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Chapter 439: Gathering of the Elites

Wielding his sword, Hang Qiuyu charged into the crowd.

Everywhere he passed through, Hell broke loose as fresh blood spilled along with broken limbs in a tragic scene.

The battlefield was in chaos.

Shrieks, screams, yells and the sound of killing were mixed together.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

From the south, a series of heavy footsteps arrived.

Each time it sounded, the ground would tremble a little, as if a massive being with terrifying might was sprinting over!

Many cultivators looked towards the voice.

A buzz cut cultivator headed over in huge strides.

With a bare upper body, his exposed muscles shone with a bronze luster and his muscles bulged out one by one, giving off an explosive feeling of power!

The person carried a gigantic iron spear on his shoulder that was pitch-black and heavy.

Exuding a violent aura from head to toe, his eyes burned as he laughed with a domineering aura.

“A bunch of reckless idiots.

How dare you guys try to taint the Human Emperors Palace!”

“Hurry, run! Its someone from the fiend sects!”

“Thats the fiend heir of Overlord Palace, Pang Yue! Run!”

Pang Yue slapped the spear on his shoulder and it bounced into the air as he shouted, “Its too late to run now!”


The iron spear tore through the air, turning into a dark ray of light as the wind howled.

Following the spear, Pang Yue charged into the crowd.

The cultivators that stood at the front were torn into pieces by the black spear.

With a flick, the spear shattered all spirit weapons that collided with it.


Pang Yue roared as he gripped the black spear singlehandedly.

He swept in reverse and sliced dozens of cultivators in the crowd into pieces with the strength of a massive army!

Overlord Palace was the strongest body tempering sect among the fiend sects.

Even in Tianhuang Mainland, they could be ranked as one of the top threes, alongside Glass Palace and Diamond Monastery.

As the fiend heir of Overlord Palace, it was easy to imagine how strong Pang Yue was in melee combat.

This was a killing feast!

Eight spirit meridians shone on Pang Yues body and spirit energy surged while his bloodline roared.

Everywhere his spear passed, people were bound to die as no one could withstand its sharpness.

On the other side, a purple aura arrived.

It produced an unrestrained pressure as though an emperor has arrived.

“Hurry, run! Its Ao Yuxiao of Purple Firmament Sect!”

The crowd in the east was also in a mess as cultivators scattered in all directions.

A purple-robed cultivator stood in midair with a solemn expression.

His entire body was shrouded by a billion streams of purple qi that shone with a brilliant myriad of colors – he possessed a dignified aura that looked down on the masses.


Waving his sleeves, Ao Yuxiao chided softly.

The billion streams of purple qi that were initially surrounding him formed purple swords in midair that shone brightly as they tore the crowd into pieces like a group of purple clouds.

The purple clouds swept across the skies and many cultivators fell from midair to their deaths.

It was as Tang Yu had predicted – an unprecedented massacre was bound to happen in the ancient battlefield with the appearance of the Human Emperors Palace.

The vicinity around the Human Emperors Palace turned into a slaughterhouse.

It wasnt just Sword Sect and Purple Firmament Sect.

Successors of the other nine immortal sects appeared one after another and joined the battlefield.

There was an icy cold fairy with white robes fluttering, a cultivator with lightning gaze and sped like the wind, a Dao cultivator with a Dao crown on his head and a horsetail whisk…

From the fiend sects, apart from Pang Yue of Overlord Palace, Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect and the fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult appeared as well.

The fiend heir of Zenith Sect, Bai Yu, charged into the battlefield with his Zenith Saber and killed ecstatically.

Previously, Bai Yu escaped from the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea using Blood Escape after losing to Su Zimo.

Now that he reappeared, he had already unlocked his eighth spirit meridian!

To be fair, if he hadnt unlocked the eighth meridian, he would have met his demise like all the cultivators here if he had come forth to take a look, let alone covet for the Human Emperors Palace.

All the successors of the immortal and fiend sects had a tacit understanding and avoided one another temporarily while killing the other cultivators.

Under such circumstances, the only ones who had a chance of escaping were those at eight meridian Foundation Establishment!

A burly man in linen clothes with thick brows and a rough face stood at the boundaries of the chaotic battlefield, watching everything coldly.

Su Zimo had already arrived!

Ding… Ding!

Suddenly, a long and distant bell sounded from the west, seemingly able to cleanse ones soul and was extremely sacred.

As the bell rang, a bald cultivator strode over.

He was barefooted and dressed in monk robes.

Wielding a golden bell, his eyes shone with a tinge of golden glow… it was the successor of Diamond Monastery, Monk Jue Chen!


Monk Jue Chen held one palm vertically and let out a Buddhist proclamation with conviction.

After ten days, Monk Jue Chens expression was normal and his aura was stable – it was clear that his injuries had already healed.

Su Zimo nodded silently.

As one of the six Buddhist monasteries, Diamond Monastery was truly capable.

Previously, Monk Jue Chens was heavily suppressed by Su Zimo and his flesh had exploded while his organs were dislocated.

In ten days, he had already recovered to his original state.

That was proof that the monks physique was truly extraordinary.


Expressionlessly, Monk Jue Chen flicked his wrist gently and the bell sounded once more.

A group of cultivators that were fleeing in midair on their flying swords shuddered.

Their faces turned pale as they swayed unsteadily.


The bell sounded once more.

Thud! Thud!

One after another, the cultivators fell from midair.

By the time they reached the ground, their gazes were dim and blood flowed from all seven orifices – they were already dead!

Three more monks and a nun strode slowly forward behind Monk Jue Chen.

Although the three monks and the nun were all Buddhists as well, their attires were different as were the sect badges on their waists.

Among the six Buddhist monasteries, five successors had appeared!

It was a gathering of the elites!

In this battle, some cultivators from other sects or itinerant cultivators who thought that they were strong finally understood the terror of the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects.

Although they were also at eight meridian Foundation Establishment, they were no match for the successors of those sects!

The number of cultivators around the Human Emperors Palace decreased but the number of corpses increased as blood flowed like a river.

Finally, someone caught sight of Su Zimo who was standing at the boundaries.

It was Bai Yu, the fiend heir of Zenith Sect!

Naturally, he did not know that this was Su Zimo who had changed his appearance.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have advanced alone without any reservations.

Bai Yus expression was cold as he held the bloody Zenith Saber in his hands.

He glared at Su Zimo without any shred of emotion.

Although Su Zimo was expressionless, a flicker of mockery flashed through his eyes.


Bai Yu swung his Zenith Saber and created a bloodied arc in midair before it descended upon Su Zimos head.

Su Zimos eyes shone brightly.

Just as he was about to take action, a tender shout sounded from behind him.


A fragrance wafted over.

A pink ribbon tore through the air.

Although it looked weak, it managed to fend off Bai Yus attack!

Right after, as if it was alive, the pink ribbon coiled itself along the body of the saber.

Frowning, Bai Yu retracted his Zenith Saber hurriedly.

“Demoness Ji, what are you doing”

He glared at the girl in pink that darted out from behind the burly man, asking in an unfriendly manner.


By now, Demoness Ji had already covered herself with her veil again.

Smiling gently, she glanced at Su Zimo and said, “This is a friend I invited.

Hes on the side of the fiend sects.”


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