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2081 His Name Is Long Ran

The remaining cultivators of Essence Reversion Sect and Black Ice Valley were scared out of their wits and dispersed.

However, no matter how fast those cultivators were, they could not compare to the white-robed girls divine dragon body.

Before they could escape from the abyss, they were all killed by the white-robed girl!

After killing the two Grade 5 Earth Immortals, Su Zimo did not attack again.

Instead, he removed the storage bags on their waists and checked them before putting them away.

Before long, the white-robed girl returned, still in the combat state of the Dragon race.

She glared at Su Zimo with her gigantic dragon eyes with a guarded expression.

Su Zimo ignored her and continued cleaning up the battlefield, collecting the storage bags of the remaining cultivators.

“Theyre mine if you dont want them,”

He dangled the storage bags in his hands.


The white-robed girl said angrily, “I dont want these despicable and dirty storage bags of humans!”

Su Zimo pouted slightly and put away the storage bags in his hands, asking, “This is the Heavenly World and you claim to be from the Dragon World.

However, from what I know, theres an endless sea of stars between the two worlds.

Youre only at Level 1 Earth Essence realm.

How did you cross the starry skies”

One had to be at the Heaven Essence realm at the very least to cross the starry skies.

Theoretically, one could travel through the starry skies after become a Heaven Immortal expert.

It was similar to crossing the starry skies from the Dragon Abyss Star to Divine Firmament Mainland.

However, to cross the starry skies of two worlds, even Heaven Immortal experts would most likely die if they attempted that!

Even the starry skies between the two closest worlds were unimaginably vast.

Given the speed of Heaven Immortal experts, it would take countless years to cross it.

In this vast starry skies, danger was ubiquitous and omnipresent.

In this starry skies, there were countless dangerous secret grounds that could be a lake, a dark forest or a Black Hole…

There were all sorts of living beings in the starry skies as well.

Any single living being could kill Heaven Immortal experts with ease!

Therefore, it was almost impossible for Heaven Immortal experts to cross the starry skies between the two worlds.

Only by entering the Perfected One realm and condensing a Dao Fruit to become a Perfected Immortal would one be able to protect themselves when crossing the starry skies.

Therefore, when he heard that the white-robed girl came from the Dragon World, Su Zimo could not imagine that a Level 1 Earth Essence realm dragon could come to the Heavenly World.

“I naturally have my ways.

Why should I tell you!”

The white-robed girl said and glared at Su Zimo fixedly, her eyes still filled with hostility and caution.

Su Zimo glared at the white-robed girl.

“Little girl, I saved you.

Why are you looking at me like that”

“My mother told me that you people of the foreign races are despicable, shameless and cunning!”

The white-robed girl said, “Who knows if youll want to capture me like those people after saving me!”

Su Zimo laughed.

“If I wanted to capture you, would you be able to defend I killed the two Grade 5 Earth Immortals earlier on!”


The white-robed girl raised her dragon head slightly and said proudly, “Im already in the combat form of the Dragon race right now.

Im not afraid of you at all!”

She bared her dragon teeth at Su Zimo and said pretentiously, “Youre only a Grade 4 Earth Immortal as well.

Didnt you see the Grade 4 Earth Immortals who died under my claws earlier on”

“You brat!”

Su Zimo sneered, “Seems like Ive got to teach you a lesson!”

The moment he said that, Su Zimo suddenly extended his palm and released the Great Chaos Essence Palm in midair, slapping down on the white-robed girls head!

“Bad person, you truly harbor evil intentions!”

The white-robed girl was enraged and roared.

Opening her dragon head, she revealed a row of sharp and menacing dragon teeth and bit towards Su Zimos palm.

Although the white-robed girl attacked, she held back and did not aim to kill.

In her heart, no matter what, this drunkard had just saved her.

Just as Su Zimos palm was about to land in the white-robed girls dragon mouth, his body swayed and he suddenly vanished!

By the time Su Zimo reappeared, he was already behind the white-robed girl.

True Dragon Nine Flashes!

Su Zimo pressed his palm on the white-robed girls head and power burst forth!

The white-robed girl shuddered and her bloodline was suppressed.

Her massive dragon body shrank uncontrollably.

In the blink of an eye, she reverted to her human form and stood beside Su Zimo, half a body shorter.

At that moment, Su Zimos palm hovered above her head.

As long as he exerted strength in his palm, he could kill her with a single thought!

Seemingly shocked, the white-robed girl froze on the spot in disbelief.

“Are you scared”

Su Zimo rubbed the white-robed girls head gently.

“Dont be afraid.

I have some ties with the Dragon race and wont hurt you.”


Suddenly, the white-robed girl shrieked and grabbed Su Zimos hand.

She blinked repeatedly and looked at Su Zimo, stuttering, “H-How do you know such a secret skill That was clearly…”

“True Dragon Nine Flashes”

Su Zimo interrupted the white-robed girl with a fake smile.

“Thats a secret skill exclusive to the Dragon race!”

The white-robed girl said, “How is that possible Are you a dragon Let me see…”

As she said that, the white-robed girl peeled off Su Zimos clothes and inched over to take a look and smell.

Su Zimo pushed her away hurriedly.

“Im not a dragon.”

Although his Essence Spirit was fused with the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit, he could not be considered as a dragon.

Su Zimo changed the topic and asked, “Why did you come so far to the Dragon Abyss Star”

When the white-robed girl saw Su Zimo use the True Dragon Nine Flashes, she let down her guard completely and even felt a sense of familiarity.

It felt as though she had encountered her clansman in another world.

Earlier on, she was still shouting about killing.

In the blink of an eye, she forgot about it and looked at Su Zimo curiously.

The white-robed girl said, “A senior of the Dragon race once died here.

I snuck here to retrieve his corpse and treasures.”


Su Zimos heart skipped a beat as he asked, “What lineage was this senior of the Dragon race from”

“The Horned Dragon,”

The white-robed girl said, “This senior was extremely powerful back then and nearly entered the Grotto-heaven realm!”

Su Zimo knew that the Horned Dragon that the white-robed girl was referring to was most likely the one he had seen.

“I know where this senior of the Dragon race is buried,”

Su Zimo pondered for a moment.

“However, I was the one who discovered this place first.

There has to be an order of priority between us.”


The white-robed girl exclaimed softly, unable to conceal her disappointment.

Su Zimo thought for a moment and continued, “Since this is the burial ground of your senior of the Dragon race, I only want a portion of the treasures inside.”

“For real”

The white-robed girls sadness turned into joy and she was delighted.

“However, theres a condition,”

Su Zimo changed the topic.

“If you encounter a dragon who ascended to the Dragon World from Tianhuang Mainland when you return to the Dragon World, I hope you can take good care of him.”

“His name is Long Ran.”

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