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Chapter 258: Too Willful

News of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop spread quickly and arrived in Yongxing City before long, creating quite a stir.

No cultivator wouldnt be tempted at the low price and single set of materials required.

Initially, there were still cultivators who did not believe in it and were used to customizing their spirit weapons in Yongxing City.

However, as time passed, the reputation of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop grew and so did its influence.

Some cultivators would rather queue and wait at Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop rather than spend additional materials and money at Yongxing City.

“What A single set of materials And at such a low price”

“Hmph! Isnt he afraid of losing money”

“What sect is this Mo Ling guy from How old is he”

All the cultivators in the capital thought that the Weapon Refinement Master of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshops name was Mo Ling.

“Im not sure.

I heard that the cultivator receiving everyone is a little girl around 15 years old.

I havent heard of anyone who has seen how Mo Ling looks like.”

“Yes, there are different rumors about Mo Lings appearance and age.

Some say that hes a weak scholar, some say that he has the demeanor of a sage and there are even those that say hes a venerable old man.

I dont think any of them are accurate.

However, they say that the little girls extremely pretty and theres also a fierce black dog in the residence.”

The various weapon workshops were discussing it as well.

Back hall of True Fire Weapon Workshop.

An old man in red robes sat on a chair, listening to the shopkeeper explain the situation about Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop as he sipped tea with a calm expression.

“Elder Zhang, because of that Mo Ling, the number of orders for customized middle-grade spirit weapons from our weapon workshop has clearly decreased.

What do you think…” Ge Yong asked in a testing manner.

Even though Ge Yong was the shopkeeper of True Fire Weapon Workshop, he was only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator who was proficient in the way of the merchants.

Elder Zhang was the true pillar of support for True Fire Weapon Workshop.

He was an Advanced Weapon Refinement Master who was renowned in True Fire Sect as well.

Most of the cultivators who ordered superior-grade spirit weapons at True Fire Weapon Workshop came because of Elder Zhangs reputation as well.

“A single set of materials and 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones”

Elder Zhang shook his head and chuckled.

“Hes asking for trouble.

Even Advanced Weapon Refinement Masters would not dare to guarantee a 100% success rate for spirit gathering.

Anyone who has a 50% success rate would already be considered as the top of Weapon Refinement Masters.”

“In order words, they would require at least two sets of materials if they want to earn that 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

That person is acting so arrogantly.

I dare guarantee that within half a year, this Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop will not be able to sustain and will close down.”

Ge Yong asked, “Should we just ignore him then”


Elder Zhang nodded.

“The main stream of income for True Fire Weapon Workshop is through customizing superior-grade spirit weapons.

Since that Mo Ling guy is only able to refine middle-grade spirit weapons, his impact on us is not considered too great.”

Pausing for a moment, a look of mockery flashed in Elder Zhangs eyes as he sneered, “Let him perish on his own.

I want to see how that guy ends up!”

Mo Spirit Weapon Workshops business was improving by the day and there was an endless stream of cultivators daily.

Every day, Nian Qi would be the one greeting the cultivators.

Su Zimo did not show himself and merely stayed in his room, making use of the materials sent over to perfect his tempering techniques and enhance his skills.

As time passed, Su Zimos standard of weapon refinement improved steadily and intricately.

His tempering technique was also being perfected slowly.

The problem of Su Zimo and Nian Qis cultivating resources was also resolved with the considerable income of spirit stones daily.

Half a year passed by quickly.

The two men and one beast of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop gained a considerable amount of benefits.

With sufficient spirit stones, Su Zimo had successfully reached late-stage Foundation Establishment two months ago.

As for Nian Qi, she was at Level 7 Qi Condensation after just half a years worth of cultivation!

This cultivation speed was comparable to Su Zimos back then.

Night Spirit had grown a little more as well.

It was clear that the essence energy of the dragon egg had a significant impact on Night Spirits growth.

During this period of time, Lin Xuanji tried dozens of methods to try and get his hands on Night Spirit only to be covered in dirt and end up in failure each time.

After half a year, Lin Xuanji could finally take it no longer, bidding farewell and leaving.

This day, Su Zimo called Nian Qi over.

“Yes… I want to make some changes to Mo Spirit Weapon Workshops rules.”

“What rules”

Nian Qi was not surprised.

She was long used to it after half a year.

She dared to guarantee that Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop had the most and oddest rules in the entire capital.

However, its business was the best…

Su Zimo continued, “From tomorrow onwards, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop will no longer customize middle-grade spirit weapons.

Well only take orders for superior-grade spirit weapons.”


Nian Qis little mouth opened slightly, her face full of shock and disbelief.

“W-Were not customizing middle-grade spirit weapons anymore

“Only superior-grade spirit weapons”

After saying, even Nian Qi was shocked herself.

Su Zimo nodded.

“Thats right.

Its still a single set of materials, but itll cost 3,000 superior-grade spirit stones.”

When she saw that Su Zimo was not joking about it, Nian Qi nodded instinctively.

By the time she reacted, Su Zimo had already turned to leave.

In the past half a year, every cultivator in the capital knew that the Weapon Refinement Master known as Mo Ling had an odd temperament and only forged weapons in the afternoon.

After six hours, no matter how many people were queuing outside, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop would close its doors…

This afternoon, a huge crowd of cultivators gathered in front of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop expectantly as usual.

Before long, with a creak, the door opened, revealing a beautiful face.

The cultivators who had been waiting for a long time outside were in high spirits, bouncing up from the spot one faster than the other.

However, when they arrived at the entrance, everyone stopped in their tracks and did not dare step past it!

There were too many rules for Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Without the permission of the owner of the place, anyone who dared cross the entrance would be disqualified from ordering customized spirit weapons from Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop!

Initially, there were some cultivators who were discontented.

Even though they did not dare to fight within the capital, they barged into the residence and created a fuss only to find themselves bitten half to death by a big, black dog…

“Miss Nian Qi, look, look! Its me! Im Yu Yingjun!”

“Miss Nian Qi, Ive already been here for three consecutive days.

Its my turn this time, right”

“Get lost! Ive already camped here for an entire month!”

The crowd pushed around noisily, squeezing into a tight pack in front of the entrance.

However, no one dared take a single step past it.

With a hesitant expression, Nian Qi paused for a moment before saying slowly, “Fellow Daoists, from today on, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop will no longer customize middle-grade spirit weapons…”



“No more customization”

The crowd gradually calmed down and everyone was confused.

Nian Qi continued, “From now on, well only customize superior-grade spirit weapons here.

Yes… its still a single set of materials but the price will be at 3,000 superior-grade spirit stones.”


“Miss Nian Qi, thats not right! Why is he not customizing anymore Were already here!”

“Thats right! We want to see fellow Daoist Mo Ling and ask him about it in person!”

Many cultivators were indignant and protested loudly.

Nian Qi stuck out her tongue.

“I forgot to tell you guys.

Our young master is in a bad mood today and wont be refining any weapons… you guys wont be able to see him too.

Please head back.”

With that, Nian Qi closed the door, leaving behind the rowdy crowd who did not recover for a long time.

A moment later, a cultivator trembled while pointing at the door and gritting his teeth.

“This guy is way too willful!”





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