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Chapter 446: All Star Battle, Unparalleled Pride!

The three great paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects were ganging up on a single person!

If word of this spread to the cultivation world, it would definitely cause an uproar.


Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and his chest puffed massively.

Letting out a long roar, his bloodline expanded and he slashed thrice in succession almost at the same time!

Each slash carried forth a shuddering power shockwave.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The first slash struck the Startling Sword, forcing Hang Qiuyu back.

The second slash struck the purple sword.

The purple qi surrounding Ao Yuxiao was linked to it and as such, it shook violently and most of it dissipated.

The final slash struck the Diamond Staff, causing Monk Jue Chen to grunt dully.

His expression changed starkly as he staggered in retreat repeatedly!

Su Zimo was fearless against the combined attacks of the three great paragons.

Instead, the power he emitted was even more terrifying and his aura was fiercer, as though it could suppress everything!

The three of them were not the only ones shocked; even all the paragons watching were stunned.

How did Divine Phoenix Island create someone like that

If he was already in possession of such tremendous strength at seven meridian Foundation Establishment, who could stop him if they were all at the same level of eight meridian Foundation Establishment

There was no wonder why Divine Phoenix Island dared to allow this man into the ancient battlefield.

A successor as such was already showing signs of being unstoppable.

If nothing went wrong, there was an extremely high chance that he would definitely receive the title of an emperor in the future!

Before many paragons could finish that thought, Su Zimos next statement caused a huge stir in everyones hearts!

After forcing the three great paragons back with three consecutive slashes, his aura was torrential and he swept his gaze across the paragons like lightning.

Everyone who was here at the Human Emperors Palace were all the elites of the super sects and had great pride and ego.

Even though Su Zimo was extremely strong and had ferocious methods, none of them would want to admit defeat against him before they fought with him.

All the paragons were raring to give it a shot.

“Well, well, well!”

Nodding his head, Su Zimos bloodline surged.

His bones and tendons rang together as he declared loudly, “Lets save the trouble.

All of you can come at me together.

Ill deal with all of you at the same time!”

Deal with all of you at the same time… deal with all of you at the same time…

Su Zimos voice was like a gigantic bell that rang through the universe, reverberating in everyones minds for the longest time!

The moment he said that, everyone present was shocked!

What did that imply

It meant that he wanted to face all the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects singlehandedly!

His pride and guts were extremely rare across history and were comparable to that of an emperors!

Overlord Palaces Pang Yue said slowly, “Hes not called Mad Blade for nothing… hes truly mad!”

Even Pang Yue could not help but acknowledge his inferiority at that moment.

No matter the outcome of this battle, he wouldnt have dared to make that bold statement personally.

He was not the only one.

All of the paragons, Hang Qiuyu and Ao Yuxiao included, would not dare make a claim as such!

It was complete arrogance that looked down on the immortal and Buddhist sects!

“Steel is easily snapped if its too rigid.

Does this guy really think of himself as an emperor”

Cloud Rain Sects Shangguan Yu sneered, “Dont forget that youre just a Foundation Establishment Cultivator! I dont believe that Mad Blade will be able to suppress all the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects singlehandedly!”

“Thats right.”

The fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult nodded in agreement.

“Hang Qiuyu and the others definitely have trump cards up their sleeves still.

If they fight till the end and piss off all the paragons, causing them to fight with all their might, that man is bound to die!”

On the battlefield.

Snowdrift Valleys Ling Han was the first to step forward as she declared coldly with a frosty expression, “Since you looked down on Snowdrift Valleys secret skill earlier on, Ill come and take you on!”

“If thats the case, I, Chen Yizi of Chaos Essence Sect, wants to have a taste of Divine Phoenix Islands ultimate moves as well!”

Another paragon stood forth together with Hang Qiuyu and the others.

Right after, another paragon leaped forward onto the battlefield, saying in a low voice, “Im from Zephyr Thunder Palace…”

“Stop talking,”

Su Zimo raised his hand and interrupted impatiently before continuing indifferently, “If you want to fight, fight.

Im not interested in knowing more.”

“You… ”

Zephyr Thunder Palaces successors face was black after being cut as he grit his teeth angrily.

In the blink of an eye, Hang Qiuyus group of three, Snowdrift Valleys Ling Han, Chaos Essence Sects Chen Yizi, Zephyr Thunder Palaces successor, Clear Wind Temples successor, Formless Monasterys successor and Wisdom Monasterys successor arrived on the battlefield.

The nine paragons looked unfriendly as they moved slowly, surrounding Su Zimo in the middle!

Demoness Ji was instantly panicked when she saw that.

Looking at the fiend heirs around her, she asked with a frown, “Are you guys just going to stand by and watch If Mad Blade loses, the successors of the immortal and Buddhist sects are going to turn their attention to us and we of the fiend sects are still going to be disadvantaged!”

“Hehe, he asked for this,”

Cloud Rain Sects Shangguan Yu laughed.

“Furthermore, who knows Perhaps this fellow Daoist of Divine Phoenix Island might be able to take down all nine paragons singlehandedly, gaining fame after this single battle!”

Pang Yue and the others were calm – clearly, they had no intention of stepping in.

There was naturally no way they would make a move before determining if the situation was in their favor.

Zenith Sects Bai Yu had a sinister expression.

Suddenly, he said in an ambiguous manner, “If I step in, theres no guarantee whose side Ill be on!”

Because the battle had already started, Demoness Ji did not pay attention to the deeper meaning behind Bai Yus words.

“Since theres so much hype, count me in!”

Chuckling lightly with a faked composure, Demoness Ji chose to join the battlefield.

Given her strength, the most she could do was hold off a single paragon to take some of the pressure off Su Zimos shoulders.

However, he still had to face eight paragons all by himself!

Snowdrift Valleys Ling Han furrowed her brows and broke out of the battle to hold off Demoness Ji.

The two beauties brought their battle to a corner, fighting in a graceful and stunning manner.

Although this was the first time they joined forces, the eight paragons had a chemistry in their coordination.

Sword Sects Hang Qiuyu and Diamond Monasterys Monk Jue Chen joined hands to fight Su Zimo in melee combat.

The other six paragons kept their distance from Su Zimo, making use of their spirit weapons and arts to summon a flurry of attacks as spirit light and sword qi streaked through and filled the skies.

Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo slashed twice in succession, colliding heavily against the Startling Sword and the Diamond Staff.

Hang Qiuyu and Monk Jue Chen shuddered, retreating half a step back.

However, Su Zimo made use of that rebound power to stomp on the ground before leaping backwards.

His body was almost stuck to the ground as he evaded many spirit weapons and arts by a shave.

Ao Yuxiao was calm when he saw Su Zimo approaching him.

Riding on his flying sword, he retreated swiftly to keep his distance.

Chaos Essence Sects Chen Yizis eyes flickered brightly.

“That person is at the realm of tsunami blood and his physique and melee combat strength is terrifying.

Everyone, theres no need to fight him head-on.

As long as we keep our distance, we can definitely wear him out!”

The paragons present were long prepared and they supported one another.

Coupled with the fact that there were eight of them, there was naturally no way they would allow Su Zimo to close in.

The moment Su Zimo charged towards one of them, the other seven would attack to block his path forward.

Hang Qiuyu and Monk Jue Chen were like cockroaches, chasing forward to embroil Su Zimo in battle.

The spirit qi on the battlefield was already boiling long ago!

The eight paragons combined forces and their figures intertwined and shifted repeatedly, restricting Su Zimo to his position.

Even so, the waves of attacks that were produced by the eight of them were still unable to break through Su Zimos defense – he was blocking everything with his saber!

As time passed by, the eight paragons felt increasingly alarmed and their killing intents intensified!

All eight of them professed internally that if they were in Su Zimos position, they would not last more than ten breaths against such attacks!

Even if they could defend all the attacks, it would take too much of a toll on them.

Even Golden Cores might not be able to endure through it.

However, 15 minutes had already passed by now.

Not only was the successor of Divine Phoenix Island feeling no fatigue, the battle intent in his eyes was intensifying and his gaze shone brighter – his entire aura was on a continuous rise!

If this continued on, the outcome would be unpredictable!


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