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Chapter 484: Asura

The death of Dao Being Jing Ming frightened the other four Void Reversions and their hairs stood on end.

The expression of Blood Crow Palaces Lord turned extremely terrible as he glared at the black-robed man.

His gaze was dark with a faint green light.

It was extremely difficult for one to die once they were at Void Reversion realm.

Although Nascent Souls could cultivate Essence Spirits, their Essence Spirits had impurities and were in turbid states, causing them to be extremely fragile.

Without any protection, upon leaving their physical bodies, their Essence Spirits would be akin to babies situated in forests and could die at any moment!

A strong gust of wind, an exposure to the blazing sun or even any slight activity could injure the Essence Spirit.

If they met with any misfortunes, their Essence Spirits would be destroyed instantly!

The death of ones Essence Spirit was the true meaning of death whereby it would be useless even if their physical bodies remained intact.

However, it was different at Void Reversion realm.

By comprehending the heaven and earth and making use of the Dharmic methods to visualize the Essence Spirit, Nascent Souls could cultivate their Essence Spirits continuously to remove the impurities within it.

Eventually, after obtaining some Pure Yang Spirit, they would be able to enter the Void Reversion realm!

That was the meaning of the sayingCultivating ones spirit to return to the void in the cultivation world.

At Void Reversion realm, ones Essence Spirit would resemble the physical body of the cultivator.

Flawless without impurities, they do not fear the scorching sun, heavy rains or misfortunes.

They would truly be able to break out of the restraints of ones body and roam the world, traveling everywhere!

At that point of the Essence Spirits cultivation, it would be akin to a corporeal body outside of the cultivator.

There was another saying in the cultivation world of ones spirit leaving them and taking form.

By leaving them, it referred to the Essence Spirits exiting their bodies and taking form referred to the corporeal bodies outside of their physical self.

In the ancient era, Void Reversion realm was also known as the Corporeal Spirit realm.

For Void Reversion Dao Beings, even if their bodies were destroyed, if they reacted fast enough and sent their Essence Spirits out of their bodies, they would be able to survive!

Although their bodies were destroyed, the presence of their Essence Spirit was equivalent to their survival.

The black-robed man killed a Void Reversion with a single thought and the latter vanished on the spot without a chance to let his Essence Spirit escape.

That single move caused the hearts of Blood Crow Palaces Lord and the other three to skip a beat – they were inevitably feeling fearful!

Turning slightly to the side, the black-robed man looked at the utterly wretched and wounded old immortal crane who was swaying unsteadily nearby.

He swiped his hand on his storage bag.

Instantly, an elixir the size of a longan appeared and there were a few patterns on its surface, emitting a rich medicinal fragrance.

“That is…” True Fire Sects Dao Being Liao Yuan narrowed his eyes with an alarmed expression.

“Vitality Reprisal Elixir!”

Blood Crow Palaces Lord said it word by word.

The moment those words were uttered, although the others did not have much of a reaction, all the Nascent Souls and Void Reversions present were shaken.

Dao Being Liao Yuan glared at the elixir in the hands of the black-robed man with an extremely scorching gaze, wanting nothing more than to devour the latters hand right now!

A Grade 5 Elixir, the Vitality Reprisal Elixir was created by the Elixir Emperor of the ancient era and it illustrated the meaning of lucidity for ones final moments.

No matter how badly injured a Void Reversion was, as long as they werent dead and consumed a Vitality Reprisal Elixir, they would definitely instantly invoke a tremendous amount of vitality and their injuries would be completely healed.

The Vitality Reprisal Elixir had long been lost on Tianhuang Mainland.

It was akin to a second life of a cultivator!

The black-robed man sent the Vitality Reprisal Elixir before the old immortal crane through a single thought.

Dao Being Liao Yuan and the others were green with envy.

A precious elixir as such was given out just like that!

The few of them revealed jealous expressions and their eyes shone with vicious glints; they even had thoughts of snatching it over for themselves!

The old immortal crane had a conflicted expression and did not take it over immediately.

Blood Crow Palaces Lord sneered, “That old beast is at the end of her lifespan and is on the brink of death.

She wont be able to live for much longer even if her injuries are fully recovered!”

While the Vitality Reprisal Elixir could heal ones injuries almost immediately, it could not add on to ones lifespan.

It was also the same reason why the old immortal crane did not take the elixir immediately.

The Vitality Reprisal Elixir was way too precious and it was a waste for her to use it.

“I wont take back anything I give out,”

The black-robed man said indifferently, “You dont have to have any considerations as well.

The reason why Im giving you the elixir is to sever the karma between us.”


The old immortal crane sighed gently.

“The Vitality Reprisal Elixir is too precious and rare.

As a Void Reversion, you need it as well.”

“I dont, because… no one can injure me!”

The black-robed mans tone was calm without any fluctuations, as though he was talking about something that was only logical.

Instantly, the entire place went silent.

Almost everyone was stunned by the casual majesty revealed by the black-robed man through his words.

Looking at the old immortal crane, the black-robed man continued, “You still have a sliver of hope.”

The old immortal crane understood what the black-robed man meant.

Her sliver of hope was to recover her wounds by consuming the Vitality Reprisal Elixir and make use of this great battle to advance in her cultivation realm!

As long as she made a single step of advancement, her lifespan would increase exponentially and she would be averted from the imminent crisis of her expiring lifespan.

As for Ethereal Peak, it would be blessed with the rise of a Dharma Characteristic realm pure-blooded ferocious bird!

Little crane cried softly with a concerned expression, urging repeatedly.

Sect Master Ling Yun, Su Zimo and everyone else looked at the old immortal crane, hoping that she could make use of this opportunity to gain rebirth through nirvana!

The old immortal crane took a deep breath before nodding and reaching out for the Vitality Reprisal Elixir, swallowing it.

The moment it entered her mouth, a tremendous amount of vitality burst forth like a tornado, surging through all her limbs to every single part of her body!

The wounds on the old immortal crane were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Su Zimo and the others were elated when they saw that.

If the old immortal crane could advance a step further, it would be a blessing in disguise!

Although Ethereal Peak suffered great losses due to this calamity, if the sect had a Dharma Characteristic pure-blooded ferocious bird as its support, it would definitely be the strongest among the five major sects and it would only be a matter of time before its rise!

The black-robed man shifted his gaze towards Blood Crow Palaces Lord and the others.

“I know who you are!”

The Palace Lord harrumphed coldly.

“There arent many cultivators at Void Reversion realm with strength like yours.

You should be the titular disciple of Asura Sect, this generations Asura!”

The black-robed man was expressionless.

“To think that the Asura notorious for killing would have crossed the North Region to be a busybody here, fufu,” The Palace Lord sneered.

The black-robed man was still silent and his expression did not change.

The Palace Lord gripped his fists and repressed the killing intent in his heart, saying darkly, “Asura, since you insist on interfering with this matter, I can take a step back.

However, that person must leave with me!”

He pointed towards Su Zimo who was beneath Ethereal Peak.

Instantly, everyone from Ethereal Peak felt their hearts sink in despair.

It was already unexpected that the black-robed man was able to protect Ethereal Peak.

However, he had no relationship with Su Zimo, so how could he possibly offend someone of the witch race just for the sake of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator

The black-robed man shifted his gaze towards Su Zimo.

For some unknown reason, Su Zimo felt a mysterious feeling inside his heart.

The gaze of the black-robed man was as though he was looking at his successor of the younger generation and was extremely odd.

After pausing for a moment, the black-robed man finally spoke with a single word.


Everyone was shocked.

Nobody expected that he would choose to offend someone of the witch race just for a Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Furthermore, he was so decisive in his rejection!


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