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Chapter 285: Too Many Spirit Weapons

Azure Frost Elixir Workshop.

A few female cultivators gathered around Su Xiaoning excitedly, chattering non-stop as the flames of gossip burned in their eyes.

“Xiaoning, was that person really your brother Why havent you mentioned him before”

“Whats his name How old is he What sect is he from Does he have a Dao partner”

“Why didnt he join Azure Frost Sect together with you”

“Xiaoning, you guys seem so close.

Are you his Dao partner”

Su Xiaoning frowned slightly with worry in her eyes as she pursed her lips in silence.

Sensing that Su Xiaoning was in a glum mood, someone consoled her, “Xiaoning, dont be anxious.

Its only been two hours, its still early.”

“I advise you to give up hope!”

Right then, a female cultivator emerged from the back hall with a look of menace on her face – this was none other than their senior sister, Yang Yu.

Yang Yu scoffed coldly.

“He killed four people in the capital and you expect him to get out alive Dream on!”

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Xiaoning replied firmly, “My brother promised me that he would definitely come and fetch me!”

“How naive.”

Yang Yu did not hide the sarcasm in her eyes.

“Of the four people that were killed, two of them were disciples of True Fire Elixir Workshop and two of them were Scarlet Vulture guards.

Do you think that True Fire Sect and the Scarlet Vulture guards are to be trifled with”

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“Who do you think your brother is to be able to go against those two powerhouses”

With every word of Yang Yus, Su Xiaonings face turned paler.

She knew very well in her heart that the probability of Su Zimo leaving the capital alive was very low, but she was still willing to place her trust in him.

Yang Yu changed the topic.

“However, we cant be too sure about that either.

There are indeed people who have what it takes to go against True Fire Sect and the Scarlet Vulture guards in the capital.

For example…”

She was beating around the bush deliberately and waited for Su Xiaoning to let out a hopeful look before continuing slowly, “For example, your brother could be from the royal family itself! Fufu!”

Before she was finished, Yang Yu already burst out in laughter and her eyes were filled with mockery.

She was completely making fun of Su Xiaoning – if Su Zimo was someone of the royal family, how could the commander of the Scarlet Vulture guards not recognize him

Yang Yu added, “Of course, other than the royal family, theres another person in the capital who can withstand the power of True Fire Sect and the Scarlet Vulture guards.

That is…”

While Su Xiaoning knew that Yang Yu was clearly mocking her, she looked at the latter hopefully waiting for an answer.

“That is… the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Mr.

Mo!” Yang Yu declared.

Su Xiaonings eyes dimmed.

Yang Yu chuckled.

“Let me think, Junior Sister Su.

Could your brother be Mr.

Mo Eh, thats not right.

Your surnames Su and Mr.

Mos surname is Mo.

That seems a little far off… Also, I heard that Mr.

Mo is a Golden Core but your brother seems to be a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator, fufu!”

Su Xiaoning declared, “You dont have to be sarcastic, Senior Sister Yang.

I believe that my brother will definitely return alive!”


Yang Yu scoffed with a stifled laugh.

“If your brother returns alive, Ill…”

Right after Yang Yu said that, she caught sight of a figure striding over.

Dressed in green robes with delicate features, he walked into the main hall slowly.

The cultivators in the main hall were stunned on the spot, watching in shock with their mouths agape.

“H-How could that be You, you…!”

Yang Yu looked at the person who arrived and her mind was in a mess.

Someone that she thought would definitely be dead was standing alive and well right before her!

Su Zimo glared at Yang Yu coldly.


What did you say you were going to do if I were to return alive, hmm”

Yang Yu felt her heart clench as Su Zimo glared at her.

She turned away instinctively, not daring to meet his gaze as she felt an unprecedented sense of fear.


Su Xiaoning exclaimed in delight and buried herself head first into Su Zimos arms, sobbing softly.

He let out a gentle expression and patted her on the back.

Su Zimo supported Xiaoning to the side before walking over to Yang Yu slowly with a cold expression — his gaze was sharp as a knife and emitted a chilling killing intent.

“W-What do you want This is Azure Frost Elixir Workshop, its not a place for you to be brazen!”

Yang Yu was somewhat flustered as she pretended to be tough on the outside and scolded while she retreated subconsciously.

“Even within the capital, I dare to kill! Do you think that I wont dare to kill someone in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop”

Su Zimo continued to approach with a cold gaze.

Yang Yu gulped and felt increasingly flustered and horrified.

While she was at perfected Foundation Establishment, a cultivation realm higher than Su Zimos, she was completely stunned by Su Zimos aura right now!

Who wouldnt be afraid of someone that could walk out of the palace safely after starting a massacre in the capital

Even the Golden Cores of Azure Frost Sect were feeling wary at the moment, let alone Yang Yu.

No one dared to lay a hand on Su Zimo without knowing his identity!

Someone that could survive against the combined forces of True Fire Sect and the Scarlet Vulture guards definitely had a high status – who would dare offend someone like that

Before long, Yang Yu was already backed against the wall with nowhere to run.

“Do you know why those four people were killed”

Su Zimo came before Yang Yu and asked with narrowed eyes.

Yang Yus face was pale as she shook her head.

He replied slowly, “It was because they bullied Xiaoning.

You bullied her as well.”

“I-I… didnt!”

Yang Yus defense was powerless.

Su Zimo changed the topic and said, “But dont worry, I wont kill you.”

When she heard that, Yang Yu heaved a long sigh of relief.

Unknowingly, her back was already wet with sweat.

A mocking look flashed in Su Zimos eyes as he smiled.

“I wont kill you because someone else will deal with you.”

Instantly, Yang Yus relief was short-lived.

Right then, Su Xiaoning ran over and pulled Su Zimo away, saying to Yang Yu, “Senior Sister Yang, do we still have the deal we agreed on previously Ill sell you this Elixir Furnace for 5,000 superior-grade spirit stones or a superior-grade spirit weapon.”

Slowly, she took out an Elixir Furnace from her storage bag.

It was this Elixir Furnace that attracted the attention of He Xing from True Fire Sect and the series of conflicts thereafter.

The Elixir Furnace let out an extraordinary phenomenon when it was touched by Xiaonings blood.

Furthermore, Su Zimo could tell that Xiaoning was extremely fond of the Elixir Furnace – why was she selling it all of a sudden

“Xiaoning, why are you selling this furnace” Su Zimo asked, puzzled.

Su Xiaoning replied in seriousness, “Brother, youre always empty-handed.

You most likely dont have any handy spirit weapons with you.

Once I sell this furnace, Ill have the money to customize a superior-grade spirit weapon for you.”

Su Zimo felt his heart flood with warmth as he rubbed Xiaonings head dotingly.

“Hurry and put the furnace away.”

He said in a matter-of-factly manner, “Xiaoning, let me tell you, the reason why Im empty-handed isnt because Ive got no spirit weapons.

Its because Ive got too many…”

“Hmph, youre bragging again!”

“Lets go, Ill take you to my place to take a look.”

No longer bothered with Yang Yu, Su Zimo brought Xiaoning away from Azure Frost Elixir Workshop.

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