A God race being with disheveled hair broke free from the dust and soared into the air, shouting at Su Zimo, “Youre just a puny human with a weak bloodline.

How can you compare to the God race!”

In fact, Su Zimo did not even attack and merely glanced at that person indifferently.

The bloodline of the God race being evaporated into nothingness!

“Who opened the gates of hell and unleashed these fiends of the east!”

“Everyone, flee for your lives.

Darkness has already descended.”

Some of the God race beings fell into the dust in a daze.

Su Zimo led everyone from Tianhuang Mainland forward and ignored the God race beings.

He maintained some restraint in his attacks unless some God race beings had death wishes and wanted to challenge him.

Otherwise, he would only kill the Ancestor Gods and Emperors in every divine city he passed!

Su Zimo wanted to kill all the Ancestor Gods and Emperors of Gods Mainland!

“The hell fiends are headed west.

Everyone, head to the Central Divine City! The High Priest and our God Emperor are gathering an army there, prepared to fight these fiends to the death!”

“The High Priest has sent an oracle.

Everyone, hurry and seek refuge in the Central Divine City!”

“The High Priest and God Emperor are in the Central Divine City and are prepared to kill this Fiend Emperor from Tianhuang Mainland to purge away the darkness!”

One after another, news spread through the entire Gods Mainland.

More and more God race beings fled and abandoned the cities.

In the end, Su Zimo led everyone from Tianhuang Mainland and charged straight into Gods Mainland without any resistance.

They headed west and got closer and closer to the Central Divine City.

“Martial Emperor, Gods Mainland has waged war everywhere and has a strong foundation,”

After pondering for a long time, the storyteller stood out and analyzed calmly, “Now that were deep in the hinterland, itll be troublesome if the God race and God Emperor gather all the power of Gods Mainland together.”

“Our arrival this time round is a little sudden and we didnt prepare well.

If we start a battle rashly, Tianhuang Mainland will suffer immense losses as well.”

Su Zimo shook his head.

“Theres no need for you guys to attack.

Just watch from the side.”


The storyteller winced and gasped.

In other words, the Martial Emperor meant that he wanted to fight against the entire Gods Mainland and suppress a world singlehandedly!

Everyone from Tianhuang Mainland advanced.

Finally, everyone caught sight of an unimaginably majestic ancient city!

Or rather, it could no longer be considered as a city.

The ancient city walls stood tall and extended along the horizon on both sides without any end.

It stood horizontally in front of them, as though it was cutting a continent into two!

A dense crowd of God race beings stood on the city walls.

Some of the God race beings wielded spears, swords, longbows and staffs.

Every single God race being surged with golden blood qi and shone with a resplendent glow.

Their battle intent surged as they glared at everyone from Tianhuang Mainland murderously!

Almost all the top experts of Gods Mainland were gathered here, prepared to kill everyone from Tianhuang Mainland!

The number of God race beings accommodated in the Central Divine City had already reached billions.

In fact, God race beings from all directions were still gathering towards the Central Divine City!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Many God race beings in the Central Divine City shouted.

One could imagine the ardor and zeal coursing through their blood when billions of God race beings gathered and roared into the skies—what sort of an aura was that!

The entire world was trembling!

On the side of Tianhuang Mainland, even the storyteller, Cloud Dragon Emperor and the other Emperors of Tianhuang Mainland were shocked, let alone ordinary cultivators.

The God race was innately strong.

If the billions of God race beings swarmed forward together with the Ancestor God and Emperors, even they would be drowned instantly!

Indeed, the fact that Gods Mainland could conquer other minor chiliocosms continuously meant that they had a foundation that other worlds could not match.

Back in Tianhuang Mainland, there were only tens of thousands of God race beings but they had already become one of the Primordial Nine Races and the most terrifying faction in Tianhuang Mainland.

Now that billions of God race beings were gathered in the Central Divine City, it was an unimaginably terrifying scene!

Although everyone from Tianhuang Mainland had absolute confidence in the Martial Emperor, they were shaken at that moment.

The difference in their formations was way too great!

On the side of Tianhuang Mainland, everyone headed west in an aggressive manner like an unstoppable torrent.

However, when they arrived at the Central Divine City, they bumped into an endless golden ocean.

The golden ocean was already enraged and created raging tides that could surge over at any moment and drown them!

Everyone from Tianhuang Mainland had pale expressions.

Against the terrifying formation of the Central Divine City, many people were already terrified and did not dare to advance.

“You guys can stand here,”

Su Zimo glanced sideways and said to everyone from Tianhuang Mainland behind him.

“Martial Emperor, well accompany you!”

The storyteller, Cloud Dragon Emperor and the others said hurriedly.

“Theres no need,”

Su Zimo shook his head.

“You guys cant help me.

Just watch from here.”

With that said, Su Zimo walked through the air in the direction of the divine city alone with an indifferent expression.

Even against the massive formation of the God race, Su Zimos eyes were calm as he advanced slowly.

The billions of God race beings formed an invisible aura that could crush everything!

However, when the aura surged over and landed on Su Zimo, it vanished silently and did not even manage to wrinkle his purple robes.

As Su Zimo approached, his aura rose rapidly instead.

His black hair fluttered without any wind and his eyes seemed to be burning with flames!

Su Zimos footsteps were neither fast nor slow.

However, every single step he took would cause a huge shock in the air!

Spiderweb-like cracks appeared in the void beneath his feet.

The skies changed and the ground shook!

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