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2086 Qi Deviation

Heavenly World, Divine Firmament Immortal Domain.

Solar Luna County, Astral Sect, Main Peak Alkaid.

Xie Tianfeng, Lin Ming, Zuo Zhuxuan and Shangguan Qian were gathered together, chatting casually.

Zuo Zhuxuan said, “Given a quick count, its been more than 2,000 years since we joined Astral Sect.”

“Thats right,”

Shangguan Qian said, “Apart from Fellow Daoist Wang Yu, the four of us have not broken through in more than 2,000 years.”

“When Wang Yu joined the sect, his cultivation realm was already lower than ours.

Its normal for him to break through,”

Xie Tianfeng pouted his lips in disdain at the mention of Wang Yu.

After more than 2,000 years, Xie Tianfeng and Lin Ming were still Grade 7 Earth Immortals.

Zuo Zhuxuan and Shangguan Qian were still Grade 8 Earth Immortals as well.

The four of them were indifferent to this situation.

In the upper world, at their cultivation realm, it would be increasingly difficult to advance further and the time required would be extremely long, easily 10,000 years at a time.

That was the reason why the four of them were so shocked when they heard that the drunkard named Mo Ling had advanced three levels in 1,500 years!

As for Xie Tianfeng, Lin Ming and Zuo Zhuxuan, they even sent cultivators to target Su Zimo!

However, none of them gained anything.

The Zuo family even lost a Grade 6 Earth Immortal.

Lin Ming said, “Wang Yu has already returned to his family clan with the Wang clansmen a few hundred years ago.

When do the three of you intend to return”

“Ive been here for more than 2,000 years.

Its almost time,”

Xie Tianfeng mumbled, “The secret skill inheritance of Astral Sect seems like an illusory legend to me.

Countless cultivators have been here all these years but none of them have seen any traces of secret skills.”

Actually, the successors of the five family clans would only take around 2,000 years to train in Astral Sect.

But now, Xie Tianfeng and the other three had stayed here for an additional 500 years!

However, the reason why the four of them lingered was different.

“I think its useless to continue wasting time here.

The inheritance of Astral Sect might be a scam.

I might as well return to my family clan as soon as possible,”

Lin Ming turned to Shangguan Qian and asked, “Fellow Daoist Shangguan, what do you think”

Shangguan Qian frowned slightly and was hesitant.

To be honest, she no longer had much patience after spending so much time here.

She was merely waiting for the drunkard to come out of seclusion out of curiosity.

However, after such a long time, her curiosity was mostly exhausted as well.


Shangguan Qian nodded.

“Ill prepare and head back in a few days.”

“Great, we can travel together!”

Xie Tianfeng laughed as well.

Thereafter, he looked askance at Zuo Zhuxuan and asked, “Fellow Daoist Zuo, arent you going to send a notice and leave together with us”

“I still want to cultivate here for a period of time.

You guys can leave first,”

Zuo Zhuxuan smiled gently.

Those words were unexpected.

Both Xie Tianfeng and Lin Ming thought that the reason why Zuo Zhuxuan stayed in Astral Sect was because of Shangguan Qian.

Now that Shangguan Qian was prepared to leave, it was indeed strange that Zuo Zhuxuan wanted to continue wasting time in Astral Sect.

Xie Tianfeng cupped fists and said in a strange manner, “In that case, good luck in obtaining that secret skill inheritance in Astral Sect, Fellow Daoist Zuo.”

“Sure thing,”

Zuo Zhuxuan smiled gently, unconcerned.



A loud bang sounded from a cave abode on Main Peak Alkaid.

The expressions of the four of them changed as they looked in the direction of the sound.

The stone door of a cave abode was shattered by a tremendous force within and countless gravel burst forth, causing dust to billow and spread.

Zuo Zhuxuans eyes lit up when he saw the cave abode.

Lin Ming frowned slightly and suddenly said, “That is the cave abode of that drunkard!”

“This person sure is patient.

Hes finally out after a thousand years of seclusion,”

Xie Tianfeng sneered, “Lets go and take a look as well.

Perhaps he has broken through again after another thousand years of seclusion.”

Shangguan Qian and the other three soared into the air and arrived before the cave abode in the blink of an eye, gazing over.

Amidst the dust clouds, a tall figure walked out slowly—it was the drunkard.

However, this drunkard was no longer as tipsy and crazy as when they first met.

Instead, his expression was unusually terrible without any color.

The drunkard looked ahead with a hollow gaze, as though he did not see Shangguan Qian and the other three at all.

All four of them could tell that something was amiss with the drunkard!

The four of them scanned the drunkard with their spirit consciousnesses and their expressions changed slightly.

Grade 5 Earth Immortal!

This drunkard had broken through once more after entering seclusion!

Shangguan Qian and the other three were all geniuses of the major families.

Although their cultivation had improved after more than 2,000 years, they had not reached the level of a breakthrough.

However, this drunkard had advanced from a Grade 1 Earth Immortal to a Grade 5 Earth Immortal!

Even the top princes of the three Immortal Kingdoms and the paragons of the major sects could not reach this cultivation speed!

“Somethings not right!”

Suddenly, Zuo Zhuxuan frowned and murmured in confusion, “Grade 6 Earth Immortal”

The other three sensed something unusual as well.

The drunkards cultivation realm was not stable.

One moment, he was at the peak of the Grade 5 Earth Immortal realm.

The next moment, he was at the Grade 6 Earth Immortal realm.

The aura of the drunkard fluctuated continuously as well.

The drunkard did not seem to sense the abnormality in his body and continued walking forward.


The drunkard paused in his tracks and spat out a mouthful of blood with a tragic expression.

As for his cultivation realm, it gradually stabilized at the peak of a Grade 5 Earth Immortal.


Suddenly, Xie Tianfeng reared his head in laughter.

“To think that you would end up in Qi Deviation and fail your breakthrough!”

“If ones cultivation realm increases too quickly and their foundation is weak, this will be the outcome!”

Lin Ming sneered as well, “If you dont have that talent, dont even think about accomplishing it overnight.

This is the limit of your accomplishments in this lifetime.”

Shangguan Qian shook her head gently and sighed internally.

With this failed breakthrough, even the drunkards Dao Heart seemed to have suffered a problem—it was most likely going to be difficult for his cultivation to advance in the future.

However, Shangguan Qian could not understand.

Could it be as Lin Ming had said Was it because this drunkard had cultivated too quickly and his foundation was unstable, leading to his Qi Deviation and failed breakthrough

Or was it because of some other reason

The drunkard walked past the four of them and arrived at a green stone at the edge of the cliff.

He sat on it and looked into the distance in a daze.

Shangguan Qian looked into the drunkards eyes.

There was no hint of intoxication in the drunkards eyes.

Instead, Shangguan Qian could vaguely see an irreconcilable sadness in those eyes that moved her.

For some unknown reason, Shangguan Qian felt her heart wrench at the sight of this drunkard.

Zuo Zhuxuan remained silent but a cold smile appeared on his face.

He did not care if the drunkard suffered from Qi Deviation or his Dao Heart was damaged.

What he wanted was the treasure in the drunkards possession!

Despite this current failed breakthrough, it helped him raise four levels in just 2,000 years.

He had to get his hands on such a treasure!

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