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Chapter 477: Desperate Situation

With the addition of the other four major sects, the situation of the battle changed.

The old immortal crane was fighting one against five and spread its wings, causing gusts of wind to howl and the clouds to shift endlessly.

Dharmic powers filled the skies as it roared in anger, fighting with its fullest strength.

Although the old immortal crane was aged, it still had the remaining dominance as a pure-blooded ferocious bird.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

It released a shocking demonic skill and tens of thousands of feathered wings shot forth from its body.

Burning with scarlet flames, each feathered wing was like an apocalyptic spear.

Shooting forward fiercely, they tore through the voids and left countless holes!

“Let a Blood Curse Mirror be formed with my blood!”

The Blood Crow Palaces Lord bit his fingertip and flicked out a drop of fresh blood.

Waving his bone staff, he guided that drop of blood and drew an obscure arc in midair.

Chanting an incantation, he created a mirror of blood water swiftly before him!

The flurry of red feathered wings shot over and created blood waves as they collided against the surface of the mirror before their flames wer extinguished.

The other four Void Reversions did not dare to be careless and defended with all their might.

Instantly, Dharmic powers surged and runes appeared, shaking the world as endless light burst forth.

The void was illuminated and it seemed as though the firmaments were collapsing.

That demonic technique had expended almost all of the old immortal cranes remaining life essence.

Its gaze dimmed slightly, no longer as sharp as before.

Not far away from Ethereal Peak, an army of cultivators clad in armor appeared in the void.

All of them stood upright in midair wielding long spears, looking stoic.

It was an army of Golden Cores!

A carriage was escorted in the middle of the army.

In front of the carriage stood two people, a man and a woman.

The middle-aged man wore yellow robes and frowned deeply.

Looking at the great battle above the clouds, he shook his head and sighed.

“Xueer, as you wished, Ive brought you here.

You can see for yourself now that its going to be tough for Ethereal Peak to avoid this calamity.”

The man and woman were the Emperor of Great Zhou and Ji Yaoxue.

Ji Yaoxue could not help but ask, “Father, why do you refuse to lend them a hand.

Our Great Zhou Dynasty clearly has more than one Void Reversion to back us up!”

The emperor shook his head in silence.

Ji Yaoxue continued, “Furthermore, I heard that theres a patriarch in Great Zhou who is still alive and he is a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!”

The Dharma Characteristic realm came after the Void Reversion realm.

Those that are in the Void Reversion realm gain the title of Dao Being while those in the Dharma Characteristic realm gain the title of Dao Lord.

After a moment of silence, the emperor said softly, “Xueer, actually, the patriarch was the one who made the decision to not interfere.”


Ji Yaoxue was in disbelief as she questioned, “As a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, cant the patriarch beat a Void Reversion Dao Being What are you guys scared of”


The emperor gave a deep sigh.

“If the patriarch comes forth, he can naturally suppress the Blood Crow Palaces Lord.

However, the thing is that this guys background is extremely touchy.

He is one of the Primordial Nine Races…”

“So what if hes one of the Primordial Nine Races Werent they defeated by the ancient emperors of the human race in the primordial era all the same” Ji Yaoxue could not understand.

As though he recalled something, a hint of fear flickered through the depths of the emperors eyes as he shook his head.

“The might of the Primordial Nine Races is far beyond what you can imagine!”

“If we really anger the experts of the Primordial Nine Races, notwithstanding the Great Zhou Dynasty, even the entire North Region of Tianhuang Mainland would experience a catastrophe!”

“Back then, the patriarch witnessed and had been through a similar catastrophe personally…”

Pausing for a moment, the emperor did not continue on that topic.

“Lets hope that Su Zimo has already left Ethereal Peak.”

On the other side, two outstanding women with voluptuous figures stood within the ancient forest.

One of them was older but there were no signs of aging on her face.

Instead, she gave off a mature and charming aura from head to toe.

The other was dressed in a long pink dress and wore a veil, looking like she was a young girl.

“Auntie Gu, since Su Zimo hasnt shown himself yet, I suppose he must have already left and is no longer at Ethereal Peak,” The girl in pink said with joy.

The two of them were the chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House, Gu Xi, and the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects, Demoness Ji.

“That had better be the case.

Given the circumstances, he would die for sure if he appeared!”

Gu Xis expression was unchanged.

“The Blood Crow Palaces Lord is someone from the witch race and they are one of the Primordial Nine Races! The impact left on the cultivation world after that catastrophe 10,000 years ago was way too deep.”

Let alone the patriarch of the Great Zhou Dynasty, even those of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects would be cautious and not want to provoke the Primordial Nine Races.”

Demoness Ji shook her head.

“Thats not for sure.

That senior of the fiend sect definitely fears nothing,”

Pausing for a moment, Demoness Ji tugged at Gu Xis sleeves and asked, “Auntie Gu, havent you sent the message yet What did that senior say”

“What can he say”

Gu Xi pouted her lips.

“He is cold and merciless.

When he heard my message, he didnt even have any reaction mentally.

Dont pin your hopes on him.”

At Ethereal Peak, the battle was intensifying.

On the Nascent Soul battlefield, Sect Master Ling Yun was already at perfected Nascent Soul realm and was a step away from Void Reversion realm.

With his terrifying combat strength, he fought at the front and held on bitterly.

It was a complete defeat for the Golden Core and Foundation Establishment battlefields!

Nian Qi was exhausted and frightfully pale.

Lying on little crane, it was difficult for her to recover in a short period of time.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Blood Crow Palace and the other four major sects charged over like a relentless torrent, rushing at the Ethereal Peak Foundation Establishment faction repeatedly.

During this period of time, some of the smaller sects and itinerant cultivators of Great Zhou seized the opportunity to take part in the battlefield, ready to take advantage of the situation as well.

Without Nian Qi, the Ethereal Peak Foundation Establishment Cultivators were retreating repeatedly, leaving behind a trail of corpses.

Blood flowed like a river and it was extremely tragic!

The situation on the Golden Core battlefield was even more pressing!

Golden Cores of Ethereal Peak were dying repeatedly.

True Fire Sects Sima Zhi controlled four flaming flying swords that streaked through the crowd endlessly, leaving streams of scorching sword qi.

“Wheres that little b*stard, Su Zimo Are you still going to continue hiding” Now that the outcome was set, Sima Zhi roared in laughter gleefully.

Perfected Being Cang Lang controlled his flying sword and his long, narrow eyes shone with a cold glint.

“The entire Ethereal Peak will have to die together just for the sake of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Su Zimo!”

His remark caused the Ethereal Peak faction which was already getting defeated steadily to turn even messier.

“To hell with you!”

The disheveled old man had a fiery temper and cursed.

However, immediately after, his slight distraction caused him to suffer a gash on the wound from Perfected Being Cang Lang and blood flowed like a stream.

Xuan Yi summoned his Hexagonal Sword Formation and had to give it his best before he could rescue the disheveled old man.

“Fufu, open your eyes properly and take a look,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang pointed at the Foundation Establishment battlefield beneath their feet and sneered, “Ethereal Peaks Foundation Establishment Cultivators are almost completely dead!”

Xuan Yi and the disheveled old mans hearts skipped a beat.

On the ground, Nian Qis group retreated step after step and were already at the base of the mountain.

Of the two thousand Foundation Establishment Cultivators, there were only a few hundred left battling bitterly right now.

All of the disciples carried injuries and panted heavily – they were almost at their limits.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right then, ten streaks of dark light shot forward from the back of the mountain, sending forth a shuddering impact.

As the ten dark lights streaked through, a terrifying air current surged and smashed the tiles on the ground.

The mud was overturned and ten long ravines were formed!

Fast as lightning, a green-robed cultivator surged over with a murderous intent.

Flapping his spirit wings furiously, he wielded a gigantic moon-colored bow and exuded a torrential aura!


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