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Chapter 208: Blood Crow Palace

Black Crow Mountain.

Situated at the northwest corner of the Great Zhou Dynasty, it was a vast place where beasts roamed.

There were many crows in the forest and most of them were psychic.

There were even black crow demons that managed to cultivate supreme powers with terrifying strength and dominance.

It was said that there was a Golden Core that entered the depths of Black Crow Mountain and was never seen ever again.

A couple of years ago, a middle-aged man with dark green eyes that shone with a sinister light walked into the depths of Black Crow Mountain without turning back at all.

From that day forth, the crows within turned extremely violent and their eyes were bloodshot.

The skies above Black Crow Mountain were perennially covered by a blood mist!

Deep in the dense forest, a hall named Blood Crow Palace appeared.

Within a few short years, sects nearby Black Crow Mountain were all subdued under Blood Crow Palaces command.

This day, a pale faced youth with dark green eyes appeared outside Blood Crow Palace.

He was at perfected Foundation Establishment and knelt on a single knee, cupping his fists in the direction of the hall.

“Master, a year ago, my blood slave was killed outside of Linfeng City.

Ive discovered who the killer is.”

“His name is Su Zimo, an inner sect disciple of Ethereal Peak.”

Amidst the blood fog around the forest, Blood Crow Palace was vaguely visible like an ancient that sat on the spot.

It was sinister and horrifying, letting out an ice cold aura.

After the young cultivator spoke, Blood Crow Palace fell into a dead silence.

As though he was accustomed to it, the young cultivator continued, “This battle caused us to lose a middle-grade spirit mine and more than 30 Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Even though they are all outer core disciples, it is still an unprecedented setback.”

“I heard the news that Ethereal Peaks spirit pool is about to be unsealed.

At that time, Ethereal Peak is bound to send their perfected Foundation Establishment disciples to receive a baptism of the spirit pool.”

“I intend to lead people there and take them down in one fell swoop.

At the same time, I can take in the legacy disciples of Ethereal Peak as my blood slaves.”

After a long time, a voice rang from Blood Crow Palace.

“Alright… be careful.

Take more men with you.”

The young cultivator lowered his head.

“Dont worry, master.”

“Take Yu Fei and Peng Yue along with you.”

After a momentary pause, a voice rang out from Blood Crow Palace once more.

The young cultivator was delighted and replied hurriedly, “Thank you, master!”

“Yes… after this matter, come back and cultivate in seclusion.

When the ancient battlefield opens three years later, youll find your true opponents within.”

After saying that, the voice in Blood Crow Palace went silent once more.

Before long, two people draped in black robes walked forth.

They were expressionless with an occasional flicker of green light in their eyes.

“Greetings, Young Master!”

The two men walked before the young cultivator and knelt on one knee, shouting in unison.

The young cultivator nodded in satisfaction.

The two people before him were Golden Cores – they were his masters blood slaves.

Bearing extremely high standards, the people that his master were willing to accept as blood slaves were far from simple.

His master was also the same person who founded Blood Crow Palace – the Palatial Lord.

Given their relationship, even though this man was only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, his status in Blood Crow Palace was extremely high – he was the young master of Blood Crow Palace!

“Ethereal Peak, Su Zimo… fufufufu.”

Ethereal Peak.

Su Zimo had returned for a couple of days and had not spent it idling.

Little fatty, Xue Yi and other Weapon Peak disciples came to visit, so they naturally had their merry celebrations.

During this period, Leng Rou came by as well and chatted with Su Zimo for a little before leaving.

In the eyes of Xue Yi and everyone else, that was naturally something to cheer about.

In the entire sect, Su Zimo was the only person who could make Leng Rou pay a personal visit.

Previously, she had even specially given him two talismans.

The two talismans were kept in his storage bag and Su Zimo had not used them yet.

Even though it wasnt a massive favor, it was clear that the other party had put in quite a bit of effort.

Su Zimo intended to create a middle or superior-grade spirit weapon after he gained more insights into weapon refinement and give it to Leng Rou.

The second day after Su Zimo returned to the sect, before he even had the time to visit the disheveled old man, the latter already took the initiative to visit.

“You rascal, where have you been for the past three months with no news at all!”

The disheveled old man scolded Su Zimo at first sight.

Su Zimo replied with a half truth, “I spent some time at home.”

“I see.”

Upon hearing that, the disheveled old mans expression softened and nodded.


He coughed gently and patted on his storage bag.

Instantly, an ancient manual appeared on his palm as he said calmly, “Take it.

This is an ancient tempering manual.”

True enough.

As Su Zimo had expected, the disheveled old man was auctioning for this book at Sky Treasure Auction House for him!

“The person who wrote this ancient manual is Xu Zhan, an Advanced Weapon Refinement Master a thousand years ago.

At his peak, he had created tens of supreme-grade spirit weapons and it was said that he had even created a perfect spirit weapon.”

“Even though theres no remnant projections of his weapon refinement process, you can study this ancient manual well.

With your perceptivity in weapon refinement, it should not be an issue for you to create middle or even superior-grade spirit weapons in the future.”

The disheveled old man was extremely confident in Su Zimo.

Even though Su Zimo already knew how the ancient tempering manual came about, it would attract the disheveled old mans suspicions if he acted too calmly.

Su Zimo could only appear to be delighted and asked, “Master, this ancient manual must cost a lot of spirit stones, right”

“Hmms, its alright.”

The disheveled old man nodded and replied indifferently, “At that time, the competition for this manual was extremely intense and I was unable to get it at the start too.

In the end, I bumped into an old friend…”

At that point, the disheveled old man beat around the bush intentionally before continuing leisurely, “Heh! That friend of mine has a powerful background and without a second word, he gave it to me on the spot!”

Even though the disheveled old man was trying his best to contain himself, his eyes were filled with pride.

“Zimo, let me tell you how the scene was like at that time… pfft, pfft.

That huge auction house fell entirely silent.

Even if others had spirit stones, they could not use it.

No one could stop this friend of mine from giving it to me!”

“Everyone else could only watch dumbfounded in envy.”

When he heard the disheveled old man bragging, Su Zimo could not help but lower his head and almost chuckled.

“Zimo, whats wrong You dont believe me” The disheveled old man raised his brow when he noticed Su Zimos abnormality.


Su Zimo waved it off hurriedly.

“Cough, cough… alright, thats enough.

Cultivate well.”

The disheveled old man seemed to have realized that he had gone slightly overboard with his bragging and added before turning to leave.

In reality, if it was just this ancient tempering manual without any remnant projections, Su Zimo would not have achieved much in his future.

However, Extreme Fire Dao Lord had enacted a weapon refinement process for Su Zimo beneath the cold lake of the cave abode.

It was a perfect and flawless weapon refinement process!

Coupled with the ancient tempering manual in his hands along with Su Zimos personal spirit gathering method, he had confidence of creating a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

It wasnt an occasional creation depending on his condition…

It had a 100% success rate!


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