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2088 Ambush

“Is this the so-called secret skill of Astral Sect”

Su Zimo only reacted slightly after the remnant consciousness spoke for a long time.

However, there was still no joy in his heart.

Now that Ji Yaoxue had passed away, so what if he obtained the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra

Su Zimo merely felt that the scene before him was a little mocking.

Throughout history, countless cultivators had racked their brains for the secret skill of Astral Sect.

However, the cultivators who arrived were all obsessed and could not resonate with the mental state of this expert of the Astral World.

Instead, Su Zimo awakened this remnant consciousness because he lost Ji Yaoxue and obtained the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra.

This gain and loss seemed to be a freak coincidence.

Su Zimo still could not break free from the sadness of parting within a short period of time.

Even though he had obtained the secret skill inheritance, he was disinterested.

“Although I cant impart the Big Dipper secret skill to you, there are a total of seven levels to the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra.

If you can comprehend it to its limits, youll definitely be able to dominate a region and reign over everyone of the same cultivation realm!”

When the remnant consciousness saw that Su Zimo was not in high spirits, it thought that he was looking down on this astral cultivation technique and could not help but sound proud.


A large number of complicated and mysterious sutras surged into Su Zimos consciousness, causing his consciousness to be in chaos.

Immediately after, starlight shone brightly in the firmaments.

A gigantic starlight beam burst forth from the Alkaid Star and landed on Su Zimo.

Thereafter, endless starlight scattered from the star region surrounding the Alkaid Star and surged into Su Zimos body!

The Green Lotus True Body shuddered gently and starlight surged from his orifices, illuminating the stars in the firmaments.

Su Zimo felt an unimaginable power surge into his body from his orifices, tempering his body continuously.

The power in his body was also rising gradually!


The remnant consciousnesss voice sounded in Su Zimos mind once more with a hint of confusion.

“Your body seems to be…”

“Creation Green Lotus!”

The remnant consciousnesss voice carried a hint of shock.

Even with his experience, he had never thought that someone could fuse with the Creation Green Lotus to form such a perfect body of flesh and blood!

“Under normal circumstances, although you obtained the sutra of the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra, you can only cultivate in seclusion on your own if you want to succeed.

Who knows how much time youll have to spend.”

“However, youre the Creation Green Lotus and your body can accommodate sufficient starlight.

In a short period of time, youll be able to cultivate to Level 1 of the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra and condense the Mystic Spirit Big Dipper Diagram!”

The remnant consciousness sounded excited.

On the other side, many cultivators of Astral Sect witnessed the same shocking scene.

On a green stone on Main Peak Alkaid, a tall cultivator was bathed in starlight that was resplendent.

He seemed to have transformed into a gigantic star that shone brighter and brighter!

“That person obtained the inheritance!”

“Who is that”

“I think his name is Mo Ling and he likes to drink.

He joined the sect more than 2,000 years ago,”

Astral Sects Sect Master, Astral Rain, had a conflicted expression and sighed gently.

“I guess I dont have any regrets now that Im able to witness the reappearance of this cultivation technique in my lifetime.”

Shangguan Qian and the other three who were closest to Su Zimo had their own thoughts as well.

Shangguan Qian was the first person to notice that Su Zimo was a little strange.

Now, it was proven that she was not wrong back then.

If Mo Ling obtained the inheritance of the cultivation technique, he would definitely become one of the most renowned paragons of Divine Firmament Mainland in the future.

She had to try her best to get her hands on him and it would be best if she could join her family clan.

Shangguan Qian pondered to herself and suddenly thought of something, blushing slightly.

Zuo Zhuxuan looked at the figure not far away and narrowed his eyes.

His gaze was cold and sinister, as though he was plotting something.

At the side, Xie Tianfeng rubbed his chin with a dark expression and a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

Suddenly, he withdrew a flying sword from his storage bag and it hovered in midair.


Xie Tianfeng said coldly, “If I cant get my hands on it, no one else can either!”

On the other side, Lin Ming seemed to have sensed something and condensed a greater divine power as well, targeting it towards Su Zimo who was obtaining his inheritance not far away.


When they saw that, Astral Sects Sect Master, Astral Rain, and the others were shocked.

Although they were Heaven Immortals, they were too far away and would not be able to make it in time even if they intervened.

If the inheritance process was destroyed, this cultivation technique would be lost completely!

All the Astral Sect cultivators had different expressions.

Some people lamented, some shook their heads, some sneered and some gloated.



Suddenly, a flying sword on the other side knocked Xie Tianfengs flying sword away.

Sparks flew and the sound of metal clashing could be heard.

Right on the heels of that, a figure appeared not far away from Su Zimo.

It condensed a greater divine power and collided with Lin Mings divine power with a loud bang!

That figure had intervened in time and had even managed to negate the attacks of Xie Tianfeng and Lin Ming!

It was Shangguan Qian.

Among everyone present, Shangguan Qian and Zuo Zhuxuan were the only ones who could intervene in time.

“Fellow Daoist Shangguan, you…”

Xie Tianfeng was indignant when he saw that all his efforts were in vain.

Instinctively, he took a step forward and clenched his fists with widened eyes.

“What are the two of you doing!”

Shangguan Qians expression was unfriendly as she looked at Xie Tianfeng and Lin Ming, saying coldly, “Isnt it too despicable to attack now!”


Although Lin Ming was courting Shangguan Qian, he was enraged when he saw that and could not help but snort coldly.

Shangguan Qian was a Grade 8 Earth Immortal and was a realm above the two of them.

Xie Tianfeng and Lin Ming knew that they would not stand a chance if Shangguan Qian stood in their way.

Furthermore, the Sect Master of Astral Sect and many elders had already descended.

Sitting on the green stone, although Su Zimo was receiving the inheritance, he could still clearly sense everything that was happening around him.


The remnant consciousness seemed to have sensed something and exclaimed softly.

“This Auspicious Jade in the hands of your Essence Spirit…”

Endless starlight scattered and surged into Su Zimos orifices.

A portion of the starlight also surged into a bead at the front of the Auspicious Jade.

The starlight circled around the bead and flowed out, turning even more condensed and rich as it surged into Su Zimos orifices.

“To think that you would possess such a treasure…”

The remnant consciousness was shocked.

Even Die Yue did not know about the changes to the Creation Green Lotus later on.

As such, this King of the Astral World naturally did not know about the Trinity Auspicious Jade.


Immediately, the remnant consciousness burst into laughter.

“With the help of such a treasure, you can cultivate to Level 2 of the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra after the inheritance is over! With the help of the Mystic Spirit Big Dipper Diagram, the power of two star regions will converge into you alongside thousands of stars, causing your combat strength to double!”

“Coupled with your Green Lotus True Body, you can even challenge Grade 7 Earth Immortals!”

Su Zimo was distracted and did not listen to what the remnant consciousness was saying nor did he reply.

What the remnant consciousness did not know was that even without the Mystic Spirit Big Dipper Diagram, given Su Zimos current capabilities, he could even kill Grade 8 Earth Immortals, let alone challenge Grade 7 Earth Immortals!

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