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Chapter 262: Ten Breaths

Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Su Zimo assumed a lotus position in his room, using the breathing and expiration method of the Organs Refinement section while refining the essence energy of the dragon egg in his body.

With each breath and expiration, a strong demonic qi would be released from Su Zimos mouth and nose, permeating through the room and morphing into various beasts.

Some spread their wings and soared into the skies while others raised their heads and roared.

All of them had different forms and were divinely extraordinary!

Su Zimo sat silently in the middle of the thousands of beasts, motionless as he exuded a terrifying aura that was above all life, sending chills down ones spine.

It was late at night and Nian Qi had already fallen asleep in her room, leaving only Night Spirit beside Su Zimo.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo jolted awake from his cultivation and opened his eyes, causing two cold lights to shine momentarily in the night.

He felt a strong sense of trepidation!

Almost at the same time, Night Spirit also sensed something and stood up.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

There seemed to be nothing different in the courtyard.

If not for his spirit perception, Su Zimo would not have been able to sense that danger was already so close to them!

Someone had managed to scale the wall and land into the courtyard while evading Su Zimos sight and hearing.

The fact that it was so silent was evident of the other partys strength.

Jishui River was still flowing and gushing.

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Everything seemed normal, but Su Zimo vaguely caught a trace of abnormality amid the sound of running water!

There were experts approaching both in front and behind of them!

If Su Zimo was not wrong, the people arriving should be Golden Cores!

Liang Qiu and Meng Han did not dare to be careless and had already made their plans in True Fire Weapon Workshop.

To ensure that nothing went wrong, the two of them split up.

One of them would scale the wall through while the other would infiltrate Jishui River and flow down!

At almost the same time, both Golden Cores that were close to the end of their lifespans entered the residence and headed towards Su Zimos room.

Until now, the two of them had yet to use any spirit energy.

The moment they did, especially when they were fighting, the capital guards would definitely be alerted!

The sooner they alerted the capital guards, the less time they had remaining.

All of a sudden!

A faint sight came from within the room.

“Youre finally here…”

Upon hearing that, Liang Qiu and Meng Hans expressions changed.

Right after, a dazzling brilliance shone beneath their feet.

The light of an array formation!

There was an array formation carved outside the room!

The light of the formation was like a torch that shot into the sky, adding a killing intent to the vast darkness.

Tonight, it was Azure Falcons turn to patrol.

Every single Azure Falcon guard had an Azure Falcon demon beast as a companion, hence the name.

Every single Azure Falcon was a Foundation Establishment spirit demon that was extraordinary and powerful.

When they flapped their wings and released their full power, their speeds were extremely fast.

All the Azure Falcon guards patrolling the streets of the capital caught sight of the formation light beam.

“Look at the light of that formation.

It should be a Grade 2 formation.”

“Yes, but from the way the light is so multifarious, its possible that there are two or more formations fused together.”

The Azure Falcon guards discussed as they sped towards the origin of the formation beam.

“What direction is it coming from”

“Eh Judging from the location… it seems to be Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop”

“Oh no, Mr.

Mo is in trouble!”

Many of the Azure Falcon guards expressions changed drastically as they charged forward.

One of them even took out a green badge from his storage bag and tossed it into the air.

Arriving at the highest point, the badge exploded silently, forming a gigantic Azure Falcon.

The Azure Falcon Badge!

One would only use the Azure Falcon Badge if something extremely important happened!

For the past two years, the most famous person with the biggest influence in the capital would have to be the owner of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, Weapon Refinement Master Mo Ling.

Now, even for their discussions and gossip, people referred to him as Mr.

Mo out of respect.

The sole fact that he was able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons was enough to confer Mo Ling the title of the number one Weapon Refinement Master in the Great Zhou Dynasty!

In the capital, be it early-stage or late-stage Golden Cores, it was their honor to be able to meet Mr.


Almost at the same time, a green figure leaped into the air and sped towards Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop like lightning.

The moment the formation light shone, Meng Han and Liang Qiu felt their hearts sink.

It was only a Grade 2 formation and was not enough to trap the both of them.

However, the two of them had already alerted the capital guards before they even caught sight of the legendary Mo Ling.

That was equivalent to losing the initiative and they were now in a passive position given the complete change in circumstances.

Ten breaths!

If the Commander of the Azure Falcon guards, Mu Dongqing, used all his strength to rush here, he would only require ten breaths worth of time.

This meant that Liang Qiu and Meng Han had to find Mo Ling and kill him on the spot within that ten breaths!

Otherwise, after ten breaths, once the Commander of the Azure Falcon guards arrive, they would be the dead ones.

“Ten breaths is more than enough time!”

Liang Qiu hollered as he conjured hand seals with his left hand, conjuring spirit arts.

His right sleeve trembled and a flying sword darted out.

Almost instantly, three spirit patterns lit up on the sword – it was a superior-grade spirit weapon!


With a loud bang, the Grade 2 formations barrier shattered on the spot and dissipated, revealing a green-robed cultivator at the back.

He was handsome and bore a calm expression as he looked over coldly.

At the same time, Meng Han slapped his storage bag and waved both hands, shooting out two cold beams of light.

Spirit patterns lit up in a dazzling manner.

Two superior-grade flying swords!

“Go to hell!”

Meng Hans flying sword pierced towards the green-robed cultivator like two beams of light.

Before the swords even arrived, the temperature of the surroundings dipped in a suffocating manner.

By now, a breath had passed.

Everyone knew of the situation.

There were only two men and one beast in Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop and the green-robed cultivator in front of them was obviously not the little girl named Nian Qi – his identity was exposed!

In reality, the moment they caught sight of Su Zimo, Liang Qiu and Meng Han were slightly stunned.

They had never expected that Mr.

Mo, the so-called number one Weapon Refinement Master in the Great Zhou Dynasty, would be a young man in his twenties.

Furthermore, the young man was only at Foundation Establishment.

But very quickly, Liang Qiu and Meng Han regained their senses as a look of mockery flashed across their eyes.

To both of them, Su Zimo was already a dead man.

Under the combined forces of two Golden Cores, notwithstanding the fact that Su Zimo was only at late-stage Foundation Establishment, even if he was a meridian cultivator, he would not be able to last more than ten breaths!

Meng Hans two flying swords pierced towards Su Zimo at an extremely fast speed.

Su Zimo did not dodge at all, seemingly scared silly or couldnt react in time.

“Its over.”

Liang Qiu and Meng Han glared at Su Zimo coldly, as if they could visualize the image of the latters head pierced by the flying swords with fresh blood gushing out.


The next moment, the sound of shattering on the battlefield caused their expressions to change.

He was not dead

The flying sword did not pierce Su Zimo and instead struck another barrier of light!

There were other array formations other than the Grade 2 formation!

This was a chain formation!

Two breaths had passed.


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