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Chapter 239: Unforeseen Situation

Before long, Su Zimo drank all the juice from the demon beast egg.

He did not wish to waste the essence energy in his body and immediately worked to close his pores, eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.

The warm currents surged through his entire body and it felt like exploding!

Body Tempering, Tendons Transformation, Bones Strengthening, Marrow Cleansing, Organs Refinement… the five sections of sutras reverberated in Su Zimos mind.

He tried his best to suppress that energy.

After a short while, the energy was evidently calmer and was no longer colliding rampantly within his body.

Even then, Su Zimo did not dare to unlock his pores, eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimos heart stirred – he could vaguely sense that someone was speeding towards his direction with their robes rustling loudly.

His expression changed slightly and he quickly turned back.

After entering the cave, the gray robed cultivator put away the Earth Spirit Ruler.

Even though the cave was massive and did not seem like it was made by humans, the interior was not complex.

He would definitely reach the deepest part of the cave if he walked along it.

After a while, the gray robed cultivator suddenly stopped in his tracks and frowned.


Why does it feel like something is off”

The gray robed cultivator murmured before continuing forward, opening one of his palms and starting to divine by using his thumb to make contact with the other four fingers.


A moment later, the gray robed cultivators expression changed starkly as he gasped, “Unforeseen circumstances How did this happen”

He grit his teeth and hastened in speed, rushing towards the depth of the cave.

“Could someone have arrived before me and spoiled my plans”

“Who could it be”

“Thats impossible.

There were only two of us who managed to cross the primordial forest and sea of bones.

Furthermore, I restrained that green-robed cultivator using my Demon Suppressing Rope and theres no way he could have broken free from it.”

“What went wrong”

The gray robed cultivators mind was in a mess as countless thoughts filled his mind.

Turning around a corner, his vision cleared up.

A gigantic egg entered his view.

The gray robed cultivator finally calmed down.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he thought to himself, “Thank goodness, thank goodness.

Im not too late.

The egg is still here.”

However, the gray robed cultivator found himself worked up at the next moment.

There was a green-robed cultivator beside that gigantic egg!

The green-robed cultivator seemed to have heard his footsteps and turned around suddenly; that persons robes around the chest was undone and there was a little dog head popping out from it.

The man and beast were pursing their lips tightly with a strange expression, as if they were holding their breaths.

“Its you guys”

The gray robed cultivator was stunned for a moment, slightly dazed.

He could not understand why the person that he had restrained at the foot of the mountain with the Demon Suppressing Rope had arrived before him.

“Its him”

Su Zimo was also stunned for a moment.

Instantly, Su Zimo realized that the goal of that gray robed cultivator was the demon beast egg beside him!

A little guilty, Su Zimo could not help but avert the gaze of the gray robed cultivator.

Because the gray robed cultivators mind was entirely focused on the demon beast egg, he did not notice Su Zimos abnormality.

He walked forth and said at the same time, “Fellow Daoist, Im not going to bother about how you managed to break free from the Demon Suppressing Rope.

However, that egg is mine!”

“But of course, given your cultivation, youre not going to be my match if you insist on fighting me for the egg.”

The gray robed cultivator was filled with confidence as he glanced askew at Su Zimo.

Su Zimo did not say anything – he did not even dare to breathe.

Right now, as long as Su Zimo were to open his mouth and speak, beautiful lights would definitely burst forth from his mouth in a bedazzling manner.

At that moment, the gray robed cultivator had already arrived in front of the demon beast egg.

He swept his gaze across the surface and frowned, muttering softly, “Why is there a white spot thats glowing…”

The voice stopped abruptly!

The gray robed cultivator could no longer continue.

He stared straight at that tiny hole on the demon beast egg.

With a livid expression, the corners of his mouth twitched as if he was at the brink of collapse.


Night Spirit was simply way too young and could not hold it in anymore as it opened its mouth and shouted.

A massive aura of essence appeared for a brief moment.


Seemingly sensing something, the gray robed cultivator spun around.

Su Zimo saw that they could no longer hide it and no longer held back, opening his mouth and exhaling deeply.

Right after, brilliant light spilled from Su Zimos mouth and nose, forming a dazzling atmosphere.


There was no way the gray robed cultivator did not know what happened upon seeing that.

Instantly, he was fuming and his mouth swelled from anger, nearly puking out blood.

There was no way Su Zimo would dare to linger any longer as he deployed Divine Steed Fleeting and sped out of the cave immediately.

“F*ck, youre still trying to escape”

The gray robed cultivator bellowed with reddened eyes.

Waving his arm, the sleeves of his robes expanded as he circled around Su Zimo a couple of times before yanking the latter back!

“Hey, what are you doing!”

Su Zimos voice was questioning despite his situation.

Unexpectedly, the moment he opened his mouth, a ray of light sprayed on the gray robed cultivators face.


The gray robed cultivator was trembling from anger as he grabbed Su Zimos collar and said through gritted teeth, “You actually ate the egg! You f*cking actually ate the egg! Thats a waste of that treasure! Do you know what sort of a life form that egg contains, kid!”

When he saw the frenzied appearance of the man, Su Zimo was afraid that he might lose his mind and replied honestly, “I dont know.”

“You ate it without knowing it!”

The gray robed cultivator let loose of Su Zimo and wailed as if his parents had passed away, “I went through so much hardship to come all the way here just for this egg.

But, you bloody ate it up! D… Damn it!”

At that moment, the gray robed cultivator even had suicidal thoughts.

This Foundation Establishment Cultivator who had appeared out of nowhere had screwed him to death!

If the old man were to know about this, he would probably be mocked to death.

“Kid, just wait to die.

To think that you would dare eat that egg, fufufu.”

Looking at Su Zimo, the gray robed cultivator sneered.

Su Zimo did not reply.

The more the gray robed cultivator thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt.

He moved forward and clenched his teeth.

“How much of it did you eat Youre even spewing out light from your mouth! How did you manage to eat everything alone!”

“Burp… ”

Right then, Night Spirit who was initially hidden in Su Zimos robes popped its head out and burped; there were also a few shining rays of light that spewed from its nose and mouth.


The gray robed cultivator rolled his eyes and felt dizzy, almost fainting.

“Even that dog ate so much of it! Y-Y-You…!”

He pointed at Su Zimos face and was so pissed that he was speechless.

All of a sudden, the gray robed cultivator seemed to have thought of something and ran to the egg hurriedly.

He flipped the folding fan in his hand and smashed it into pieces.

There was not much juice left in the egg; only some were still stuck on the eggshells.

“I dont care anymore! Im going to try some too!”

The gray robed cultivator muttered to himself and could not be bothered any longer.

Raising a piece of eggshell with both hands, he stuck out his tongue and licked it without any regard for his image…





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