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2072 All Dead

When they heard that, the first reaction of the 12 Black Gods was that it was ridiculous and laughable!

An Emperor of the lower worlds was threatening them and declaring that he would bury them here

However, the Grade 1 Black God that was gripped by the Martial Dao Prime Body could not smile at all.

His face was pale as he endured the pain from his palm.

His body trembled and he almost fainted.

His fist that was gripped by the Martial Dao Prime Bodys body felt the thick palm tighten continuously—his fist was almost crushed!

What was even more frightening was that when his fist was gripped by the Martial Dao Prime Body, the blood qi in his body calmed down and stopped circulating.

He did not even have the strength to resist!


Flashes of blood appeared.

The fist of the Grade 1 Black God was crushed by the Martial Dao Prime Body.


The Black God let out a tragic cry.

Before he could retreat, he felt a figure flash before him.

Immediately after, he felt a sharp pain in his glabella and lost consciousness.

The tragic cry came to an abrupt stop.

The Martial Dao Prime Body merely flicked his finger gently and released a sword qi that entered the Black Gods glabella, killing him with ease.

He did not stop at all and swept past the Black Gods corpse towards the remaining 12 Black Gods.

“Everyone, watch out.

Theres something strange about this person,”

The old God race being had a grim expression.

“Lets join forces and kill this person without holding back!”

Before his sentence was finished, golden blood qi surged within the 12 Black Gods and they condensed their respective Bloodline phenomenons.

As long as the God race grew to a certain age and their bloodlines were awakened, they would condense a Bloodline phenomenon.

“Heavenly God Descent!”

“Divine Blood Hoop!”


Immediately after, the 12 Black Gods released their innate divine powers one after another.


As the old Black God growled, the 12 Black Gods attacked at the same time and threw their divine powers and secret skills towards Su Zimo.

At the same time, the 12 Black Gods split into different directions and charged towards the Martial Dao Prime Body.

The Martial Dao Prime Bodys expression was unchanged as a series of sounds echoed from his body!

Pang! Pang! Pang!

As though there were shackles that suddenly broke free, purple halos appeared one after another behind the Martial Dao Prime Body.

In the blink of an eye, six purple halos appeared!

Level 6 Fate Ring!

The six Fate Rings condensed the will of the Martial Dao and all Dharmic arts interweaved.

A hundred sutras circulated and shone with divine light, sweeping through the world with a terrifying aura!

The Bloodline phenomenons, divine powers and secret skills released by the 12 Black Gods collided gently against the six Fate Rings and turned into dust instantly!

Under the envelopment of the six Fate Rings, the Martial Dao Prime Body wore purple robes and his black hair swayed without any wind.

His gaze was as deep as the sea, like an Emperor that looked down on the world and could not be ignored!

In Gods Ground, the Black Gods on the other end could attack brazenly.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body could do so without reservations as well!

The difference in strength between them was way too great.

Some of the Black Gods did not manage to stop in time and collided against the six Fate Rings, turning into dust on the spot by the interweaving Dharmic Daos of the purple Fate Rings!

A Black God even wanted to destroy the Fate Rings with his physical strength.

However, the moment his fist made contact with the purple Fate Rings, it froze on the spot and turned into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

It was shattered and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

In fact, the Martial Dao Prime Body did not even attack.

He merely summoned six Fate Rings and walked forward before the Black Gods died one after another.

In the blink of an eye, half of the 12 Black Gods were dead!

At that moment, the old Black God realized that this human from Tianhuang Mainland was not someone they could defend against!

“Give me the Gods Crown!”

The old Black God hollered and his spirit consciousness moved.

He removed the Gods Crown from the God Emperors head and summoned it not far away.

He exchanged glances with the remaining five Black Gods and they channeled their spirit consciousnesses at the same time, condensing secret skills while chanting incantations.

“In the name of the God race, cleanse everything in the world!”

The eight gems on the Gods Crown suddenly released a milky-white glow.

Under the control of the six Black Gods, they formed a beam of light that charged towards the Martial Dao Prime Body!


When the milky-white beam of light landed on the six Fate Rings, they swayed slightly.

However, the milky-white beam of light dissipated instantly.

The six Black Gods shuddered as well and retreated a few steps with pale expressions after receiving the backlash of the power.

The Martial Dao Prime Body approached and took the Gods Crown.

“Thats impossible!”

The old Black Gods eyes widened in indignance.

“You cant have cultivated to this point! Your cultivation should have already surpassed the Black God realm!”

The Martial Dao Prime Body had an indifferent expression.

A purple light shone on his glabella and his spirit consciousness flashed.

In the consciousnesses of the six Black Gods, a purple flame suddenly burned on their Essence Spirits, engulfing them instantly.

In the blink of an eye, the Essence Spirits of the Black Gods were burned to ashes by the purple flame.

Although the bodies of the six Black Gods were intact, their Essence Spirits were already destroyed.

This was the Essence Spirit secret skill released by the Martial Dao Prime Body, the Martial Spirit Fire!

Given his Essence Spirit realm, it did not require much Essence Spirit power to refine the Essence Spirits of the six Black Gods.

The God Emperor was completely dumbfounded at the side.

Before long, all 13 Black Gods died here in Gods Ground!

The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at the Gods Crown in his hands and injected his spirit consciousness into it, activating it gently.

There was no reaction from the Gods Crown and no milky-white power was released.

The milky-white power was rather strange and could even dispel the Karmic Flames and shake his Fate Rings.

Therefore, the Martial Dao Prime Body wanted to explore it.

The God Emperors face was pale as he gulped in fear.

While the Martial Dao Prime Body was studying the Gods Crown, his figure flashed and he fled out of Gods Ground.

However, when he arrived at the spatial node of Gods Ground and smashed against it, he could not charge out and was repelled instead.

“Have you forgotten A restriction has already been set up in Gods Ground.

You cant escape,”

Right then, the voice of the Martial Dao Prime Body sounded in the God Emperors ears.

The God Emperor felt his scalp tingle and a chill run down his spine.

Before he could react, a thick palm had already landed on the top of his head and sucked his Essence Spirit out.

Without hesitation, the Martial Dao Prime Body released the Soul Searching Art!

Black chains extended from the surface of the ball of light in his palm and coiled around the God Emperors Essence Spirit!


The God Emperors Essence Spirit struggled and howled repeatedly, but he could not withstand the painful process.

Through the God Emperors Essence Spirit, images flashed through the mind of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

He was searching for information about the Gods Crown.

A moment later, the God Emperors Essence Spirit was almost withered and the Martial Dao Prime Body obtained the answer he wanted as he gripped gently.

The ball of light shattered and the God Emperors Essence Spirit was destroyed!

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