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Chapter 297: Invitation From the Young Master

Now that everything was as such, Perfected Being Cang Lang naturally could not stay any longer.

With a darkened expression, he turned to leave with his two disciples.

As Perfected Being Cang Lang left, the many surrounding cultivators began to disperse as well.

In a small alley, a coachman drove a horse carriage into the distance.

Outside the crowd, Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan stood at the side, looking emotional after witnessing the entire auction.

Bai Yuhan said, “Did you see that Mr.

Mo played with Perfected Being Cang Lang in the palms of his hands without even making an appearance such that the latter could only leave in shame.”

Ji Yaoxue nodded as a look of appreciation flashed in her eyes.


Mo is indeed impressive.

He expected all of Perfected Being Cang Langs reactions beforehand and dealt with it.”

Pausing for a moment, Ji Yaoxue smiled.

“If father had not told me that hes only a young man in his twenties, I would have thought that it was some scheming old man.”


Bai Yuhan looked at Ji Yaoxue slyly and chuckled.

“Why Are you starting to get curious about Mr.


Ji Yaoxue shook her head and smiled helplessly.

“Dont worry, when you see Mr.

Mo later on, you will forget that Su Zimo cleanly,” Bai Yuhan assured her.

Just as the two of them conversed, Perfected Being Yi Ning had already handed Nian Qi a storage bag with 30 sets of materials and 2 million superior-grade spirit stones for the supreme-grade spirit weapon.

Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan headed towards Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Perfected Being Yi Ning seemed to have said something to Nian Qi, causing the latter to shake her head.

That had Perfected Being Yi Ning turning to leave with a disappointed look.

“Greetings, master.”

Ji Yaoxue happened to approach and bowed slightly, greeting in a gentle voice.

Although Ji Yaoxue was dressed ordinarily right now and bowed towards Perfected Being Yi Ning, she exuded an air of royalty from head to toe that was extremely noble!

“Ah, Yaoxue.

You dont have to bow.”

Perfected Being Yi Ning nodded and stretched her hands to help Ji Yaoxue up.

While the disciples of Azure Frost Sect did not know of Ji Yaoxues identity, she knew.

Ji Yaoxue was only at Azure Frost Sect to cultivate for ten years.

Thereafter, she would return to the capital of Great Zhou for the sect competition and she would never return to Azure Frost Sect ever again.

In fact, now that Ji Yaoxue had returned to the capital, her status as a princess was already reverted.

“Congratulations, master.”

Ji Yaoxue smiled and said.


Perfected Being Yi Ning could not hide the joy in her eyes as she chuckled.

“Its a freak accident and totally by fate.

Who would have thought that Mr.

Mo would have chosen me in the end.”

Bai Yuhan asked, “What did you say to Nian Qi earlier on, Fellow Daoist Yi Ning”

“I wanted to meet Mr.

Mo to thank him in person, but he didnt agree and rejected me right away,” Perfected Being Yi Ning smiled bitterly.

Ji Yaoxue consoled her, “From what Fellow Daoist Nian Qi said, Mr.

Mo will appear for the sect competition.

Youll definitely see him then.”

“Yes, I hope so.”

The three of them chatted for a while before Perfected Being Yi Ning left.

Ji Yaoxue turned around and smiled.

“See, the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty is not someone you can meet at any moment.

Even my master was given the cold shoulder.”

“Well just give it a try.

Who knows, we might succeed”

Bai Yuhan joked, “At the very most, well just announce your title as the third princess and we might be able to change the situation!”

“Sister Bai, youre teasing me again,” Ji Yaoxue shook her head and laughed.

The two of them walked up and Bai Yuhan knocked on the door.

Before long, the door opened to the knock and Nian Qi poked her head out.

She looked at Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan curiously with her big, sparkling eyes.

“The auction has already ended.

Fellow Daoists, you are late.”

Ji Yaoxue smiled gently.

“Fellow Daoist, were not here for the auction.

The emperor customized a supreme-grade spirit weapon through Mr.

Mo previously and Im here to collect it.”


Nian Qi came to a sudden realization as she looked at Bai Yuhan.

She recalled that this was the commander of the White Hawk guards.

Since this yellow-robed lady was with Bai Yuhan, there should be no mistake.

“Please wait a moment.

The supreme-grade spirit weapon is with our young master.

Ill retrieve it right away.”

Nian Qi said and was about to close the door.

“Hey! Hey!”

Bai Yuhan held Nian Qi back when she saw that Ji Yaoxue was looking indifferent and did not mention anything about wanting to meet Mo Ling.

Coughing softly, she said, “Fellow Daoist Nian Qi, can we enter with you and visit Mr.

Mo After all, weve been admiring him for a long time.”


Nian Qi shook her head without thinking.

Pausing for a moment, she looked at Bai Yuhan and asked confusedly, “Commander Bai, havent you met my young master before”

“I did, but she hasnt,” Bai Yuhan pointed at Ji Yaoxue who was beside her.

“Nopes still!”

Nian Qi still shook her head and closed the door.

“Right, shes the third princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty! Hey…” Bai Yuhan hurriedly called out, not knowing if Nian Qi heard her.

Ji Yaoxue could not help but laugh.

“Sister Bai, stop shouting.

Dont you find it embarrassing when theyre ignoring you I do.”

Bai Yuhan pouted.

“If he doesnt want to meet us, so be it! Whats so great about him!”

After a while, the door opened once more and Nian Qi appeared in a flash, looking at Ji Yaoxue with a curious expression.

“Wheres the supreme-grade spirit weapon Well leave after taking it.”

Bai Yuhan felt indignant after being rejected twice in a row by Nian Qi.

Nian Qi said, “The spirit weapon is with our young master.”

Frowning, Bai Yuhan asked, “Then what were you doing just now”

Nian Qi bowed slightly and made an inviting gesture as she smiled gently.

“Our young master invites you in.”

Both Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan were stunned.

The two of them originally thought that they would never be able to meet Mr.


But now, things had taken a sudden spin.


Mos thoughts were truly unfathomable.

Ji Yaoxue was rather calm and composed.

To her, it did not matter whether or not she met him.

However, Bai Yuhan smiled delightedly as she pulled Ji Yaoxues wrist while urging, “Lets go! This is a rare opportunity!”

Under Nian Qis lead, the two of them entered the residence hailed as the most mysterious in the capital of Great Zhou.

The houses in the courtyard were neat and tidy and the courtyard itself was clean with the lawn neatly arranged.

Not far away, there was a stone table and a couple of stone stools.

Apart from those, there was nothing else.

On the shore beside Jishui River, a large black dog that was covered in scales sprawled down, seemingly resting with its eyes closed.

“Please have a seat.”

Nian Qi led the two of them to the stone table where there was already a pot of tea.

It was emitting steam and a fragrant aroma.

Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan sat down where they were served a cup of tea each by Nian Qi.

Bai Yuhan felt uneasy seeing Nian Qi like this.

While Nian Qi seemed like she was a maidservant on the surface, there were not many cultivators in the capital of Great Zhou that could have her pouring tea for them.

“Sister Yaoxue, its really you!”

Suddenly, an exclamation sounded nearby.

Ji Yaoxue turned around and saw Su Xiaoning sprinting towards her with a delighted expression.

“Xiaoning, why are you here…”

Ji Yaoxue was stunned.

Right then, another voice rang out, gentle as jade.

“Miss Ji, how have you been”

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