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Chapter 348: Defeated Departure

The strong stench of blood filled the air, making one sick.

Night Spirits attacks caused the entire battlefield to pause for a moment.

Jun Hao did not blink at all as his pupils constricted, focusing his sights on the five Great Xia cultivators who were filled with blood from head to toe – he was seemingly shocked silly.

All of a sudden!

Turning around slowly, Night Spirits cold gaze landed on Jun Hao.

Instantly, Jun Haos breathing halt.

For a brief moment, he felt as though his heart was gripped by an invisible hand!

Night Spirit walked slowly and arrived before Jun Hao.

Jun Haos mind was blank right now as his limbs went cold – he could not move at all!

Night Spirits body was much taller than Jun Haos and it was looking down at him from above.

There was a cold intent in its eyes while its chilling tail swayed like a ghost at the back.

Against Night Spirit, Jun Hao felt extremely pathetic like an ant that could be stepped on at any moment!

Horrified, cold sweat began rolling down his cheeks.

His arms were trembling uncontrollably.

Gripping his fists tightly, Jun Hao clenched his teeth to suppress the fear in his heart.

To his shock, that only caused his arms to tremble even more violently.

“Night Spirit, hurry back!”

Suddenly, a girls voice sounded.

Pausing for a moment, Night Spirit looked at Jun Hao indifferently – there was a hint of warning and a tinge of disdain within its eyes.

It then turned around and slowly returned to the girls side.

The departure of that terrifying demon beast had Jun Hao feeling as though he had just brushed by the gates of hell.

His clothes were drenched with sweat and he was weak all over, almost collapsing to the ground.

He looked at Night Spirit with lingering fear.

The violent demon beast that had let out its menacing claws earlier on was now sprawled obediently beside the girl, even letting her pet him with her jade-white hands.

The girls crisp voice sounded, “Thank you so much, Night Spirit.

However, you cant go around scaring others.

You have to be obedient!”

Night Spirit let out a deep growl as a form of acknowledgment.

Right after, the girl turned towards Jun Hao and smiled apologetically.

“Senior Brother Jun, sorry! Thats the way Night Spirit is.

Please dont take it to heart.”

“I-Its fine.”

Jun Hao replied instinctively.

Earlier on, he had truly sensed the killing intent from that demon beast called Night Spirit!

If the girl hadnt called it back, he might be dead right now!

The girl chuckled and continued, “Thank you for your warning just now, Senior Brother Jun.”

“Its only right, ha.

Ha ha…”

Jun Hao laughed dryly.

Even though he had no mirror, he could sense how stiff his smile was.

He felt a sense of relief.

He merely gave that fake warning earlier on because he did not want to expose his identity prematurely.

By the looks of it, he seemed to have gained Su Xiaonings trust instead with his actions.

Of course, even so, Jun Hao no longer dared harbor designs on Su Xiaoning.

The demon beast at her side was way too terrifying!

In fact, Jun Hao suspected that the reason why the demon beast was so hostile towards him was because it had sensed something!

Darned beast!

He cursed internally.

On the battlefield.

Blood Quencher crushed down with a scarlet glow as the sky that was formed from the glass mirror shattered, forming a huge crack.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In the blink of an eye, the crack multiplied into its surroundings, covering the entire sky densely.

The glass mirror was shattered!

Guo Yi fell from the sky and coughed with blood.

He was looking at Night Spirit with widened eyes, filled with fright.

The fact that Night Spirit had killed five Great Xia cultivators also implied that he had lost his lifeline!

Immediately after, Su Zimo cut down casually onto Guo Yis head.

At this point, all three six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators had died!

The cultivators of the Great Xia and Great Shang factions were instantly defeated as they let out shouts and fled in all directions.

With his Ethereal Wings, Su Zimo streaked through the skies and a scarlet glow shone repeatedly.

Finally, he relented after killing more people continuously.

The cultivators of the two dynasties fled in various directions and it was impossible if he wanted to eliminate them all.

Furthermore, it would waste time if he were to continue hunting them.

They were in the ancient battlefield after all and it was already getting late – Su Zimo was worried about other stuff.

Finally, the battle royale between the three dynasties ended with the defeat of the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties.

Even though the Great Zhou Dynasty was victorious, it was a tragic victory.

Initially, Ji Yaoxue had four Great Zhou guards protecting here, but the battle cost two of them.

Right now, there were 11 people remaining – Su Zimo and his sister, Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and little fatty of Ethereal Peak, Ji Yaoxue and two Great Zhou guards, Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect, Shi Jian of Southern Mountains Sect and Si Yutang of Iridescent Clouds Palace.

Of course, there was also Night Spirit.

Out of the 11 of them, apart from Su Zimo, Su Xiaoning, Ji Yaoxue and Jun Hao, the other seven were covered in blood and had injuries.

Su Zimo said in a low voice, “Everyone, pack up and leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Thats easy for you to say.

How can we move”

Si Yutang grumbled, “Were all injured now, suffering from pain everywhere and thoroughly exhausted.

Theres no way we can use Sword Kinesis Flight.”

Su Zimo swept his gaze at him.

Recalling the methods of this man before him, Si Yutang could not help but shudder and shut up.

Ji Yaoxue asked softly, “Zimo, should we rest here first”


Su Zimo shook his head.

“So many people died in this battle and the stench of blood is spreading.

Many ancient living beings will definitely be attracted here so we must not linger!”

After surviving a year in Cang Lang Mountain Range, Su Zimo was clear of the rules there.

However, the ancient battlefield was 10 times crueler than Cang Lang Mountain Range!

When they heard that, everyones hearts skipped a beat as they could not help but look fearful upon recalling the moment they came across the Blood Centipedes.

Su Zimo continued, “Its already close to evening now.

If we dont look for a place to settle down before night, theres a high chance well find ourselves surrounded by ancient living beings!”

“What should we do then”

As the skies darkened, the cultivators were also starting to feel uneasy and nervous – none of them had any ideas.

Before entering the ancient battlefield, they were warned repeatedly by many seniors that birds, beasts and terrifying living beings roamed the ancient battlefield at night.

This was not a place where they should wander at night or they would definitely be met with death!

Pondering in silence for a moment, Su Zimo started moving to collect the storage bags of the other two dynasties.

He would open every single storage bag for a look.

“Humph, someone was in a hurry to leave but hes already busy collecting the spoils of war now,” Si Yutang could not help but remark softly.

Little fatty said coldly, “Si Yutang, dont forget! If my bro didnt attack, you would have long been dead!”

Ji Yaoxue nodded as well.

“Its only right that those storage bags belong to Zimo.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “However, Ive got a feeling that hes looking for something.”

Right then, Su Zimos eyes lit up as he retrieved an exquisite spirit vessel from one of the storage bags.

Injecting spirit energy into it, the spirit vessel expanded instantly and hovered in front of everyone.

“Lets go.

Well board this spirit vessel and leave this place,” Su Zimo waved.

When they saw the spirit vessel, everyone was enlightened and exchanged glances.

It was as though a rock had been lifted off their shoulders as they looked at Su Zimo with gratitude.

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