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Chapter 215: Trap


Wen Xuans expression changed as he looked to the direction of the incoming black clouds with a narrowed gaze.

When Su Zimo saw the black clouds, he frowned and felt a sense of déjà vu.

The black clouds were moving at an extremely fast speed and shimmered with sinister red lights.

They did not seem like clouds, but rather…

“Spirit mine, blood-eyed crows!”

The so-called black clouds were actually countless crows surging over!

Those red lights were the eyes of the crows!

Su Zimo recalled the battle outside of Linfeng City and said in a deep voice, “Everyone, be careful.

They are the people from the spirit mine outside Linfeng City!”

“Theyre from the fiend sects Are they here for revenge”

Wen Xuan narrowed his eyes and killing intent exuded from him.

To everyone from Ethereal Peak, the tragedy that happened at Linfeng City was committed by the fiend sects.

However, Su Zimo knew from Demoness Ji that even the fiend sects did not have such vicious methods and cultivation techniques.

On that point, he believed in Demoness Ji.

Even though she appeared to be frivolous in her actions, she knew her limits and bore with her the pride of the fiend sects.

If it was something done by those of the fiend sects, she would not deny it.

Su Zimo looked at little fatty and Leng Rou, saying in a low voice, “If the situation isnt right later, quickly escape!”

“What” Little fatty was shocked.

Leng Rou frowned slightly as well.

Both of them had yet to realize the danger.

To them, the sect had five Golden Cores here along with a group of top Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Such powerful strength was more than enough to wipe out some minor sects, so why would they need to fear the incoming aggressors

Su Zimo did not say anything, merely looking at Feng Haoyu and Elder Chen before drawing a flying sword from his storage bag.

That was the supreme-grade flying sword created for him by Extreme Fire Dao Lord!

During this period of time, Su Zimo spent most of his efforts researching weapon tempering techniques, understanding the Candlelight Sword Formation and raising his cultivation.

He did not have the time to refine any weapons.

This flying sword was the only graded spirit weapon in his storage bag.

Before long, the clouds arrived above Dongling Valley.

Countless blood-eyed crows spiraled above, covering the skies and emitting thick, demonic qi.

Their cultivations were not weaker than the Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

The sky darkened immediately.

Many of the Ethereal Peak disciples in the valley looked terrible as fear flashed across their eyes.

After all, a scene as such was way too shocking that it left one shuddering in fear!

The eyes of the crows emitted a blood-red glow as they hissed constantly, glaring at the cultivators below as though they could dive down and rip everyone apart at any moment!

Little fattys face turned pale as he gulped and said with a grim expression, “Theres more of these darned creatures compared to back then!”

At the entrance of Dongling Valley, a gigantic spirit vessel sped over and hundreds of cultivators leaped down from it.

Among them, there were more than 10 Golden Cores!

The rest were all Foundation Establishment Cultivators of varying levels.

However, their numbers were several times more than the Ethereal Peak disciples!

Coupled with the sea of blood-eyed crows above them…

Be it in terms of Golden Cores or Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Ethereal Peak was definitely disadvantaged.

This was a trap!

There was no way out of this situation!

Of the hundreds of cultivators from the spirit vessel, their leader was a perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

He wore a set of red robes with a crow etched on his sleeve.

Bearing a pale complexion, he twitched his lips and smiled evilly.

The ten Golden Cores surrounded him, protecting him in the middle.

“Who are you”

Wen Xuan glared at the blood robed cultivator as he held a talisman in his left hand.

A flying sword hovered in front of him and his tone was cold.


The blood robed cultivator chuckled and said leisurely, “Fellow Daoists, theres no need to be nervous.

I did not come with any ill intentions.

If you guys are willing to cooperate, Im even going to present a great opportunity for all of you!”

With a slight pause, he changed the topic with an icy tone, “But if you dont know whats good for you, ha… dont blame me for starting a massacre!”

Wen Xuans fingers moved as he conjured his spirit, causing spirit energy to swirl around his fingertips – he was ready to strike.

Elder Yu stood up with a grim expression and shook his head, saying deeply, “Dont be rash.

If we end up fighting, our disciples are going to die easily at this place.

Lets check on his background first.”

Raising his voice, Elder Yu asked, “Fellow Daoist, how may I address you”

“Regarding that, Im quite a casual person.”

The blood robed cultivator smiled faintly.

“You may address me as Young Master or Master.

Its up to you, I wont force you.”

Elder Yus expression turned terrible.

Be it Young Master or Master, it implied that he had to submit to this blood robed cultivator!

Elder Yu was a Golden Core after all and there was no way he would accede to such a ridiculous request.

“Junior, this place is less than fifty kilometers from Ethereal Sect.

If I were to send a message using my spirit crane, it wont be long before our sect sends reinforcements! Dont get cocky now!” Elder Yu said with a deep voice.


The blood robed cultivator burst out into laughter.

“Old dog, I tried to give you face but youre trying to throw it away”

“First, with my blood crow army, your spirit crane is never going to be sent out! Second, even if you manage to send out a spirit crane, you guys are not going to last long enough!”

Wen Xuan harrumphed coldly.

“Elder Yu, theres no need to waste your breath on him.

Since theyre from a fiend sect, all of them shall be punished!”

“Were not from the fiend sects.”

The blood robed cultivator laughed coldly.

“Ill give you one last chance.

Submit to me and Ill spare your lives.

Otherwise, all of you shall be killed without mercy! No one will be spared!”

“Oh, right.

Theres someone named Su Zimo among you guys.

Whether or not you submit to me, Ill suppress you personally and torture you to death bit by bit… hehehehe!”

The blood robed cultivator let out a series of sinister laughter.


Wen Xuan smiled as well.

“Ask for permission from the sword in my hand first!”

Right then, the blood robed cultivator raised his head suddenly and said calmly, “What are you waiting for”

Before he could finish his sentence, Su Zimo was alarmed and yelled, “Everyone, disperse! Theres spies in the sect!”

Wen Xuan was the first to react and crushed the protection talisman in his left hand immediately.

A barrier of light instantly rose and enveloped him.


There was a crisp sound.

Sparks flew everywhere.

A flying sword struck Wen Xuans protective barrier, causing it to tremble and nearly collapse – it was clear how strong that attack was!

It was a mere centimeter gap!

If Wen Xuan had been slightly slower, he would have been a dead man.

In fact, the reason why Wen Xuan was the first to react was because of Su Zimos question earlier on the spirit vessel.

At that time, Wen Xuan wasnt bothered about it.

However, when he saw the arrival of such powerful forces along with a trap as such laid out, Wen Xuan vaguely realized that there might be spies in the sect and became wary.

Otherwise, there was no way their trip to Dongling Valley today could be leaked out.

Of course, the conjecture was a little vague and Wen Xuan did not have time to verify it.

Right at the moment when the blood robed cultivator said that sentence along with Su Zimos yell, Wen Xuan crushed his protection talisman without a second thought.

When he sensed the terrifying attack behind him, Wen Xuan understood that he had just walked by the gates of hell and could not help but break out in cold sweat.





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