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Chapter 415: Supreme God Strength

“Psst!” Psst! “Psst!”

Before the cries of the infant could subside, a series of strange sounds came from the other side, resembling the hiss of a snake.

However, the sound was really loud.

Looking over subconsciously, everyone was shocked and took a deep breath of cold air!

There was truly a snake beneath the mountain range!

The gigantic snake coiled up from the ground and stretched its upper body, revealing a height over a thousand feet tall and scales the size of a basin!

The snakes head could almost reach the top of the sky as it looked down at everyone with cold and vicious eyes, twisting the clouds with every breath!


An evil gust of wind blew by and the gigantic snake swayed its forked tail that looked like a pair of hooks.

They glistened coldly and emitted a foul smell – it was obvious that they were poisonous.

The long tail swept across the ground and the hooks at its tip pierced the bodies of nearly a hundred cultivators, causing blood to flood.

Many of those cultivators reacted quickly and managed to crush protection talismans first.

However, their protection talismans were like paper against the hooks of the gigantic snake and could not even withstand a single blow!

Many of the cultivators hung on the hooks with blood dripping down in a ghastly sight.

They struggled and yelled as they were slowly sent into the mouth of the gigantic snake.

With a squirm of its throat, the gigantic snake swallowed almost a hundred cultivators in one gulp!

“Pure-blooded ferocious beast, Hook Snake!”

Even Su Zimos expression was turning slightly grim.

The current situation was obvious.

If they wanted to get to the Elixir Pool Sect ruins, they would not only have to fight a way out from the beast stampede, but get through the defenses of the three pure-blooded ferocious beasts as well!

Furthermore, all three pure-blooded ferocious beasts were clearly at peak Foundation Establishment and had terrifying strength – this was far beyond what Su Zimo had expected.

It would be difficult if he wanted to kill three pure-blooded ferocious beasts given his current strength.

Unless… he chose to take on his demon form!

After assuming demon form, Su Zimo would become an extremely powerful existence that was even more terrifying than the pure-blooded ferocious beasts!


All of a sudden!

A high-pitched roar pierced through the clouds at the horizon.

A massive bird soared through the skies with its golden body that was extremely piercing in the night.

It had two horns on its head and spread its hundred feet wide wings, looking down with a sharp gaze.

With a swoop, the bird opened its sharp claws and tore two cultivators apart, splattering their meat and blood everywhere!

All the cultivators who entered the ancient battlefield were completely defenseless against the pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

After killing dozens of cultivators, the bird screeched again, looking excited with its cruel gaze.

“C-Could that be another pure-blooded ferocious beast”

An Elixir Yang Sect cultivator asked with a trembling voice.

Uncle Liang nodded and gulped.

“That should be a Gu Bird, one of the ancient pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

Its said that the bloodline of an immortal bird, the Golden Roc, flows within it!”

Tang Yu took a deep breath to compose herself and said slowly, “Thats the fourth pure-blooded ferocious beast.”

Uncle Liang whispered, “Young Master, retreat! Even if I have to give up my life, Ill make sure you get to escape!”

Previously, Uncle Liang did not waver even against the beast stampede formed by the ancient remnant beasts.

However, upon seeing the four pure-blooded ferocious beasts, he finally had the intention to retreat.

Nobody in their group was a match for the pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

Even if they could break free from the obstructions of the pure-blooded ferocious beasts, it would be a miracle if even a tenth of their current five hundred cultivators could survive!

Tang Yu looked hesitant and turned towards Su Zimo instinctively.

Sighing, Uncle Liang lamented internally, “Although that lads methods are sharp and powerful, he isnt a match for the pure-blooded ferocious beasts still.”

At that thought, Uncle Liang urged again, “Young Master, we have a chance to escape now that the pure-blooded ferocious beasts havent turned their attention towards us yet.


Dong! Dong! Dong!

Before he could finish, Uncle Liang was interrupted by a series of dull sounds.

It was mighty and strong, as if someone was beating the heavenly drums!

The next moment, a gigantic white ape leaped out from behind the mountain range.

Over a hundred feet tall, its massive red feet stomped heavily on the ground, giving off deafening bangs.

The ground was torn asunder and revealed a series of dark ravines!

Rearing its head and roaring, the gigantic ape drummed against its chest with its fists, giving off the dull sounds.

Right after, its gaze turned towards the group from Elixir Yang Sect, baring its fangs in a bloodthirsty manner!

“Not good!”

Uncle Liang was alarmed.

It was probably too late even if they wanted to retreat now.

They had already been targeted by a pure-blooded ferocious beast!

The fifth pure-blooded ferocious beast had appeared!

A white head with red feet and the appearance of an ape… the only pure-blooded ferocious beast that fit this description was a Zhu Yan!


The Zhu Yan roared in the direction of Elixir Yang Sect and suddenly extended a massive palm, smashing the mountain range near it.

Instantly, the mountains collapsed and the earth cracked!

Everyone was dumbstruck.

That was the power of a pure-blooded ferocious beast!

It could crush mountains and split the earth, swallowing rivers with its mighty energy!

Hugging a gigantic mountain top with both arms, the Zhu Yan flung it towards the area where Elixir Yang Sect was!

Although the mountain top did not seem huge against the massive figure of the Zhu Yan, it seemed to cover the skies as it was thrown over.

That was no mountain top… it was an entire mountain!

Everyone merely felt their vision turn dark as the gigantic mountain crashed down towards them with a mighty aura, filling the skies with debris!

Even ancient remnant beasts would turn into sludge if they were crushed by that mountain.

“Hurry, run!”

Unable to withstand the pressure, someone shrieked and turned to run, wanting to get out of the radius of the mountain before it landed.

Tang Yu wanted to retreat but she realized that Su Zimo was rooted on the spot, looking at the descending mountain with a raised head as though he was scared stiff.

“Hurry, lets go!”

Feeling her heart clench, Tang Yu hurriedly advanced and grabbed Su Zimo by the arm, wanting to drag the latter away.


Su Zimo let out a long howl and the sound of a tsunami roared from within his body.

Tang Yu froze in her tracks and her expression changed slightly.

Channeling his bloodline, Su Zimo stomped on the ground heavily before leaping up, welcoming the descending mountain with both arms!


When Su Zimos hands met the bottom of the mountain, gravel flew everywhere with a deafening sound.

His clothes were completely torn, revealing a pair of muscular arms with swelling muscles that intertwined like liquid steel!


Pang! Pang! Pang!

Tsunami blood and tendons like a bowstring!

This was the limit of Su Zimos strength without assuming demon form!

The mountain was still descending.

Against the descending mountain, Su Zimo seemed incomparably small.

In fact, he wasnt even as large as the spilling gravel and looked laughable, like an ant trying to shake an ancient tree!

However, the mountain was stopped just as it was about to land on the ground!

An upright figure stood between the mountain and the ground, straight as a pencil with unbuckling knees and a fervent gaze, holding up an entire mountain with his supreme god strength!

Notwithstanding the many Elixir Yang Sect disciples, even the Zhu Yan who was watching from afar was dumbfounded, as if it could not understand what was happening.


Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo channeled strength into his arms and lifted the mountain above his head, flinging it back in the opposite direction!


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